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Several of his clients weren’t paying their legal bills and, as a result, his small law firm was failing and he was low on funds. He was living in a small apartment which was cold and drafty in the winter and a furnace in the summer.
While hiking in the hills near his home on New Year’s Day, Kralik decided that he would try to lessen his misery by focusing on the things in his life that he was grateful for, instead of focusing on the things that were going wrong. Kralik got started with his project in early 2008 by writing thank you notes to all the people who had given him a Christmas gift.
First, he noticed that writing the thank you notes kept him focused on the little things which he had been taking for granted.
If on the previous day he had written a thank you note to his daughter’s teacher, he would talk about how happy he was that his daughter was doing well in school and that she had a fabulous teacher who really took an interest in her students. Then he thought of the fact that she was doing a great job raising their daughter, and he realized that he was grateful to her for that. Fourth, Kralik realized that giving thanks doesn’t just have a positive effect on the life of the person showing gratitude. I thoroughly enjoyed this article, as I have learnt to be grateful for everything, and in this process have started in small ways to share what I learnt, my blog is an expression my gratitude, i am still in the process of learning.

Thank you for reinforcing what I know, and I am motivated to continue my journey in thanks giving. In his book, 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life, Kralik explains that in December of 2007 everything in his life seemed to be going wrong. He remembered his grandfather who had taught him the importance of writing thank you notes. Of course, writing thank you notes for gifts that you receive is easy enough, since you have an obvious reason for giving thanks. About two months after he started the project he stopped responding to the question of “How are you?” by griping about his problems. At one point, he decided to write a thank you note to his second wife whom he was in the process of divorcing. Giving his wife thanks for being a good mother to his child helped to make their relationship more cordial, and the divorce proceedings became smoother. By showing gratitude for even the smallest things that went right, the big things started to fall into place. This inspired Kralik to set the goal, right then and there, of writing 365 thank you notes in the coming year.

That’s when he walked into his regular Starbucks and the barista greeted him by name, asked if he wanted his usual drink, and gave him a big smile. He realized that he really didn’t have such a bad life, and that he was surrounded by people doing things for him. Instead, he started referring to the thank you note that he had written the day before in his conversations. However, he felt so much anger toward her that he just couldn’t get himself to think of something to thank her for. By the time he wrote his 365th thank you note he was a much happier person, he’d gotten back with his girlfriend, he’d lost weight, his business was prospering, he’d grown closer to his children, and he’d reconnected with old friends he had lost touch with. In fact, Kralik discovered that a lot of people were keeping his hand-written thank you notes.

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