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Step 5 -  Hit the gym if you are a dude or Hit the salon if you are a female.Try and look your best because your ex is replaceable!
Instead of letting you reminisce on the positives of that douche who dumped you, the app makes you associate his stupid face with songs like "Photograph." Because, let's face it, your ex-boyfriend is just as horrible as the song "Photograph" by Nickelback.
Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. SoulCycle by Arielle JonesOn this playlist, you'll find top-of-the-charts tracks with some remixes sprinkled in.
Running High Tempo 140 BPM by TunigoIf you're a runner or a cycler, you know how important it is to stay on pace. WORKOUT Ultimate Weightlifting by Mike MontroseWith more than 700 tracks, this playlist is mostly a high-paced rock mix, but it does have some rap throughout.
Mad Men Season 6 by Noah MallinTechnically this is a playlist of the best songs of 1968, complete with Rolling Stones, Bee Gees, Creedence Clearwater and The Waverly Brothers. Songs That Are Considered Better Than Sex by spotifyplaylistofficialThere are only 20 songs on this list, but they are epically sexy. Music from Girls (HBO) by Yann KerjanIt's the unofficial soundtrack of HBO's hit show about single twenty-somethings living in Brooklyn. Digster Top Diva Anthems by Digster PlaylistsCall your girlfriends, dig out your patent-leather heels and bring an extra tube of lipstick. Music Like Daft Punk by David Smuts"Technologic" is a movie music staple for those getting-it-done-really-fast scenes.
Exam Study Classical Music Orchestra by Santiago JaramilloWe don't know if classical music really makes you smarter, but we can say you'll get a lot done with Mozart and Chopin playing in your ear. Men Singing in Tight Pants by Alec WilsonMarvin Gaye, Prince, Bee Gees, Prince and Justin Timberlake — all men in tight pants, all songs appropriate for hairbrush microphones and bad dancing in your living room.
Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling StonePull out the electric air guitar for these, Slowhand. Reddit Feel Good Music by Romain DelassusHow do you find the most uplifting songs that everybody loves?
Pop Goes Acoustic by Erika LovatoThe acoustic versions of your favorite songs that you listen to during the week. Hip Hop Songs That Make U Wanna Break Stuff by Quincy KrutzenWe'll also give you a bonus list of some of the most angry songs ever made.
Briohny Smyth Yoga Playlist for Q by eqsessionsThis is just one of the many playlists from Equinox fitness clubs. Tell People You've Over It When You're NotAfter a few weeks, it gets a little embarrassing to admit to your friends that you're just as heartbroken as you were on day one.
Source: ShutterStock Check Out Any Girl He Talks To While we're on the subject of Facebook stalking, let's talk about this.

Source: ShutterStock Go Through Old Pics Just To CrySometimes during a breakup, you just want to make yourself feel sad and cry. Source: ShutterStock Fall Asleep With His Stuff Because It Smells Like HimWhen my most recent ex and I broke up, I found one of his sweatshirts he had given me and I fell asleep with it on. Source: ShutterStock Drive By Their HouseThis sounds really creepy, but I know way too many friends who do ex-boyfriend drive-bys.
Source: ShutterStock Listen To Sad Songs And Cry Through All Of ThemDuring the last breakup I went through, I would sometimes come home from work, lay down and listen to Deathcab for Cutie on repeat. Source: ShutterStock Call Them To Beg For Them BackI know most of you would never admit to this, but seriously - we've all had at least one moment of weakness where we've called up our ex begging him to take us back or change his mind.
Source: ShutterStock Hookup With Someone Else To Feel Less Lonely Rebounds happen, whether you do it purposely or not. Source: ShutterStock Have Elaborate Daydreams About Getting Back TogetherDon't lie, you've totally had daydreams about how you and your ex getting back together. Source: ShutterStock Talk To Someone You Know Likes You For An Ego BoostWhen a college boyfriend dumped me, I felt so rejected that I immediately got in touch with an ex who I wasn't interested in - but I knew he still had feelings for me. Source: ShutterStock Hold Onto His Passwords To Check Up On HimIf you had his password during the relationship, did you really think you were going to forget about it when you guys broke up?
The only things I actually didn’t do were begging him to take me back and driving by his house.
Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! Believe that no one can bring you down again!Work harder to achieve your goals and focus less on the wrongs in your life. The only way to move on is to forgive your ex.If you don't forgive the scar will never be healed!
Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. We found the best Spotify playlists suitable for every mood and activity — from drink-mixing and weightlifting, to driving and lovemaking. This playlist is tailored for athletes who want to maintain a speed of about 10 minutes per mile. Ellie Goulding, Jason Mraz, Sting and Jack Johnson will take you back to the days of young love, complete with butterflies and flushed cheeks.
You're going to feel like a badass diva after listening to the likes of Beyonce, Patti LaBelle, Janet Jackson and Madonna. Here's your own soundtrack for the times you just need a dramatic song for walking in the rain.
So for that period, you're allowed to cry while listening to soundtracks from these ridiculously romantic movies.

Here are more than 100 songs that scream, "I don't need anyone but myself!" Artists include Pat Benatar, Blondie, Heart and Katy Perry.
EQ Sessions feature favorite workout mixes from famous singers including Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga and J.Lo.
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It’s emotional and messy and can make you do embarrassing things that you would never normally do. You shouldn't feel ashamed (breakups take a long time to get over!), but you do, so when they ask if you're over him yet, you're like, "Oh, totally! It smelled like him and it made me feel a tiny bit less lonely (actually, that's not true, it made me feel worse). Maybe you're feeling extra lonely and you just want to feel close to someone - so you hook up with someone else.
I knew that he would give me a lot of compliments that would make me feel better about myself. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Forget the movies and music which claim that being in love is a fairytale because sometimes its the very opposite!
You will continue thinking about the hurt he or she caused if you don't forgive him or her. Artists include Hall and Oates, Earth, Wind & Fire, Ziggy Marley and Two Door Cinema Club. We've all seen a comment from a girl and have had the reaction, "Who the eff is that?!" only to spend as much time as possible finding out everything you can about the chick. I bet that most of you have gone through old pictures or boyfriend memories (like gifts and notes) just to remind yourself of what you don't have anymore. I know it sounds pathetic, but you shouldn't feel like it is - you miss this person and you're searching for some way to feel connected to him. Today we give you a list of songs which will help you get over a nasty break up from the likes of Beyonce,Leona Lewis,Kelly Rowland and more!
But, hey, sometimes crying through pain actually makes you feel a little bit better, you know? You probably run into your ex while you're busy being awesome and he's busy being a loser and then he begs for you back.

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