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With Valentine's Day just a few days away, you're probably trying to decide between candy and flowers or an expensive dinner.
Create a coupon book full of homemade "coupons" that your valentine can cash in at any time. If you and your mate rarely devote the evenings to each other, the promise of a massage before bed could be the perfect gift. Take some time to go through those photos you've been storing since your relationship began and use a program like Powerpoint, Shutterfly or One True Media to put the story of your time together to music. Make plans for a dinner in, but don't just make your typical meal — cook together or make a dinner he loves. Indian Head Massage is a traditional Indian technique dating back thousands of years, treating the head area. Indian women originally developed the techniques using massage oils to maintain and improve their hair condition.
Indian Head Massage has now become more popular in western society and has been developed to incorporate other areas of the body vulnerable to stress such as the neck, upper arms and shoulders.
You will feel deeply relaxed after a session and it will leave you with a feeling of peace and tranquility. Before the first session, details will be taken of your medical history, diet and lifestyle in a confidential consultation.

You can remain fully clothed during the massage or if you would prefer the use of oils, then a towel can be wrapped around you, leaving the upper back, neck, shoulders and arms uncovered.
This is a seated massage which commences with work on the shoulders, continuing with the upper arms, neck, scalp and finally finishing with the face. It works on the muscular tissues to relax the body and provides relief for mental as well as physical stress.
The massage is completed with Chakra balancing, which is the re-aligning of the non-physical energy centres of the body. Woman enjoying a wellness back massage in a spa, she is very relaxed (close-up); the masseur could be her boyfriend.
The thought of spending money on an expensive gift or dinner out on the town has your heart pitter-pattering, and not because of the feeling you get when you look into your partner's eyes. Try things like "good for one morning of breakfast in bed" or "use this token to have the remote for the evening," and throw a few more good ones in, like "a night out without the kids" or "dinner at your restaurant of choice." You'll have the perfect book of IOUs. Pick up a lotion that doesn't have too strong of a smell, dim the lights, and help him relax the night away before you both slip into bed. Your significant other will love the thought you put into capturing all of your photographs in one place. Wait until after the kids are in bed and eat under candlelight, or dress up for the occasion, even though you aren't planning to leave the house.

It is used by Indian barbers as part of their daily treatments and is an important feature of family life.
It involves working with a firm but gentle, rhythmical pressure to help break down knots in the muscles, relieve built up tension and calm the spirit on an emotional level.
Do one or more of the following to treat your sweetie on Valentine's Day without spending a fortune. You could play the typical stuff like charades or Monopoly, or you could spice things up a bit with a sexy scavenger hunt or strip poker.
You can pick up a blank album and a roll of double-stick tape for less than the cost of tomorrow's lunch and create a new memory he will never forget. Giving your special someone a video to watch that includes all the reasons you love him is the perfect personal gift.
With stress and tension the Chakras lose their ability to synchronise with one another and become unbalanced. By placing the hands over the higher Chakras and working with the subtle energy, a sense of balance and harmony can be restored.

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