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Dumbbell exercises have always been a staple in weight training since they are extremely versatile, require a small workout footprint and are excellent are strengthening stabilizing muscles.
The FitnessBliss exercise database contains over 75 dumbbell exercises available to you as you create your workout routines. Each dumbbell exercise is fully animated with illustrations that show you exactly how to workout properly.
The following list of dumbbell exercises highlights those that are featured when using FitnessBliss to create workout routines. To make the most from your back muscles exercises, you should strongly consider investing in Wacces fitness dumbbells. The good thing about getting fitness dumbbells by Wacces are the various sizes and range of colors made available. Get going now and invest in a good pair of Wacces fitness dumbbells for the best back muscle workout experience. Starting with the basic DB Row, place your left hand and knee on the bench, right leg slightly bent, butt back, abs braced, and back flat. To add a twist and target your lats and upper back differently, place your body in the same position, place your hand so that the palm is now facing towards your foot, with your elbow out. For sample weight training programs that focus on different elements of strength see the main strength training section. 10 exercises 10-pound dumbbells, Discover the best exercises you can do with 10-pound dumbbells—to lose fat, build muscle, and get fit..
While keeping your arms slightly bent and rotating at the shoulders only, slowly raise the dumbbells up, following a semi-circle path. Any replication, retransmission, reproduction or other unauthorised use of images and photos from this website is strictly prohibited.
To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. Muscular imbalances and a Styrofoam lower back WILL absolutely wreak havoc on the body and cause it to degenerate over time.

Amongst a circuit of miscellaneous muscles, the lower back is primarily made up of a 3-piece group called the erector spinae. In really lean people, the ES often manifests itself as a glorious set of Doric columns, running up and down along either side of the spine. And if you’re slouching and bleeding inches, weak on compound lifts, or in some degree of back pain, strengthening your lower back is overwhelmingly likely to improve all 3 at once.
To get you there, we’ve compiled 14 of the best lower back exercises to strengthen the erector spinae and surrounding core muscles. To put additional emphasis on the lower back, pause each rep for 1 second when your torso is at roughly 60?. The form is exactly the same as a regular deadlift, except that you’ll thread resistance bands underneath the front of your feet. You can also replicate the movement with dumbbells or a set of resistance bands, depending on where you are and what you’re most comfortable with.
You can also make this more difficult by holding a medicine ball, dumbbell, or weight plate in front of your chest.
Can you or someone include the target areas for each exercise just like you’ve done in the past with other exercise lists? Doing rows using dumbbells are often seen as the best form of exercise when wanting to build strength and size in your back. It makes that you look forward to your workout as you can select which color and size Waccess dumbbells you will be working out with.
The following guidelines are not only for your safety, they are important to maintain the quality of the workout helping you achieve the results you set out to.
In this position you will feel a greater stretch in the lats at the bottom position; however, you will want to use extra caution in the amount of weight you select.
Like the DB Pullover, there are a few different ways in which this exercise can be performed.
Next, row the DB up from full extension up to your hip, keep elbow close and into your side. There are literally an unlimited number of routines you can put together with just a handful of these exercises.

Not only is a vacuum tight, lean, impenetrable lower back incredibly aesthetic — it looks stellar on the beach, in a backless wedding dress, or as the perfect runway for a perky butt — it’s critical for full-body strength, pain management, and pristine posture.
It’s literally a huge pain in the ass, and it nags chronically once the dominos start falling. As a major component of the core, the lower back functions to anchor and stabilize the body, and transfers power through the torso. Regardless of where you train, we’ve got you covered — exercises include everything from gym-based barbells, dumbbells, and cable movements, to do-anywhere varieties that use resistance bands and bodyweight. Use light weight as you’re learning the form and gradually work your way up over time. Initiate the movement by pushing through your butt and heels, squeeze your lower back, and fluidly raise the bar until you’re standing tall.
Squeeze your back at the top, slowly squat down, and return back to start — your lower back should be straight the entire time. It provides less direct core stimulation, but you’ll be able to handle a heavier load targeted at the lower back.
The first step is to determine an outcome - general fitness, increased muscle mass, strength endurance, improved athletic performance for example.
It dominates during anything that forces you to A) bend or extend at the waist or B) support weight overhead — think bent-over barbell rows, deadlifts, or a standing shoulder press. Sprinkle a few into your ab routine or back workout, or combine your favorites into a lower back blasting gauntlet. Not only will this dictate which dumbbell exercises you select it will also dictate the weight and number of sets and repetitions you choose.

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