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As previously mentioned, the current hot trend on Facebook is to tag friends in photos that feature different personality types. If they stood up and filmed the thing they should be jailed too for being accomplices of that guy and for videoing it to make money of it. With all the nasty sh.t available at the click of a mouse these days it probably wont be the last time we see frustrated teenagers and freaks in general being caught getting their freak on with all sorts of animals and objects. The nasty women who do that stuff with horses has made being a woman with horses very difficult in some cases.
It may be unrelated to any 1st, 2nd or 3rd persons either identified or implicated, or any specific make or model of guitar, bass, amplifier, or effect.

Any member responses to posts in this thread are in no way the responsibility of the author. Horses are prey animals and would never put themselves in such a spot unless they trusted that person with their life. Either send us a tip, e-mail them to us, or drop a link in the comments and we’ll update the ever-growing list below. Run away… And you should be working, not reading blogs Anonymous ┬áDefinitely better. These are adults, mind you.I feel like rejecting religion is an outlet for expressing hatred or just plain rebelling far more often than many of us would like to accept.
I picked it because it is a well known protest sign and it brings up the issue of civil rights rather than an argument about belief and evidence.

I think that atheists, especially me, like to think about our movement about primarily civil rights and improving our image, but I don’t think that this is reflected in the majority of our activities.
I made this pane because it brings up the human rights part of the atheist movement, not to compare intensities.

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