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While you ponder your reach among your current customers, here are 3 ways business owners can help get people talking – most of which require just a little effort and the opportunity to reap big rewards! If you follow these three tips, you should be able to get people talking more about your brand. And when Jesus entered Peter’s house, He saw his mother-in-law lying sick with a fever. We follow in the steps of Jesus daily as we serve Him in our church community, in our families, in our neighborhoods, and around the world. These tools not only allow others to easily share content from your website, but they’re also FREE! If you have met Him and accepted the sacrifice He made to redeem you from death, you are qualified to join in His work. You will be amazed at the joy you experience and how you grow in maturity while you pour your life into others in service of the risen Lord. The limited attention given to the task of formation by the inoculation model telegraphs the message, “This isn’t important.” And it doesn’t work because the task of formation is less about getting a perspective and few techniques, and more about a lifelong process of conversion.Do we need to begin somewhere? No.Spiritual formation as PracticePray regularly or go to chapel or church and, presto, you’re spiritually formed. Regularity in prayer, worship, fasting, pilgrimage, other spiritual disciplines, as well as the very effort to make a place for conversation with God creates a space where formation can happen.The purpose of spiritual practice is to put us in a place where God can find us.
It’s not about finding God.But practice can also degenerate into checklist spirituality and trying harder is not the point. The best of spiritual practice is not an end in itself and for that reason “trying harder,” like all forms of asceticism is often counter-productive.Spiritual formation as Bible studyThe quintessential feature of Protestant spiritual formation is the study of Scripture. Clearly the Bible provides us with the foundational vocabulary for the Christian faith.That said, the writers of Scripture are also clear that a knowledge of biblical truths does not insure spiritual maturity. It is not meant to be enforced, but to guide, and it needs to be applied “artistically” with a view to its goal, which is the cultivation of spiritual virtues and attention to the spiritual journey.

It is not an end in itself and it is not meant to foster spiritualized stoicism.So, how are these four understandings related or contribute to a larger vision of spiritual formation?Spiritual formation has to start somewhere.
Job Chair in Spiritual Formation at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL, and directs the Rueben Job Institute for Spiritual Formation. He is an Episcopal Priest, spiritual director, retreat facilitator, conference leader, writer, and consulting editor at Church Publishing in New York. He and his wife, Natalie (who is also an Episcopal priest), live in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with their Gordon Setter, Hilda of Whitby. They have four children and five grandchildren: Henry, Addie, Heidi, Sophie, and Drew, with a sixth on the way.
Very seldom will you come across someone who does not have a Facebook page, and that now includes your grandparents. Although it started out as a fun social network, it has morphed into a powerful advertising and marketing platform, along with a source of media and news.
Without a doubt, it is possible to pull in new members through an intelligent and strategic use of Facebook.
If you are not actively posting pictures, status updates, and sharing information, your page is likely to stay stale and stagnant.
On the flipside, if you are consistently posting, it is more likely that people see your information and then spread it along to others. Churches often start off well with post frequency, but then falter in the next week or two when they don’t see many results.
If your Facebook page is nothing more than online bulletin board, it is unlikely that new people will feel inclined to visit your church.
To prevent this, make sure people are allowed to message the page, post on the page, and interact with every part of it.
When this happens, whoever runs the Facebook page should be commenting, messaging, and interacting with the person.

This starts an online dialogue and makes the person feel wanted, which makes it all the more likely they will visit your church.3. Plus, visitors from the page will sense how friendly and welcoming the church really is if they are constantly getting responses to what they post.4. When you do this, be sure to highlight it on your Facebook page and let people know where your church will be.
So, if you have an event you are hosting for the community—make sure people know about it!5. When this information spreads outside of the church, people will be visiting and liking your page.
In which case, you then can start interacting with them and encouraging them to come out to the church. The overall idea is to get as many people as possible to know they can find you on Facebook.
So, others can certainly post things whenever they would like to, but it is the main overseer or moderator who will be to blame if nothing is posted and visitors aren’t being responded to. People really will see your Facebook page and then be inclined to visit your church, if you do things well that is.
If a potential visitor sees your Facebook page is a graveyard, it might be too easy for them to assume your church is too.A church Facebook page should be a direct representation of the life and transformation that is happening in real life. Nothing like a real picture of a real person really experiencing life transformation.Thanks for the post and keep up the good work!

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