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Yes, having your personal tragedy described by others as something that sounds like what Uncle Ned took in the downstairs bathroom after the Thanksgiving feast is like putting insultberry sauce on top of your roast injury. In it's purest form, it's a breakup that happens over Thanksgiving to first-year university students, High-school sweethearts who tragically part ways after promising each other they'd stay true and do the long-distance thing after being admitted to separate colleges. It goes like this -- one (or both, though this isn't standard) person in the relationship starts blossoming like a flower at uni.

They're just great.She texts you -- "We need to talk."So if that's you, how do you handle an impending turkey dump?
In the grand scheme of things, the turkey dump is a necessary eliminator of future high-school-sweetheart divorces.
College is about debt learning, but it's also about learning about yourself -- who you are, what you're looking for, and what it's like to be young and wild.

However many good memories you have of it, your high school relationship wasn't meant to last, and trying to prolong it past its due date will only hold both of you back.

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