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Hugh Darrow is a Nobel Prize winner, philanthropist, visionary, entrepreneur, and mentor and friend of David Sarif and the primary antagonist in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
He had a personal interest in robotics - designing his first crude robot at 10, a makeshift robotics lab at 16 and participated in Robot Wars in 1994. An ill-fated ski trip in 1995 left Darrow's anterior cruciate ligament in his knee ruined, and the failed attempts at allograft surgery left him debilitated; but for Hugh, it was the moment in which his visionary mind first drew a connection between robotics, prosthetics, and improving human capabilities to realize the trans-humanist potential of mechanical augmentation. Hugh returned to England in 1996, and at the age of 23 he purchased a struggling prosthetics research and manufacturing firm.
Darrow's groundbreaking work with robotics, biotechnology and human enhancements has changed the face of industry over the years.
Darrow became, probably by birthright to his aristocratic bloodline, a member of the Illuminati, a secret cabal dedicated to the control of humanity through any means necessary.
Despite being the father of mechanical augmentation, Hugh Darrow does not have any augmentations himself, as he does not possess the genes that allow for compatibility between the human body and augmented prosthetics. David Sarif wanted to have Hugh Darrow by his side during the augmentation hearings in Washington, saying that it would go much smoother with him there, given his popularity with the senators. Much later, Jensen would find Megan Reed at a secret installation in Singapore and learn that Darrow is actually one of the masterminds behind the entire sequence of events. Giving a speech at Panchaea with the world watching, Darrow insisted he would show humanity the true effects of mechanical augmentation, and activated his universal signal; this caused all mechanical augmented people on Earth to suffer mass hallucinations, driving them insane.
He claimed that, as a disabled man himself, Darrow once wished for his augmentation technology to enhance humanity and improve the quality of life for everyone, but now saw that his technology has been perverted by the powerful into just another means of control over the less fortunate.
Though his actions were extreme, Darrow believed they were necessary to show the world the dangers of mechanical augmentation, particularly as the Illuminati intended to use it as an advanced kill-switch for all of mankind. After shutting down the Hyron Project Jensen will advance to its central hub, where he find the signal controller. Tends to dismiss other people and viewpoints, creating an emotional wall behind which he retreats.
Ironically, while being the creator of mechanical augmentation, Darrow is one of the few people on Earth whose DNA is incompatible with the technology, and would violently reject the implants. In Darrow's conversation with Jensen, he states that he thinks of himself as Daedalus, the ancient inventor, whose son fell from the sky. The Deus Ex: Human Revolution comics are a series of mature graphic novels, composed of a total of six issues, created in conjunction with DC Comics and written by Robbie Morrison.
The series tells a side-story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, retaining the protagonist Adam Jensen, and taking place right after the fight with the notorious antagonist Lawrence Barrett. Despite the story taking place relatively within Human Revolution's story arc, Jensen has a surprising amount of active augmentations throughout the comic series. The Augmented Edition of the game contains a bonus disc that includes a video - a nine minute long 'motion comic' - that takes you through the first half of the first issue.
Jorge Gonzalez is credited as the artist of color in the comics, yet DC Comics lists Rex Lokus.
The group was founded by formerly mechanically augmented Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, Zeke Sanders. They are responsible for multiple acts of breaking and entering, vandalism, theft, and arson. In 2027, Anna Kelso recalls that the group is responsible for several assaults and murders across the United States. Early in Human Revolution, they take over a Sarif Industries processing and assembly plant in Milwaukee Junction, where the prototype Typhoon Explosive System was being prepared for manufacturing. The principle of the anti-augmentation group was also used in Deus Ex: Invisible War with the Knights Templar. Bob Page is a wealthy industrialist, philanthropist and the founder and owner of Page Industries. In 2027, Bob Page participates in multiple Illuminati conferences between other members of the Council of Five, Hugh Darrow, Zhao Yun Ru and William Taggart. This discovery would make the drug Neuropozyne, which the mechanically augmented need to counteract their rejection syndrome, unnecessary.
