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admin | Ex Boyfriend Back | 02.03.2016
She is a wreck and so am I because I hate to continue the relationship knowing that this is a HUGE change in her life and may not have a happy outcome.
When a life change involves spouses, children, finances, property, extended family and more it can be overwhelming even when it’s what you want.
Have they become emotionally distant over the years and aren’t doing the work to keep love alive? Again, I’m not a therapist, but let me ask you why you are dating someone who is in a committed relationship? Does dating someone who is married create interest because of the hiding part of the affair you are having? If you are spending time with her and her family, they will have to deal with feeling betrayed by the pretense of your being friends when really you were lovers. JM, I do see in your question that you care a great deal about this woman and you don’t want her to suffer.

This woman person loves me and would like to be with me but can’t because of the kids and grand kids and the turmoil it may cause to the family unit. I always knew I was attracted to women but the circumstances of my life led me to get married, have a couple of children and then finally at a certain point in my life I realized I had to make a change and leave my marriage. If you’re uncertain about what you want then making a decision becomes more difficult. It was a day of reckoning and of facing myself in the mirror with truth standing beside me. In that step you are owning yourself and your desires in a deeply sacred way that open the door to self acceptance, self love and owning your life in a dramatically new way. If she leaves her marriage for you the weight of that alone could crush a relationship with you.
And I think counseling and therapy are great investments and more women should be seeking out therapy.

Her mission is to help lesbians break through the barriers to finding love and lasting relationship.
If you work with a good therapist, you should be able to make fast progress in just three or four months.
She has to prepare for children and grand children who may not accept her or she may find out they love her no matter what and do accept her. No, life always goes on and people get through divorce and find happy lives on the other side (after a while) all the time.

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