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We were together properly for a few months over a year and then were on and off for like another 6+ months. EDIT - Some people are saying I was being mean so thought I would explain - basically she messed me around for the best part of a year and because it was my first real relationship I put up with so much **** I shouldn't have been expected to. The way I feel, she obviously is lonely and is grasping onto any thread of affection that comes her way.
Ok how do u know that if she didn’t flip out after 14 hours of leaving him he would not have wanted to see her again??? No way, this girl is a psycho, he may have went out with her again if she wouldn’t have initially freked about about the playing cards thing. Are you serious, check the span, it was between 3 days, if you looked at your phone and found 20+ messages from some guy in a day I gaurentee you’d be freaked out.
It is terribly bad morals to have sex with someone just for sex, if you have not clarified that is your intent prior to doing so. I’ve got to say that Kevin actually seemed like he was interested in the girl before she flipped the crazy switch! He even sent her back to back texts apologising about having plans with his friends etc, then somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00pm this chick went off the map questioning him for making those plans and telling him to delete her number!!!

This is what crazy looks like – it all started innocently enough with JJ asking Hey Kevin Would you like to get together tonight?
This was back in my beta days when I put up with a lot of **** from her however I think when I finally told her we were finished for good it made her go crazy. This girl messed me around for the best part of the year, treated me like absolute **** and strung me along for ages.
Despite his best efforts to ignore her, the texts just keep going, and going…and going. 6 For he shall be like a shrub in the desert, And shall not see when good comes, But shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, In a salt land which is not inhabited.
They went out on ONE date, and then she expects him to explain his plans for the next evening to her? I guarantee you that he would have considered giving her a chance had she not flipped out the very next day.
Thank you this guy is a jerk for posting this, ladies, DO NOT SLEEP WITH MEN ON THE FIRST DATE CAUSE THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!
She went all bonkers about him making plans with his friends and pretty much accused him of lying to her before the discussion of a second date even really started.

Are you seriously that obsessed with your religion that you cannot form a sensible way to communicate your thoughts without talking about your religion? That is exactly why its hard to keep friends while dating someone, because the other person starts accusing you of cheating when you go out with them. Funny I was just thinking today maybe I wouldn't hear from her again but just sitting on misc this evening and bertstare my phone. What if the guy’s phone was off during this period and he turned it back on to a slew of messages?
You have no balls at all, too weak or scared to tell her it’s not going to happen until it was too late. Besides, if he wanted to just sleep with her, I am guessing it would have been pretty easy to make that happen again.

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