Even when Reed is no longer being forced to work for the Illuminati, she willingly returns to Bob Page, seemingly to work for him at Page Industries. As time goes on, Page grows impatient with Everett's unwillingness to use these new technologies to establish absolute control over mankind and the Illuminati's slow, gentle ways. Before breaking away from the Illuminati, Page began research into nano-augmentations and searched for a person whose body would be compatible with the technology. As the head of the conglomerate, Page Industries - which includes the lucrative VersaLife - Bob Page becomes a trillionaire and hence, the richest man on earth. As part of Majestic 12’s plan to establish absolute dominion over mankind, Bob Page uses his company VersaLife to develop a nano-virus known as the Gray Death. Even though Page is responsible for a large portion of the suffering and violence that has swept across the United States and other parts of the world, he manages to maintain a positive image in the public eye. This is ironic considering he is both the creator of the disease and the sole controller of its cure.
The production of the Gray Death nano-virus and its cure, Ambrosia, is only possible through the use of a Universal Constructor. Page plans to merge with an Artificial Intelligence in order to become something comparable to a God. Stanton Dowd reveals that Page did not rise up the ranks of the Illuminati in the conventional way, saying that he "resisted the degrees of Illuminism, as they were implemented". Bob Page has a "cyber-assimilated" form, encountered in Area 51 during Deus Ex, when he prepares to merge with the Helios AI and the universal constructor.
During Deus Ex, Helios gives JC Denton the login details to a security terminal in Area 51.
According to Dowd, Page would lose his temper if one of his "plates was contaminated" (presumably during biological experiments).
Lucius DeBeers mentions that Page forged laboratory data in the past, lamenting that he regretted not poisoning Page the first time he was caught doing so. It was Bob Page's idea to resurrect the gray lifeforms engineered by the Illuminati at Area 51, to protect Majestic 12 facilities.

Warren Spector said he originally wanted there to be a fourth, "bad" ending to the game where the player sides with Bob Page (who, realizing JC Denton may actually foil his plans to merge with Helios, offers the player control of a major continent in exchange for allowing Page the time to complete his merger with Helios), but this ending was scrapped due to time constraints in the game's development. His education began with his enrollment in the prestigious Scaitcliffe School and Stowe School. Despite losing the competition, it inspired Hugh to seek out influential bio-mechatronic research companies in the US, to allow him to research mechanical augmentation. Merging the lab with his robotics company under the new name of Darrow Industries, he completely changed the focus of both firms. In the late 1990's, he became David Sarif's mentor, inspiring him to found Sarif Industries in 2007. As a scientific member of the society, Darrow personally directed inhumane and dangerous augmentation experiments on human beings, conducted at so called black sites, such as Rifleman Bank Station, and the Omega Ranch. He is in the rare minority of people who are genetically incompatible with mechanical augmentation.
Six months later, the two were talking via the holocomm, with Sarif accusing William Taggart, saying that his speech to the United Nations started the anti-augmentation riots, and pushed Purity First to attack the Milwaukee Junction manufacturing plant. But whereas the others from the Illuminati were planning to create a universal bio-chip with a master signal to control mechanical augmented people and force them under the thrall of corporate masters, Darrow had a much different plan in mind. As the augmented humans of all nations began to slaughter everyone in their path, Jensen rushed to Panchaea to deactivate the signal, where he met Darrow again, on his broken throne. People always corrupted technology and used it against each other, and in the case of augmentations, Darrow felt mankind was on the verge of losing its humanity and its moral center. Jensen can either belittle him as being afraid of change and unwilling to let humanity evolve beyond him (as Darrow himself can not be mechanically augmented), critique him as being too extreme and nothing more than a sanctimonious mass-murderer causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands just to prove a point, or reason with him that humanity has used technology to improve itself every time and that mechanical augmentation will lead to a better life for all. This is also explained as a deeper reason for his entire plot - he simply feels jealous and resentful of those who overcame their disabilities with augmentations. The principal drawing artists are Trevor Hairsine and Sergio Sandoval, the cover artist is Jim Murray, the editing artists are Ben Abernathy and Kristy Quinn, the color artist is Jorge Gonzalez, and the letters artist is Saida Temofonte. The comics expand on many aspects of the storyline, primarily Jensen's past as a SWAT team member and its connections to his present life. However, Zeke claimed that the retinal prosthesis he had installed under the Recycle Military Bill drove him to doing horrible things during the wars, and eventually removed it. Most of their attacks involve empty buildings with little security presence, and usually no fatalities. They have similar intentions to the less extreme group, Humanity Front, though they accomplish their goals through violence, and not simple protesting. Adam Jensen is sent in to resolve the situation, and eventually finds Zeke Sanders, the group's leader.
