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Images of the 15-year-old have circulated on Chinese social media platform Weibo, showing she's had major surgery to alter her eyes, chin and jaw. As a result, she's gained 400,000 followers, with some calling her "too beautiful too look at." Of course, many wonder if there isn't some Photoshop at work here. Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, 38, is literally a Barbie girl living in her Barbie world.
In 2014, Valeria stirred up controversy when she made statements that aligned with the beliefs of Breatharianism, a mysterious cult that promotes living without food or water. Justin is the eldest of four and grew up in a strict, lower-income household in New York. Dakota Rose, better known as Kota Koti, is an American who is wildly popular in countries like Japan and China.
Kota Koti looked like your typical teenager - check out the "dolphin bite" piercings! Now this dude looks like Ken - and he didn't need as many cosmetic surgeries as his predecessor either. Sadly, 21-year-old Celso passed away in June of 2015 after a 5-month struggle with leukemia, according to Yahoo! Alina, who studies psychology and social work at Odessa University (brains and Barbie!), surprisingly looks more human in the shot on the left thanks to the lack of makeup.

She boasts a 20-inch waist and large breasts, but the Ukranian (they just keep cranking them out, don't they?!) teen reportedly insists that she's working with what she was born with.
In fact, it's been reported that she moved to Japan so that she could better interact with her fans and has since learned the language.
Her popularity in Asia has very much to do with her resemblance to a Japanese anime caricature: big eyes, tiny but full lips, and straight hair. Today, the flight attendant has spent almost $150,000 on 12 operations, including jaw liposuction, and six-pack, arm and leg implants.
Ever since she was a little girl, she claims she could travel outside of her body to planets and other universes. She has said, "People have openly told me that they're jealous of me and how good I look. The cosplayer dresses like a living doll every day, and loves to upload beauty-related videos onto her YouTube channel, where she pretty much maintains the mute mannequin persona by not speaking.
He reportedly first discovered he had cancer after visiting the hospital to treat infections caused by hydrogen fillers that were injected into his legs.
Like her former friend Valeria, Alina Kovalevskaya is from Odessa in the Ukraine and looks like a doll.
In the April 2014 issue of GQ, Valeria said that mixed-race children were more prone to go under the knife because they weren't happy with their features.

It all started when he used his inheritance money to change the one thing he had always hated about himself: his nose.
From Kylie Jenner's trendsetting style (btw, puberty goals AF) to life-changing tech news (tweeting an emoji to order a pizza #YES), The Cray is all you need to impress the squad.
Unfortunately, she hasn't done any interviews about it, which is definitely in keeping with her signature silence. While enhancing his biceps, triceps and shoulders with silicone, the chemical leaked into his system and within days his arms had swelled so much that he couldn't feed or bathe himself. She is in her early twenties and supposedly all natural - in terms of plastic surgery, anyway. He's into men and has a husband who has an interesting take on all the work he's gotten done. Which begs the question: Is it really his doll when he's trying to look like an existing one? She achieves her Barbie-like appearance by avoiding the sun, wearing special contacts to make her eyes appear larger, heavy makeup and long extensions.

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