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Neanderthals have been extinct for 33,000 years, but George Church, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School, believes he can bring them back with the help of a surrogate human mother. They're usually thought of as a brutish, primitive species.So what woman would want to give birth to a Neanderthal baby?Yet this incredible scenario is the plan of one of the worlda€™s leading geneticists, who is seeking a volunteer to help bring mana€™s long-extinct close relative back to life. After growing in the lab for a few days, the a€?neo-Neanderthala€™ embryo would be implanted in the womb of a surrogate mother a€“ the volunteer. He says Neanderthals were not the lumbering brutes of theA  stereotype, but highly intelligent.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I created this petition to show the guys how much we miss & love them & to show that we REALLY want them to get back together! Some, clearly the children who have been especially well-behaved this year, are deeply heartfelt, requesting gifts for family members before themselves. And Yvette, who wants nothing more than a Droid 2610 smartphone, helpfully informs Santa that it is available at Verizon.'Please text my Dad. Wishing upon a star: One extensive list includes requests for a puppy, Shania Twain CDs and a colouring book (left). But, she adds, it is up to Santa to decide whether Mitch would be deserving of such a gift, given that he is bad-tempered, messy and doesn't like to read.Other letters among the site's selection, it would seem, were penned by grown-ups venting their own frustrations about the Christmas period. Well-researched: Yvette wants a smartphone, a particular one, and even informs Santa where he can find it (left). Threats: A very professionally produced ransom-style note (left) includes a picture of Rudolph's red nose in a jewellery box.
On a Friday night at 8 pm exactly, light some orange incense and hold the image of your love in your hand as you visualize seeing the two of you happily together again. TO SEE YOUR EYES AGAIN MY LOVE, TO GAZE AT MY OWN REFLECTION THERE, TO WALK SIDE BY SIDE IN STEP WITH YOU. Seal the spell’s power for good by sticking the photograph or drawing of your ex-love face down against your bedroom mirror.
This Friday, a little film with some big names attached to it will release in just a few theaters and video-on-demand.
Really neat piece by Damien Shiels on the tattoos of Irish enlisted men that were recorded by the Union Navy during the Civil War that photographer, Jeremy Harris, turned us onto. We were over on FaceySpacey a few weeks ago when we stopped dead on our keyboard: Brian Bossone had posted up two shots of a Buick Nailhead that looked achingly familiar. Much as we loved the Riviera, the 2-speed DynaSlow was keeping that 401 Nailhead from realizing its full potential, we thought. And having heard enough of these stories in wide-eyed wonderment, we can say with every ounce of certainty that the generations since them – ours definitely included – have not LIVED.
First it was the hot rods and customs showing up every two years at Pebble Beach and now this.

The Historic Stock Car Racing Series has been working on these kinds of questions long before the blue-jacket-n-straw-hat crowd started asking them and we’ll leave them to it.
See, just like any other form of racing, more money equals more risk equals less willingness to risk the money. So, we can’t wait to see some of these restored cars at concours all over the country. From that show, an entire subculture gelled: Kustom Kulture became an actual phrase to describe what was happening at the time, Juxtapoz magazine was founded and everything we loved really started to make sense as an actual movement that we could define ourselves as members of. If you grew up on the mid-Atlantic area of the East Coast in the Seventies (like we did), you went to the shore in the summer. Now, a show at the Rick Wester gallery of the photographs made by Joe Maloney in Asbury Park during those beautiful analog years is open and we dig it. If you follow us, you know that we just fucking LOVE how the underground culture of cars in America is re-imagined in faraway lands all over the globe. But what’s even more amazing to us is that some of these truly underground movements happened 60+ years ago when teen rage was really being simultaneously developed here, stateside. Weinberger was a GWC (guy with a camera) who had gotten some of his amateur photos published in the gay magazines of the day when he met a kid on the street in Zurich in the late Fifties who was dressed like some sort of beautiful caricature of Elvis, Lee Marvin, Bill Haley, the Lone Ranger and the Black Rebels.
And see, this is what we love about offshore youth culture looking in on everything we created here in America: it all gets magnified. The Halbstarkers were taking American underground youth culture to an extreme that, had they magically woken up one morning (after a night of doing whatever they were doing out in the Swiss woods) in Hollister, CA, would’ve probably even shocked the Americans they were sort of emulating. Professor Church, 58, is a pioneer in synthetic biology who helped initiate the Human Genome Project that mapped our DNA. Others are rather more demanding - even threatening, with one even taking the form of a ransom note. In addition to the usual dolls and bicycles are requests for 'five-feet-long hair and a real elf' and 'a coloring book, crayons and a new swimming pool'.One seems to have developed a penchant for hunting, asking for a full kit as well as an iPod, and another writer even wants to be turned into a dragon. If your username or email address exist in our database, you will receive instructions how to reset your password. We’ll take the time to make the connection between the cult of personality of Linda Lovelace and everything we love so much about car culture. As far as a factory custom, nothing came as close as the Riviera that ended up in the Buick camp for the 1963 model year after the boys over at Cadillac turned the design down. Not only that, but we thought that motor could breathe a little better and be, well, FASTER. We’re still stoked that the cars have been restored, the haulers dragged back out and repainted, Don and Tom celebrated and lauded in a much-deserved way. But the one thing we’d like to suggest is that the cutoff year for these restorations be somewhere around 1984. And by the early Eighties, NASCAR was starting to reel from the effects of the cash rained down on it by sponsors big enough to really change the alchemy of the rowdiest form of motorsport ever to make it big.

It’s an important movement in the development of the American auto industry and these old warriors deserve this kind of respect and adulation.
Turns out, it was the Kustom Kulture show that was traveling across the country and it BLEW. And there were basically two strains of shore culture in those years: you were either defined by Ocean City, Maryland or Ocean City, New Jersey. From the Germans and their drag racing scene to the British rockasilly movement and all the Japanese lowriders and Swedish hillclimbs in between, we love it all. Before the interwebs, before the cultural saturation of television, before this stuff could traverse the globe at the speed of light, it was being spread just a little faster…at the speed of teen, son. And once that kid let Weinberger in to the rest of his world that was existing just under the surface of post-war Western Europe, he wasted no time in documenting every glorious bit of it. A good belt buckle can be a great belt buckle if it becomes a much larger belt buckle, right? And Weinberger had gained their trust enough to document their lives and the lives of the subsequent outlaw cultures that grew out of them over the next three decades or so. Keeps the colorful (we had to say it) history and culture of tattoo grounded in an age of such inking fuckery, no?
And what we mean by that is a Bill Elliott hat only available for purchase at a truckstop, not a Jeff Gordon XXXL girls hoodie at fucking Walmart. Kustom Kulture II opens this weekend at Huntington Beach Art Center and we couldn’t be more stoked. In the late Fifties, Karl Weinberger – a Swiss amateur photographer, started to make photographs of a youth subculture in Switzerland that seemed to magnify the young outsider movement in America.
Some purely functional metal hardware on a Schott Perfecto is awesome, so extending it in actual hardware to shirts, jeans, zippers and boots is more awesomer.
Choppers, halter tops, Funny Cars, feathered hair, street freaks, doom metal, Keystone Klassics, Funk…the list just goes on. Bodies, motors, rolling assemblies, paint…what started out as a Ford entry may have ended up as a Mercury by the end of its racing days.
Nearly 20 years ago, there just weren’t many Rivs in the general consciousness of the custom car magazines and Rob Fortier – who was at Custom Rodder at the time – was the only one touting the lines of Riviera in the magazines. Especially when the world you live in is the righteous epitome of Western European culture.

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