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Adjust the upper pad if possible so your upper thighs lie flat across the wide pad, leaving enough room for you to bend at the waist without any restriction. With your body straight, cross your arms in front of you (my preference) or behind your head. Variations: This exercise can also be performed without a hyperextension bench, but in this case you will need a spotter.
Excellent core movement for getting rid of lower back pain, and good for a strength running or obstacle racing routine. Instruction say to avoid arching your back yet the photo clearly shows the model's back is arched. Using your arms to support your body on the upper thigh support, carefully position your feet into supports.
Start with your body in a straight position (your entire body should form a straight line from head to toe).

With your arms crossed over your chest (or behind your head), bend at the waist and lower your torso so that the top of your head is facing the ground. The difficulty of this exercise can be increased by simply holding a weight (usually a plate) to the chest or behind the neck. Placing a bar across the shoulders will help to stabilize the upper back and will put additional focus on the lower part of the spinal erectors. For those that find back extensions too difficult or are concerned about becoming injured, the back extension machine provides an excellent alternative. Back yards, especially concrete patios, are being transformed into luxurious extensions of the house. Of course, to ensure that your concrete driveway will look good for many years to come, there are important steps Pacific Brothers Concrete will  follow during installation.
Do you want to be unique when it comes to using decorative concrete outdoors, and dare to go beyond a simple  driveway or patio slab?  Pacific Brothers Concrete is always working with new looks and applications for outdoor concrete, often in response to the desires and changing lifestyles of their customers.

Please contact us so we can we can work  with you to give you some ideas for Patios, Driveways, & Pathways . Can feel the difference with my lower back since doing these (had a little lower back pain). Once the torso extensions become too easy, back extensions will quite well fill in as a replacement.

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