He was amongst the ruling Council of Five of the Illuminati and one of the leaders of the Illuminati's Majestic 12 division until sometime during the 2030s.
Everett, who himself aspired to lead the Illuminati, groomed Page to succeed him as leader.
It is implied that she aids him with research relating to nanotechnology, and potentially nanotechnological augmentations. He rebels against them by leading Majestic 12 in a coup that sees the whole of the Illuminati infrastructure being taken over by Page and his allies. He found a match in a boy named Paul Denton and secretly made multiple clones of the child. This enables him to fund expensive projects such as the development of the internet protocol Aquinas and the Denton brothers’ augmentations.
Additionally, despite his promise, the 10 million credit donation never makes it to the clinics. It becomes apparent that the ultimate goal of his research into nano-augmentations, and his efforts to perfect them, was to develop a framework that would allow this merge to take place. By 2052, he has the Light augmentation (his eyes are glowing like Paul and JC Denton's but are atypically red), an Infolink, a framework allowing him to be merged with the Helios AI, and other nano-augmentations that amplify his intellect and connection to the world. He never made it past "Master of Tyre" because he slept through Hatha Yoga lessons in the mornings.
In this form, he has control over an army of nano-creatures and fairly amazing power over the elements themselves.
Aquinas was an Italian Dominican priest of the Catholic Church and an immensely influential philosopher and theologian in the tradition of scholasticism. A natural athlete, Hugh was the head of the football, rugby union, and cricket sports teams during his years, but found school otherwise boring.
Because of this, he feels a strong resentment of other people being capable of overcoming their physical limitations while he cannot. Adam Jensen would later meet with Darrow for the first time upon returning to Detroit from Hengsha, with the Nobel Prize winner being quite interested in his augmentations. If Jensen can successfully show Darrow the errors in his position, Darrow will give Jensen the code to shut down the life support system of the Hyron Project, making the final boss significantly easier. Darrow had created a complete video confession, explaining the conspiracy, the Illuminati, and the consequences of mechanical augmentation technology. It makes for an interesting segue in the Human Revolution story, featuring many familiar faces such as David Sarif, Francis Pritchard, Dr. Following this, he founded the Purity First, a group that gathered people with a similar hate for human augmentation. At this point, he uses Majestic 12 to overthrow the Illuminati, becoming the wealthiest and most powerful man in the world. A close relationship formed between the two, with it being likened to the relationship between a father and son.
Most prominently amongst them are the Hyron Project and the proposed Illuminati biochip that could control mechanically augmented people. In this way, the Illuminati exercise control over augmented people through their dependence on Neuropozyne.
After Adam Jensen’s destruction of the Hyron Project, Page consults with Morgan Everett about the possibility of salvaging some of the wreckage for a project they are working on; namely the Morpheus initiative.
According to a press release about Aquinas, the project cost almost one billion credits in total.

By keeping the production and distribution of Ambrosia under strict control, Page could use the disease - and by extension, the cure – as a means to manipulated people into carrying out his will. He announces that he intends to donate 10 million credits to the Clinics and Hospices Association of New York, to help treat those that have caught the Gray Death.
