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The latest Instagram 5.0 version has just been released officially and came with very interesting feature “Instagram Direct”. However it’s important to keep in mind that the conversation should start with a photo or video and it’s pretty easy to use, read on how to use Instagram Direct to share photos, videos and messages.
Step #2: Click on tab “Direct” from the sharing screen or just tap on the icon of “Instagram Direct” that you can found in upper right corner. Step #4: Once your selection is finished, click on “Send” button at the bottom and you are done. The Instagram 5.0 version is available on the App Store and working fine at least at this time. FACEBOOK: Businesses can now include a "send message" button in ads that appear in Newsfeed that allow Facebook users to click a button and send messages, which are private. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Facebook Inc rolled out features Wednesday that enable businesses to privately communicate with customers through messages as part of the social networking company’s push to make its Messenger app a stand-alone platform. Businesses can now include a “send message” button in ads that appear in Newsfeed that allow Facebook users to click a button and send messages, which are private.
The features are part of Facebook’s efforts to convince more small and medium-sized businesses – especially those in emerging markets, such as India, Brazil and Indonesia – to advertise on its platform. By giving them direct access to customers, the world’s largest social network hopes to show that advertising on Facebook directly leads to increased sales.

To encourage quick responses, Facebook will award “very responsive to messages” badges on business pages that respond to 90 percent of messages and respond on average within five minutes. Facebook hosts more than 40 million active small and medium business pages, it said, with more than 1 billion page visits each month.
Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced this morning to a room full of tech journalists that the app would be introducing the featurea€”called Instagram Directa€”immediately. 2) How long until the first Anthony Weiner style a€?scandala€? in which some celebrity accidentally posts a racy pic to their feed instead of privately to their celebrity paramour? 3) Can they please introduce a feature where you can just save an Instagram picture for yourself?! A lot of us love to use Instagram just as a photo sharing service but it was just for public before today, now you can make fun privately too. Once you have selected “Direct”, you will be able to add a caption as well select recipients for messages. If you want to send anything to a person you are not following, he will receive a request first in which he can select “yes” and “no”. If users post a comment on a business' Facebook page, then the business can privately message that person.
If users post a comment on a business’ Facebook page, then the business can privately message that person.

About twice as many Thai and Singaporean users use Facebook messages to communicate with businesses each month and most Southeast Asia users follow some company pages. Comments on this web page are the sole responsibility of their writers and the writer will take full responsibility, liability, and blame for any libel or litigation that results from something written in or as a direct result of something written in a comment.
Or, on a less a€?granda€? scale, how many friendships do you think will be ruined by accidental public postings of screenshots of text messages (intended to be sent privately to onea€™s gang of confidante BFFs)? Instagram Direct feature enables you to send messages, photos and videos to anyone but just as a secret even you can add up fifteen people at a time to your private conversation.
The accuracy, completeness, veracity, honesty, exactitude, factuality, and politeness of comments are not guaranteed. While there were a spate of choppy videos of dance floors and apple picking adventures uploaded for a bit, usage never quite reached the heights of buzz-i-ness that Vine did. In other words you can make private groups and store messages, photos and videos into group that you do not want to share publicly. Ita€™ll be interesting to see if private messaginga€”which seems to be an attempt to capture some of the Snapchat actiona€”similarly makes a splashy debut before becoming something of an afterthought.

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