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Royalty free comical clip art of a husband and wife scratching their head with on and off switches attached to their backs. Yang Mi and Chen Tingjia, actresses from the fantasy movie "Painted Skin 2," hit the red carpet of "Rust and Bone"'s premiere ceremony on May 17, southern France. Singer Demi Lovato appeared in her MTV documentary earlier this week and admitted that, while she has seeked help for her problems, they will never completely leave her 100%.
English actress Sienna Miller is expecting her first child with her English actor boyfriend Tom Sturridge and she has revealed that she is now at the stage where she can discuss her pregnancy.
It has been confirmed that Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy have officially split, after Mezhgan became a bit too needy for Simon. Singer Madonna has been answering questions from her fans, one of which asked her what she would do if she ever became president. Resident Evil has become the most successful game to movie franchise around and the star of the movies Milla Jovovich, has revealed how she gives her writer and director husband Paul W.

White Collar actor Matt Bomer is set to appear in a guest role, on the hit Fox musical television series Glee. Bomer explained, “To me, the fun of the role was getting to play somebody who had such strong convictions and opinions about all of the wrong things and in all of the wrong ways. Michelle Rodriguez is one of those actresses that always seems to be getting killed off in the movies that she is in but it appears that you cannot permanently kill this lady off. It seems that Rihanna’s decision to let her ex boyfriend Chris Brown back in to her life has cost her some very important friends.
Michael Fassbender is set to appear in the Ridley Scott directed movie Prometheus later this year, where he will play the android David. The latest Superman movie, Man of Steel, is set to hit the big screen next year and the director of Man of Steel, Zack Snyder has been talking a little about the movie. Madonna was very clear on her choices, some of which many people would agree with and some, not so much.

Matt has been talking to TV Line about his time on Glee and what fans of the show can expect from his character. Zack claims that, because of the movie Watchmen, he has been able to make a Superman movie that he really wants. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.

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