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September 4, 2013 By Helena Hart, M.A 1 Comment SharesHere’s a question from Jessica, who’s experiencing something we can all relate to.
You can’t begin to change anything until you become aware of what’s going on – so I want you to fully embrace and celebrate this awareness!
In other words, whatever is going on in the masculine energy inside of you – that’s what’s showing up in the men you’re meeting out there!
The men you meet and attract when you’re dating are like a mirror image of the kind of  masculine energy that’s running your life. If your masculine energy is not taking care of your feminine energy – the part of you that’s about being, feeling, receiving, experessing, and experiencing – you’re going to be wearing a sign that says “Disappoint Me.” That’s all you’re going to see out there in the world. So I want you to ask yourself, what is your masculine energy doing or not doing in your life that is showing up in the men you’re attracting?
I can totally relate to this, especially the part about attracting men who will criticize you if you’re critical of yourself. There are few things in this world that are best not tried out until you have listened to the sound advice of those who have been there and done it all. When asked about their experiences with online dating and dating in general, and the advice that they would like to share with women who are new to the dating game, here is what some women had to say. You never know – things just may turn out just the way you want it to and the two of you may want to take your relationship to the next level and continue your date in the bedroom.
If this is the first time you are meeting a particular man on a date, be prepared for an emergency.
Armed with these tips from women who have been there and done it all, stay calm, don’t be nervous and enjoy dating. Relationships require effort – If you’re not willing to work to show this girl that you like her, how is she to understand how you feel about her?
Relationships require risk – No matter who initiates the first conversation, everybody risks something in entering a relationship with another person. Relationships require desire – Do you really want to get to know this girl or is she just somebody you see all the time and decided to like because it’s convenient? This entry was posted in Communication, Dating Advice and tagged conversations, Dating Advice, dating tips, first dates, how to talk to girls. By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
When someone is having issues with getting matches, it is often times because their settings are just too restrictive.

Many men seem to be at a loss for words – literally – providing some of the shortest responses we have ever seen. Women love a sense of humor, so tap into that funny bone – or maybe even include some quotes from favorite comedians. It takes time to find a great partner, so starting your online dating experience with realistic expectations can make all the difference. It starts off great, and then after a couple weeks they either say the wrong thing, forget to call, or they seem to get busy and stop making plans with me and everything just fizzles after that. I want you to take a look at your masculine energy – the part of you that’s about doing, thinking, giving, planning, and making decisions – and how it’s operating in your own life. For example, if you’re critical of yourself, you’re going to attract – and be attracted TO – men who will criticize you. Ask yourself, “Am I loving and taking care of myself?” Or, “Am I constantly abandoning myself and my true feelings?” Take a look at how this is going on inside of you. Helena helps women all over the world turn their relationship patterns around so they can attract more love into their lives. All of my past relationships were with men who were critical until I realized how hard I can be on myself. If you are meeting him in a restaurant, make sure the restaurant is situated in a crowded area. You may be able to fool the guys for a short while, but sooner or later your true colors are going to come peeping through. If he tries to attack you, be prepared with a pepper spray (carry one in your purse at all times) or make use of your spiked heels to jab his foot.
If you desire to know her better, you’ll let it show in your conversations and actions. Perhaps you were once in a similar situation and you learned a lesson you’d be willing to share?
The perfect, gorgeous woman for you could be just a year or two over your age limit, so think about expanding those preferences.
Women want to get a sense of who you are – and this can be done through photos very easily. Take a little more time to communicate on that profile, and if you are still at a loss, enlist your sister or gal pal to help with some of those important descriptions.
From our weight to how we look so wonderful, we're revealing the things that most women would like to keep secret from their male counterparts.

See what your masculine energy can do to take care of your feminine energy – and create the space for yourself to experience your feelings and just BE.
Whether you’re recently single or you’ve been single for years – or you’re in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere – Helena can help you quickly and permanently turn your love life around.
Rather than stepping into the dating game unprepared and ready to learn from your mistakes, taking heed to the advice of the pros is a safer option. If you want to stay safe, the only way you can ensure this is by protecting your interests. Insist on choosing the time and place of your first date and perhaps the next few dates too.
Don’t look back or think about why she never contacted you – because you will never know why. Do not give out personal information such as your full name, your address or even the city you live in. Putting on a show for him, pretending to be smart, witty or humorous when you are not will only make you look stupid. This will stop him from attacking you even if for a short while, giving you enough time to break free and make a run for it. We have exchanged looks, and recently names, for a while now but she still remains a mystery. If you haven’t made a point to show her that you’re interested, how is she to know how you feel? Amid those stresses, try to remember that she’s also taking a risk in responding to you and getting to know you. You can instantly download your FREE eBook copy of "3 Keys To Attract The Man You Want"and book a FREE 30-minute coaching session with Helena through her website. You are pretty much guaranteed more communication if you have a nice mix of photos displayed.

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