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I’m sorry for not posting anything recently you guys, I promise I’ll catch up with submissions as soon as possible! Tagged: every, dear, ex, exboyfriend, if, only, you, knew, that, everytime, time, I, see, your, name, my, heart, still, skips, a, beat, . I always promised myself that if I sensed a break up coming I would do it first to beat you to it. Tagged: dear, ex, exboyfriend, I, always, promised, myself, that, if, I, sensed, a, break up, break, up, coming, would, do, it, first, to, beat, you, to, it, but, when, the, time, came, . Tagged: dear, ex, best, friend, best friend, do, you, even, think, about, all, the, times, we, shared, anymore, because, I, know, I, do, how, ?, vould, you, have, forgotten, me, so, easily, . Everyday I think about saying sorry for bullying you, but then I wonder what people would say if I went back on what I did.

Tagged: dear, ex, eevryday, I, think, about, saying, sorry, for, bullying, you, bully, but, then, I, wonder, what, people, would, say, if, I, went, back, on, what, I, did, .
I walked away for somebody for you, you werent supposed to walk away from me, its not supposed to work like that. Tagged: dear, ex, lover, exlover, I, walked, away, from, somebody, for, you, werent, supposed, too, away, from, me, .
Even though I’m too scared to ask I always still wonder if you started talking to her before we broke up, even though you say otherwise.
I remember the day you said you loved me just as clearly as I remember the day you called me fat. After a break-up, or a friendship ending, or anything we wanted to go on ends we always have things we wish we could say, but somehow we either cant find the courage too or just think its best to be left unsaid.

If you have anything you wish to have told any ex leave it here and I will post it for you. But when the time came I couldnt find it in myself to do it, so I just hoped that I was wrong.

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