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The truth is, the Law of Attraction cannot make someone love you, or have feelings for you if they didn’t have those feelings to start with. Individuals have both free will and a deep down knowing of what is authentic to them, what is in their best interest.
However, what the Law of Attraction can do, what it is exceptionally brilliant in doing, is helping us attract our soulmate. At least the answer to these two questions is one that most people asking them don’t want to hear.
And with that free will and authentic self, every individual identifies who is, and who isn’t their soulmate.

We can do whatever we want to attract them to us, but in the end the relationship is bound to disappoint all concerned. That person that ticks all the boxes, that shares our passions and priorities, that supports our interests, and genuinely deeply, unconditionally loves us. Drop the need to share your life with someone else and start making your life the best it can be right now. The next Clarity Newsletter explores a couple of the techniques used in NLP to identify and dissolve limiting beliefs. This soulmate may not be our ex, or that person we are longing for but who doesn’t even acknowledge our existence, but they will be the perfect person for us.

Create the life you dream of so when your soulmate comes into your life, your ideal life will be ready to share with them.

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