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Bob Marley may have only been a musician to some people, but to most Bob Marley was an inspiration. If you are one of the people who do not think Bob Marley was an inspiration then read these quotes from the singer. Show your love for Bob Marley with an awesome Bob Marley poster for any room in your house. ABOUT USHave an interesting story you found on the internet about motivation, business, inspiration, or anything else that would be relevant to Connect and Spread Love?
This was actually about 8 years ago but I think it might have effected my last relationship (of 4 years). My idea of a wild exciting weekend involves laying on a couch, doing some light gardening then watching HGTV. You're Not boring, you're just not with the right person.And if you are, so what?You live for You, not for others. Hikari saidthe last guy i seriously dated told me i was boring, didnt have any friends, i was too co-dependant, jealous and that i didnt challenge him enough when we were at
I attract younger party types but I think it's because I used to be a partier myself, but I've grown quite sick of it.

Sometimes it is hard for people to live their lives the way they want because of all the negativity they may surround themselves with. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for” Friendships are a beautiful thing. There are exceptions to the rule, as always.There are a lot of guys who enjoy doing the same things as you do. Bob Marley’s voice is special, but his messages are the reason why he is known as one of the greatest musicians in the history of music. This is one of the strongest Bob Marley quotes because it shows how passionate he was about everyone wanting to live their life while loving what they do.
If you want to just drop a line and send some love for our blog then this is the place to do it as well. Clubs definitely don't excite me, it's just a bunch of liquored up people rubbing their genitals all I've u to terrible music. Simply choose the Boring Day facebook profile cover you'd like to use, click the button to upload the cover, then follow the intsructions on the next page. Sometimes, people will stay friends with people that may not be worth suffering for while avoiding ones that are.

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Opposites can attract, but whether they can last as a couple I think depends on how different they really are. Find the people around you that are worth suffering for and you will truly feel the power of a friendship. Finding your significant other is difficult because you must find someone worth suffering and fighting for. If they can find any common ground, then it may not work out.On the other hand, it's my opinion that couples don't always have to do everything together. When relationships are easy they get boring and that may be why people can’t find love.
Never point fingers and judge others because the finger you use to point may not be clean, metaphorically speaking.

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