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Why you should avoid it: If you know your Shakespeare, then you're aware that Romeo and Juliet is actually a tragedy.
Why you should avoid it: There's nothing worse than having Bruno Mars all up in your grill telling you how perfect you are, when the one you love just threw you to the curb a day or two ago.
Why you should avoid it: So your ex said that he or she would love you unconditionally, just like the Katy Perry song, huh? Why you should avoid it: John Legend's love song dedicated to his wife is gorgeous on paper, but listening to it post-breakup reinforces the fact that your own version of "All of Me" turned to "None of Me" in the blink of an eye. Why you should avoid it: We've got love for you, Ellie, but a sappy love song like this one is not OK right now. Follow MetroLyrics on YouTube for exclusive videos, including song explanations from today's biggest artists, and much more.
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Every day, you think of your ex less and less until eventually, you no longer think of him or her at all.
How to deal with seeing your ex-boyfriend for the first time after a painful or awkward break up, without feeling bad about yourself.
The thing is there will probably come a time when you think you have gotten over your breakup, and because the world is such a small place, you will inevitably cross paths with your ex somewhere down the line. Every breakup has its reasons, and whatever they may be you have to find a way to feel good about the decision, whether it was your decision or not. Being realistic about the situation was probably how you came to terms with the breakup in the end anyway, so there is no need to change the way you think now, just because you are seeing your ex. Maybe you are afraid that your ex hasn’t moved on and you feel bad about hurting him again. Moving on from a breakup often means re-discovering yourself and finding the confidence to start again.
If you know you are going to go to an event and he is going to be there it’s important to establish why you want to feel good about yourself or look good when you go. This is a painful one, and it will creep up on you and stab you in the gut, whether you are over him or not.
All you have to do is not be afraid to acknowledge how you feel, to yourself or your girl friends.
It’s easy to stumble across unwanted information nowadays because of all our social networking platforms. Remember: There is nothing wrong with wanting privacy, and there is nothing wrong with wanting a peaceful mind. Being in your twenties may seem like the golden years as a teen, but your mid-twenties are far lessa€¦pleasing. But that doesn't mean that Taylor Swift singing about her one and only Romeo in "Love Story" is any less painful after a break-up. Don't press play unless you want to hear Katy repeat that lie over swelling, sweeping music.
If you need us, we'll be overdosing on ice cream with the lights off in bed, thank you very much. You look at a photo of your ex and see a familiar face, at most — NOT the love of your life.

The hurt is gone, and you make yourself happy every day, (it turns out that having no feelings can be the best feeling of all). The memories you have of your relationship are like honey after the bees have left the hive: You can experience their sweetness without being stung.
You acknowledge that it’s okay to get a little sad sometimes because this person is no longer in your life, but you’re no longer distressed by the thought. When something amazing or crazy happens to you, your ex isn’t the first person you think to call. You’ve accepted that it’s better to be single and happy than in a relationship and miserable. Your ex-becomes more and more of a ghost in your mind; your past together becomes less and less real. If your ex still has some of your possessions that aren’t particularly valuable, you forget about them.
I don’t believe anyone who says their breakup was smooth, and that they are friends with their ex, and that everything is fine. Some of us need to cut off contact completely in order to move on – out of sight out of mind. It may be accidentally at a party or in the street, or you may arrange to meet up for a coffee to see how calm the waters are. Feeling may come flooding back but there is no need to panic or forget about everything that you have achieved for yourself since the breakup.
The chances are you are going to see everything attractive in him that attracted you in the first place, because those things probably haven’t changed.
If this is the case then just make sure that you don’t give mixed messages and that you are clear about why you broke up with him, in case it pops up in conversation.
If you find that your reasons are to impress him or make him wish that he’d made more of an effort to make it work with you, then you are just fooling yourself.
There is nothing wrong with looking good to boost your own confidence and reassure yourself that you’re doing good and moving on. It’s always going to hurt to see a man you were once intimate with with anoter woman. If you need to shed a few tears go for it – its not a sign of weakness, and you will always feel stronger after you have released the emotion.
You can save yourself a lot of stress if you limit the amount of access you have to this stream of info. If you find yourself paying an unhealthy interest sometimes it’s just easier to delete his account, even if only for a while.
Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. Music can do wonders to help heal that broken heart and help someone get over an ex a€” Lady Antebellum's "Bartender", anyone?
But sometimes, well sometimes it's a harrowing accident that leaves your heart completely totaled. You've stopped focusing on the mess you've left behind; you think of your new goals instead. You’ve survived all five stages of grief, so you feel like Hercules after he conquered his twelve labors.

There must have been a point when the world collapsed around them, metaphorically speaking of course.
Others need to achieve some level of emotional detachment before they can accept an ex as part of their world again.
You will find that your methods of dealing with breakups change and evolve as you get older and different things become more important to you. It’s not your feelings being questioned, its just compatibility and perhaps different needs. Just because you bump into your ex, or arrange to meet up, it does not mean that you have anything to prove, or that any of that hard work will be undone.
You know full well that your breakup had nothing to do with whether you scrub up well in a dress!
Be true to yourself and if you feel weak inside, acknowledge it to yourself rather than pretend you are okay. It’s not petty or selfish to take control of your own social network accounts rather than letting them control you. Depending on what kind of terms you are on, you can even talk to him about it first so that there are no hard feelings.
But I find that a more positive approach makes you feel in more emotional control by rising above the petty feelings of love and jealousy, and it brings better karma your way. Regardless of the severity of your emotional injuries, breakups can be brutal and life-changing. And then, one day, you lay your head on your pillow at night and realize that, by some miracle, your ex is absent from your thoughts. If it wasn’t working for you, you have done him a favour by setting him free so that he will eventually have the opportunity to meet someone he can be happy with!
You have to remember who you are as a separate entity from a relationships, and why that is important to you. Nobody else has to know but if you are in denial, those feelings are going to catch up with you when you are least prepared. Evaluate for yourself just how necessary it is for him to be connected to all of your social networking accounts. Have faith in yourself and the universe, and focus on the things around that are important to you.
Here's a list of five such songs below, all of which you should avoid at all costs if you're going through a break-up. But after enough time, the most excruciating pain, the pain that you thought would never end, well, it starts to subside.
And suddenly, you’re aware of all of the signs that surely mean you're completely over your ex.

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