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You may not realize it now, but your break-up may just be the best thing that ever happened to you! You may have bitterness in your heart, which impedes your healing from your break-up pain. And I know you're wondering how this break-up pain can be a precursor to a better life, right? 2) The more you feel the impact of past mistakes the better person you can become in the future. 4) The more you experience a loss of something you hold special to your heart, the more open and receptive you become of the love all around you; your ability to empathize and sympathize grows, as well as your awareness.
And a€“ putting all these together a€“ the freer your soul, the more you understand your heart, the more love you sense in the world, the more aware you are of others, and the better a person you become just about guarantees you a better life in the future. While healing your broken heart and experiencing the pain of a break-up your spirituality will also grow.
So, as hard as your break-up may be to handle right now a€“ and as full of heavy sorrow your heart may be laden with a€“ it is a metamorphosis that we all endure in our lifetime; nobody is spared its pain. Healing from a break-up is synonymous with becoming a happier and better person with a more fulfilling life of peaceful understanding and a warming spiritual awakening. Plus free tips and suggestions about how to get over a breakup or divorce sent to you by email.
Whether  you are in painful situation because of hard break up, or you are struggling in because of some other life conditions, you can’t allow those conditions to bring you down. Let us share with you few additional quotes about pain, try to motivate yourself to overcome painful situations and times, and arise stronger than before. 2. By far the strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive oneself or another person. It is hard to end a long relationship, but sometimes it is better to make hard decision to move on than to stay in relationship that brings you only pain.
5. At some point of your life, you will become aware that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.

All of us are stronger than we think, but we need to work hard and develop our abilities, people are often motivated by their dreams and goals, but sometimes pain and circumstances are the ones that force us to become stronger and improve.
5. Few men during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. 2. He who would live must fight, he who will not fight in this world where eternal struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist. Best Quote By Miss Piggy – Only time can heal your broken heart, just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs. Therefore, even though this pain is immensely heavy right now, everybody eventually walks away from his or her break-up pain a freer, better and more understanding person. We go through the arduous a€“ yet healing a€“process of shedding our old life and rebirthing into a brand new one. Those healing pain quotes will inspire you and provide you different point of view to your current situation. You need to be loved as you deserve, everything less is unacceptable, so if you see that your partner don’t love and treat you well, make painful decision and break up, take some time,than go forward and find new love.
Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness. We collected few struggle quotes for you, you are a warrior, you just need to discover that by yourself.
You can share them on your social networks, or use them as ideas for you messages or status updates.
You feel not just a part of life, you feel more connected to the universe, as though you were united in a melding harmony. October 6th will mark three months since I saw the person I split up with and your book, which I read in one go on a day home from work with the flu, changed my whole perspective. You are strong enough to overcome all the difficulties, both physical and emotional, all you need to do is to clearly understand situation, decide that you want to be happy again, and show to everyone that you actually have strength to do that. How Spirituality HelpsIf you tried everything to heal after a break up, maybe it’s time to turn to God.

A devotional such as Jesus Calling: Devotional Journal will give your spiritual life the boost it needs. Thank you sooooooo much for making me feel so much better and ready to embrace my future in a big way!!! Rather, connect with God at different moments during your day.Some people are good at recovering from pain, hardship, and disappointment, while others have a hard time healing from a paper cut. Simply your folding hands and concentrating on what to say is a reprieve from the anxiety of an abusive relationship or bad break up. I don’t know what would’ve happened if Bruce and I had kids, but I choose to believe that for some reason we’re better off without them.Spirituality has helped me heal from a broken heart by reassuring me that there are reasons for the things that happen in my life. I do not know why my life is unfolding the way it is, or why I’ve had to suffer painful things, but I believe there are reasons for everything.I welcome your thoughts on whether or not God heals after a bad break up. Spirituality works in different ways for different people – you don’t have to believe in God to feel connected to the Universe or a higher power.
Spirituality is helpful, but we sometimes need to pair our belief with concrete action.My prayer is that you find healing and strength. May you become wise and seek God’s guidance as you make decisions about your future, and as you meet new men to day. It’s depressing and sad to lose someone you love, especially if the breakup was unexpected. You may even feel like all the prayer for healing in the world won’t help you after a breakup – and you might question whether God can heal you after a breakup.

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