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So you’ve been designated the best man at your best friend’s wedding and you’ve got to give a speech in front of a bunch of people you hardly know. The last part of each moment you listed is critical because it reinforces why the couple is getting married. The strategy in this approach will help you make a sincere, heartfelt statement about your friend’s life-long decision. If your brother offers you the chance to be his Best Man then you should be delighted to accept the honor, regardless of the pressure that goes with the role in having to give a Best Man speech. Many people (myself included, incidentally) asked a friend rather than a brother, and as years pass find they rarely hear from their friend while their relationship with their brother is stronger than ever so take the role seriously and be the finest Best Man that you can. There is a certain added pressure of giving a Best Man speech when it is an occasion of a relative’s wedding primarily because all your relatives, especially your parents, will be there listening to your every word.

While there is a degree of extra pressure involved when you are the Groom’s brother there is also that extra degree of satisfaction that can be gained when giving an awesome Best Man speech to the adulation of friends and family, get the speech right and you will find that you watch the tape of the wedding a lot more often than the Bride and groom. Bolton Excellency wedding venue always excites me with their theatrical lighting and decor! The humor will lighten up what could be a dreadfully serious moment for some, and the understanding you provide will make both your speech and the actual wedding day even more meaningful as well. It’s a big deal for your brother to ask you, he could have asked a friend rather than his brother so its kudos to you that you were his number one choice. To help you out in this regard I have included a quick guide below which will point you in the right direction to give great short Best Man speeches for a brother. Your friend is depending on you to contribute something wonderful to one of the most important days of his life, so there’s no sense in moaning about it.

Next, grab a pencil and pad, and start jotting down three of the funniest times you remember having with your friend and his fiance.
Instead, you want to turn a humorous moment into a beautiful, meaningful moment that justifies the couple’s reason for committing to each other. If this couple met after crashing into each other at a ski resort for example, poke gentle fun of the accident in the speech before describing how the two were able to conquer even the most slippery slopes together. Follow up with a statement that you believe they’ll continue along a path of similar conviction and that no mountains are too high for these two to curb.

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