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Reader Blogs are not moderated, Jagran is not responsible for the views, opinions and content posted by the readers. Saira Bano, a successful actress during 1970s married the man of her dream actor Dilip Kumar in 1966.
Top actress among late 80’s, Meenakshi married an investment banker Harish Mysore and settled to US post her wedding. Famous B-Town face during 1960’s, Babita was 23-year-old when she married Randhir Kapoor. A regular practice of Sukshma Vyayama and Asanas will cure arthritis of any type without taking medicines. For quick relief from arthritis one can try walking, swimming and meditation along with yoga. Ankle Bending-Be in the starting position slowly move both the feet backward and forward bending them at the ankle joints.
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People suffering from this disease experience a burning sensation and terrible pain in the affected joints. It is common to give medicines and recommend physical exercises to the patients to cure this disease. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. Let’s meet the film actresses who said goodbye to their booming careers while ruling roost in the film industry.
Rotate the wrists a few times in clockwise direction and then the same number of times in anti-clock wise direction. Bend the hands backward from the wrists as if pressing the palms against a wall with the fingers pointing toward the roof top. Then with both hands fold the knee between both elbows push the knee towards the chin and look straight. Bend the hand forward from the wrists so that fingers point toward the ground, keep the elbow straight throughout the practice.

In this state the other feet will remain straight similarly practice it on the other leg then on both the legs together. The yogic method involves two steps – intake of proper diet and practicing different asanas.
Then both legs should be folded between both arms and place the knees on the chin and look straight ahead.
Keeping the eyes open and fixing your gaze at some point in front of you stay in the position for a few seconds.
It massages the digestive organs and is therefore very effective in removing wind and constipation. This asana also massages the pelvic muscles and eliminates impotence, sterility and menstrual problem.

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