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Much like step one of our Love More series, I created an infographic of Bible verses for you to read each day over the next 21 days since it takes 21 days to make a habit. Present Prayer: If someone is struggling, rather than saying you will pray for them, ask if you can pray with them right then and there. Quality Time x2: If you have kids, no matter what their age, spend at least 20 minutes with them, two times a day, doing what they want to do. Weekly Date Night: Once a week, set aside a night where you and your spouse completely unplug and focus on reconnecting.
Neighborly Love: Next time you shovel or plow snow at your house, help your neighbor out too. Grab Bags: If you live in or near a larger city where you tend to see a lot of homeless people, make up bags with ready-to-eat prepackaged foods, water bottles, warm socks and gloves, and information about local shelters, vocational services and soup kitchens inside. Appreciate Employees: We get so caught up in our own lives, we rarely take the time to notice someone doing their job well.
Hospital Help: Gather toys, coloring books and stuffed animals to donate to your local hospital.
Mentor a Child: Fewer and fewer kids have a positive role model at home and struggle with learning at school because they are starved for healthy love and attention.
Organize a Volunteer Day: Whether just with your family, through your church or place of employment, start a group that volunteers together regularly. I wanted to add this precaution because for someone like me, it can be easy to get carried away with helping others as I have a hard time saying no when someone is in need, but anything, even something good like serving others has to come with balance because the enemy is always looking for ways to create division. Be sure to follow Finding Our Feet on social media, especially Google+ and Facebook, over the next 21 days for updates and encouragement with this 21 day challenge. This is an amazing list of suggested ways to serve, but I am also glad you added the precaution.

Not only do we obey God’s commands by doing this, but by helping others and sharing His Word, we praise and glorify God. Please print this out, display it somewhere that will be an active reminder to you, or tuck it in your Bible if you do daily devotions. Don’t lead the activity, but instead follow their lead with play, reading, talking, etc. No phones, no TV…  Pull out the board games, do a volunteer project together, take a class together, give each other massages, look through old photo albums. This is a great family-volunteering activity and a good way to introduce kids to serving more. They are easy to hand off if you see someone in need and can help guide them to additional help.
If you are out at a restaurant, a store, the library, school… wherever it may be, if you notice someone doing their job well, point out how much you appreciate it to them. Not only does this brighten the day for many children, but it takes a load off their parents and hospital staff. Keep gloves and a garbage bag in your car to pick up trash when you see it, or make a day of it and help clean a local park or playground.
It may just be once a month or a quarter that you join together to do it, but the more you do it, the more you’ll want to. Many shelters have age restrictions for volunteers, so call ahead if you want to bring children.
When we think of serving others and volunteering, this is an area that is frequently overlooked.
A healthy home aids in a healthy relationship with Christ and provides the best environment for training up our children.

I look forward to checking in with you three weeks from now to see how these scriptures have impacted you and where you are at with your efforts to serve more.
I was just hearing this morning on the news about different things people will give up for lent that don’t include food or bad habits. Again, it doesn’t seem like much, but it has a huge impact on connectedness and reducing problematic behaviors.
Make sure if you involve kids you educate them on not picking up anything sharp or dangerous. The animals will appreciate the love and spending time with animals has therapeutic benefits for you as well! But a heart for serving starts at home and while volunteer work outside the home is very important, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your family.
I want to be the hands and feet of Christ in my community and not simply love with words, but with action and truth.
I was blessed to be brought up in a household where we volunteered from a young age on and wanted to include ideas that could be done with even young kids.
Make sure your service starts with God, then your spouse and children, and that everything else comes after that. Begin this process early in your children’s lives and it will bless them and so many others for the rest of their lives.

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