Page makes no genuine effort to combat the spread of the disease amongst the lower classes as he intends to plunge the world into chaos through worldwide rioting and fear. Icarus is adequate but Page wishes for something even greater; he hopes to combine Daedalus and Icarus to create a super-AI entity. During the final moments of Deus Ex, Bob Page resides in Area 51 and is in the process of uniting himself with the Helios AI. Once Page would merge himself with the Aquinas Router, he would become similar to what the Catholic Church believes God to be, with the exception of whereas God's world consists of flesh, emotions, and belief, Page's world would consist of machine, logic, and information. Sometime during 2020's he created the Panchaea installation, designed to stem the tide of global warming. He also came to share the view that augmentation would eventually be the death of humanity, and that humans should be left to evolve naturally.
He intended to reveal the truth to the whole world, and thus start off humanity again on a clean slate.
Even beforehand, though, he was saying that he believes his creation will destroy mankind, and Adam is a living example. Everett mentored the younger man and although Page was a good student, he was impatient and short-tempered. The recent discovery by the scientist Megan Reed, which promises to revolutionize mechanical augmentations, is also discussed. Together, they create a prototype for the next generation global surveillance system, ECHELON IV. They cannot communicate with each other over the internet as Page controls Icarus, the AI that spies on all internet communications. Paul and JC are raised as brothers by their parents, while Majestic 12 secretly oversee their lives.
The Aquinas protocol is used by Page to secretly monitor internet communications from the Majestic 12 base in Area 51. One instance of this is when he coerces a US senator into making his chief lieutenant, Simons, the new director of FEMA. This is in order to promote the conditions that will allow him to create the perfect world of his visions. As the sinister intentions of Page become apparent to Savage and his co-workers, a group of them abandon Majestic 12 and relocate to Vandenberg.
This is unwittingly carried out by JC Denton who, by giving Daedalus access to MILNET, grants Icarus the means to merge with it.
This merge would grant him complete access to every piece of information on the internet and total control over the array of UCs in Area 51. With the help of Everett, Bob Page eventually became a member of the Council of Five, the innermost circle of the Illuminati. Based on their work in creating Morpheus, the prototype of ECHELON IV, Page and Everett develop Daedalus, an AI program that would help the Illuminati keep track of and control all global communications.
However, Page manages to track down the location of Illuminatus, Beth DuClare and subsequently has her assassinated. At some stage after the Majestic 12 coup, Page decides that the Denton parents are dispensable and orders his lieutenant Walton Simons to terminate them. The cost of the Denton brothers' nano-augmentations is apparently much steeper than the cost of Aquinas, being approximately 50 billion dollars each.
Page achieves this by offering to put the senator on the priority list for the Ambrosia vaccine. If he was to be successful he would be all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful; essentially, he would be a god. He, along with Everett, led the Majestic 12 division of the organisation, which concerned itself with matters of a technological nature. However, although it is an AI that is capable of surveillance, Daedalus classifies its creators, the Illuminati and Majestic 12, as terrorist organisations. After the coup d’etat that catapults Majestic 12 to the forefront of world domination, Page, being the undisputed leader of the organisation, becomes the most powerful person on Earth.
He is unhappy with the free-thinking nature of Paul Denton and is concerned that he will not remain loyal to MJ12. However, for Page, the high cost of this project is of little importance considering the level of power he hopes to garner from it. However, with the aid of JC Denton, X-51 come very close to constructing a fully functioning Universal Constructor which they intend to use to manufacture a cure for the Gray Death.
Ultimately, however, his plans are foiled by JC Denton who is ironically one of Page’s own creations. For this reason, he wants his brother JC to be put under stricter supervision and thus sends him to a MJ12-run school in Switzerland.
Bob Page intends to use prototype nanotechnological augmentations on others such as Paul, JC, and Walton Simons before using the perfected version on himself.
In response to this, Page orders the release of a nuclear missile to blow up Vandenberg, or to reduce it to a “thin, gray smudge” in his own words.
Here he intends to have JC indoctrinated with a sense of unswerving loyalty to his superiors.
Nanites are used in nano-augmentations and in other more sinister technologies such as biological weapons.

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