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Right now, in retirement, I’m searching for loose pants that are presentable in public. I chose these measurements, vs waist, leg opening, and inseam, as the online retailers might provide.
Sneak peak at the final episode – they all looked OK, but some felt markedly better than others.
I’m going to say that boyfriend jeans ought to mean a nicely fitted hip and waist, a wide upper leg, and a narrowed but not tight cuff. Key fit and comfort determinants turned out to be those measurements I’ve included, and the fabric. I also agree that loose-fitting pants should not be made of any elasticized or stretchy material.
I am putting the finishing touches on a jean post as I find I am wearing mine 5 days out of 7.
Love the Gap jeans, but I’m kind of dumbfounded by the difference between the size (26) and the waist measurement (35??).

Felt better both physically and psycho-socially, or whatever term we want to use meaning I Like The Woman Who Wears Them.
I find this style makes me feel playful and comfy, but also a bit like I’m dressing up as a 10-year-old boy. I prefer a classic straight cut but they must sit on the waist to avoid that terrible role of flesh at the top.
I actually like the Gap ones best (there’s something about the pocket position that does it for me), though the Citizens are also great.
Every time I purchase a pair that fit really well in the store, they become loose and baggy a couple of hours after being worn.
But I have a pair like that already, and my obsessive desire for comfort means I have to make an effort to change into them.
Liberal distressing with fading, whiskering and abrasions lends a well-worn look to slim boyfriend jeans by Blue Essence with four-pocket styling. Where it hits on your hip, how tight that cinch is, the angle from waist to seat, how tight or loose the legs are, these measurements create what my software friends mights call non-trivial permutations and combinations.

I am a value shopper and no jeans on earth would justify that price tag- even on a price per wearing basis.
When a belt is absolutely necessary (I suffer from the gap-waist issue, and tailoring doesn’t always resolve it, as it can depend on the lycra content of the pants) I came up with the idea of using a boot-length shoelace in lieu of, tucking the ends into the waistband. They atarted as dark raw denim, so the only whiskering and fading is what I put there, and I find I like that look the best — closest to your Rag and Bones, which I really like on you.
The slight fold you see on the right in the back view photo is a crease from shipping, and will shake out. Too bad about the heavy denim, but great that you found a jean that feels comfortable and looks good.

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