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Every bodybuilding magazine is owned and operated by a supplement company, which is why these mags look like massive supplement catalogs. Tired of filling your body with mysterious supplements that do nothing except make you bloated and sick. Tired of busting your ass in the gym 6 days a week, only to find you're the same size you were last month. It's the same system that I used to defeat the worst "skinny genetics" in the world and pack on a clean, 41 pounds of rock-hard granite-like muscle in just under 24 weeks. It's the same system that earned me 1st place at the Canadian Fitness Model Championships in Windsor, Ontario, in November 2005. It's the same training program that has helped hundreds of skinny hardgainers - JUST LIKE YOU. That's right - If you just landed from Mars, and were able to avoid every muscle magazine, every supplement ad, and every re-hashed website then you would immediately have an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over the rest of male hardgainers out there.
And by mastering a few of these long forgotten training procedures you're going to learn about on this page, you will maximize your genetic potential quickly and easily. That single event turned me from "Skinny Vinny" to an international hard body and Canadian Fitness Model Champion. Do you want a hard, ripped, rock-solid body that will make everyone stare when you walk by? Stop this endless cycle of buying the lie, then getting pissed off at yourself when it doesn't work! People who are without gifted genetic potential, and don't want syringe scars in our butts. Not only is this training advice useless, but it will cause over-training, injuries and illness.
Not only will you build no muscle by following the herd, but you will create muscular losses - fast.
According to the "experts" reviewing products in magazines, the latest scam - ah… I mean supplement is "the one" that's going to perform magic on your body. I was happy with my progress after only a few months… but I had no idea that was only the beginning. You know, even though I have a degree in Kinesiology (aka Health Sciences) I knew little more than you do about the industry.
Once my eyes were finally opened I threw away the magazines and flushed the supplements down the toilet. Here's more proof that my system is unlike anything you'll ever read in any fitness magazine! Not an easy task at all when the world looks at you and criticizes about your body (negatively).
When I started bodybuilding I knew nothing, literally, I would do the dumbest things, like train 3 times a day. And I was using heavier and heavier weights each week.  All thanks to these simple muscle building tips I had executed!
The results were so over-the-top, I got a reputation as the "transformation specialist" because everyone I worked with started bulking up fast and getting super shredded. I worked out on my own for a few years and made some gains, but the months I spent with Vince's program made a big difference. The 9 fundamental laws of human muscle growth - Anchor yourself to these principles and you will never waste another workout in your life.
The truth about training to failure - Is it really necessary to go to failure, or are you actually digging your own grave? EXACTLY how much and how little to train - Train too long and your Testosterone levels will drop like a rock. The little-known secret to eliminating training plateaus completely - You can now easily side step the #1 reason for a roadblock. Learn the BEST training split ever for skinny hardgainers - The PERFECT workout split to get you the most training BUT still optimize recovery.
Discover the explosive technique "Heavy Weights For High Reps" - Learn this key ingredient and start waking up to new layers of muscle everywhere!

Discover the #1 principle associated with fat burning - You've learned this back in 4th grade and it's not as complicated as the nutrition experts would like you think. If average people like them can fulfill their dreams, there is no reason you can't as well!
You're finally beginning to look past all the bull you read in the magazines and on bogus websites. More important than how much it will cost (and it'll be much less than you think, I promise you that)… is what it's worth. How much is it worth to you to finally have that perfectly shredded body you've always dreamed of? Heck, most professional bodybuilders pay $30,000 - $40,000 a YEAR just to destroy their liver and die an early death. If you were to get a Doctor to sculpt your body fat into a much better you, you'd easily pay $20,000.
If you were to get a personal trainer, just like me to train with you everyday, you would pay around $75 per session. And unless that trainer was using my system, you would STILL probably not get the results you were looking for. Um…haven't you tried that already?  Isn't that insanity the reason we're both here right now?
It is direct and to the point, but is packed with the most comprehensive system I've ever seen! You get exclusive access to a secret website that gives you insider information to skyrocket your success. You get to begin with Vince DelMonte's Beginner-Intermediate Intensive 29 week program in its entirety. This first 29 weeks is the exact way I trained when I gained 41 lbs of muscle in six months. 3-D animated pictures of each exercise so you can see exactly how to do the exercise properly. And a private members only forum to chat with your fellow trainees, ask questions and talk to your coach.
For those who consider them self an advanced trainer then consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity. You get exclusive access to the same secret website that gives you additional insider information to skyrocket your success. The Insane Virtual Exercise Demonstrator includes every exercise necessary to complete my Intensive 52-week program properly. Workout out at home, at your school, at your college gym or in a fancy super sized club…every exercise you need is included. I couldn't keep this information to myself so I have compiled a list of the best nutritionals (even exact brands) ranked by independent researchers that were rated based on absorption, potency and quality. The audio report that gives you all the ammunition to sidestep the mistakes everyone else is making in the gym.
Burn it to a CD or stuff it into your iPod, because you don't want to be at the gym without it. Can you imagine having access to your own fitness coach - the guy who wrote your program - at any minute of the day? The fact is that your going to have questions about any new program you start no matter how nicely it's laid out. Simply look up your question and within less than 20 seconds you will get an instant answer. If I don't have your answer in my database- just email Vince - and he'll reply personally and add it to this priceless vault! Currently this is the third version of No-Nonsense Muscle Building and the Hardgainers Success Kit. I'm dedicated to make sure you'll never be "out of the loop." Remain well armed with up to date info in every part of this package! Whether updates are made in 6 months, a year of even 20 years from one… it's still free for you.

If for any reason whatsoever in the next 56 days you want a full refund then just email me and I'll have it back to you within 48 hours.
And I make this promise because I am THAT SURE that you will find my system to be unlike any other out there today.
By the end of the 4 hours, you'll have seen Vince tear through every single exercise in his program so you have no excuse to perform the program incorrectly. The hardest thing about watching this DVD is having to wait til it's over to run to the gym and bust out some serious lifting! Lifetime Access to the No-Nonsense Private Muscle Building & Six Pack Members Zone'- Welcome to the Internet's premier muscle and fat loss community!
And after you get your refund, you can even keep the product just in case you change your mind later. I care THAT MUCH that you get started, I want to make this a totally risk-free, obvious and smart thing to do for you.
If for any reason whatsoever in the 365 days you want a full refund then just email and I'll have it back to you within 48 hours. Anyone familiar with bodybuilding diets knows the importance of adequate protein intake.  With an assortment of lean meats and fish making up the majority of bodybuilders’ protein sources, sometimes taking a break from eating meat is a great way to add variety to your diet and break the monotony of eating the same meals.
With food product availability and expanding food science technology, now more than ever, finding alternative vegetarian protein sources has never been easier.  The trick is to know where to look. An ancient food over 8,000 years old, the lentil has been eaten throughout history and is a staple in a variety of cuisines.  Archeological findings have shown evidence of lentils being consumed in Asia and throughout the Middle East, including India, Turkey and Syria. Lentils are legumes that are classified by size, either large or small with several varieties of each being harvested.  In the United States the most common are either green or brown, however specialty stores carry black, orange, yellow and red as well. Store your lentils in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.  They will keep for up to 6 months. To help keep your sanity while eating clean, make a habit of trying a new food item to add to your arsenal of go-to foods.  Doing so keeps your meals interesting while exploring an entire world of tastes.
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Which means you still have money in your pocket to spend on all those women that are suddenly giving you attention! The Grand Poobah… The Trump of Fitness…Weider Enterprises owns pretty much everything else! More important than training, nutrition, supplementation and even more than anabolic steroids! And after that doctor was done, and after all those weeks of painful healing, you would STILL have to work out like a wild man to fill that fat void with muscle.
It is not just another e-book with a bunch of boring pages that you won't even finish reading. It will empower you with every tool required to short-cut your success to insane muscle gain! Hey… you want to build your muscles… You're not looking for something complicated! This new supplement designed just for you, has the same crap in it that the last supplement had in it. I don't expect you to just believe me.  With results like I'm talking about, I would want proof too!
If you are not happy with how you look, you probably never will be UNLESS you make a change. No-one wants advice only corroboration.The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on.
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