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Raven-Symone was spotted this past weekend with her girlfriend, model AzMarie Livingston, at the LudaDay Weekend Celebrity Pool Party in Atlanta.
It's the first public appearance for the couple since the former Disney star put long-held rumors about her sexual orientation to rest last month, when she came out on Twitter.
The pair, who reportedly began dating two years ago, looked happy to be at the annual charity event thrown by rapper Ludacris, which includes appearances, concerts and a celebrity basketball game. Anne Hathaway, who's been outspoken about her support for her gay brother, told Chelsea Handler in Interview, "The other thing I want to say about Jersey is they need to get on the New York bandwagon and legalize gay marriage." She continued, "But I think everybody should do that. The Thrillionaire® is intelligently orchestrated with stories of adventure interspersed with financial wisdom and personal development. Yes, it is a good thing to be kind to every person; however, you should not allow anyone to take advantage of your kindness. You may have just one vehicle, but you can figure out something that can allow everyone do what they want to do next Saturday night.
Within plethora our close friends are aware of united states; inside of trouble could our close friends. Adore, camaraderie, regard, try not to combine visitors over a normal hate with regards to things. Perhaps Lord prefers america in order to meet one or two not right folk previous to getting together with the right one, with the intention that if we now fulfill the human being, we are going to figure out how to end up being pleased. Sorry you felt you had to loosen the tie with me : ( I have never intdeend to do anything but support you and your ex. Why did you blog about The Blog of Nik Halik » Blog Archive » How To Stop Being A Doormat?- The People Pleaser? Travel Tips for Women Vacationing Alone Simple Tips for Effective Personal DevelopmentHow to Spend Your Money Wisely? WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. You know clearing your computer browser's cache is beneficial, but you probably haven't been clearing your iPhone's browser's history, cookies and data.
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Women, you need to put down those pink dumbbells, throw that Shape Magazine in the trash can and stop with this nonsense. What you can do is simple, because I did it too when no one believed in intermittent fasting.
You show them that good things will come to those who dare to break a way from the norm a little bit. I wrote this post for little more than a month ago once Facebook and people quite liked it. Now, Isa has been putting up with so much shit from my side about the industry (behind-the-scenes-stuff) that I'm afraid I might have drained her energy for the competition she's at today, and you need to give her a lift. Decent muscularity for a female with her training background (a year or so), but a far cry for the fantasyland make-believe look of bulky muscles supposed to result from such training. Point being, train heavy, eat well and I guarantee that you will get hotter with each 10 lbs extra you put on the bar. Regrettably, you're bound to hear BS and opinions about your training almost every damn day, if you're going against the grain and doing the unexpected - grunting females, lifting heavier weights than most men, are frowned upon by the mediocre and weak majority that makes up both of the genders - in our society. Throw away the pink dumbbells, stay away from the treadmill, start lifting some real weight. I'm not a fan of CrossFit the way it's generally used, the marketing, or its use by people with vague objectives.
Concern yourself with 250-300 lbs deadlifts and 200-250 lbs squats, avoid starvation diets, and enjoy the ride. HURRAH!!A place where I can send my female clients who are skeptical about my Heavy Duty Training for them.I cant deadlift, Ill get big and bulky. Our goal is to continually encourage the men and women who are abroad fighting for our great nation. This letter is to show thanks and appreciation to the FSO family that always looks out for soldiers who are away from their families and always provide a little piece of home with the special care packages that are selflessly prepared by true patrons and supporters of what we do for our country. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CARE PACKAGES WE RECEIVED TODAY I WANTED TO TAKE TIME TO SAY THANK YOU FROM MYSELF AND MY FELLOW SOLDIERS YOU ALL MAKE OUR DAY BRIGHTER WHILE WE ARE AWAY FROM OUR FAMILIES. First, I would like to extend my gratitude for all of your support from a retired Command Sergeant Major who served our Nation for over 36 years. I want to thank you so much for the Care Package, it was greatly appreciated.  God bless you. Thank you so much for all of the packages all of you took the time out to send me, I shared them with my Unit and we all loved the treats!
TodaySince opening their doors on May 4th, 2013 , Forgotten Soldiers Outreach Furniture and Thrift Store has personally provided and delivered furniture to over 100 veteran’s and their families through the VA referral voucher program. My name is Aaron Ashburn and I was enlisted in mechanized infantry for the Army’s Third infantry division. My wife spoke to the assistant store manager, Kay Emrick, who immediately told us to come in. I just want to thank for the gracious packages that you sent to our troops.   Its gestures from people like yourself that reminds us all why we do what we do. I want to thank you for all that you and your supporters have done for me and my coworkers.
My time here is coming to an end there will be a new unit that is moving here from another location anything that is still headed my way will be opened and dispersed amongst them. My son just advised that your packages have arrived and he has been passing them out to his troops all day.  A VERY welcome surprise.  Thank you so very much! It is good to know that the Support for YOUR Troops has never wavered and continues to grow even stronger.
Once again THANK YOU for what you have done and continue to do for the United States Armed Forces! Thank you for everything you and your organization have done for me and my brothers and sisters.
Well please make sure to tell everyone involved with making these care packages, that we really appreciate them.
I am writing to you today in response to all of your care packages that I have received from you.  For that I am grateful. However at this time, I would like to ask that you cease on sending anymore since I am leaving in a few weeks.  I would love to give you some names, however, I don’t have any at this time.
I can’t begin to tell you how much your care packages helped me to get through these 52 long weeks without being with my family!  Thank you! Thank you for all the wonderful care packages you have sent me from the very start you have definitely made this overseas deployment easier on me. I want to thank the Members of Jonathan’s Landing, Jupiter, FLfor the wonderful care packets. I wanted to share that even on the last day before block leave, as I scurried around trying to take care of last minute paperwork for the units, I heard and saw soldiers with their cards reading them out loud to others.
From Department of Defense, United States Forces-Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom, Kabul, AfghanistanDear Mr.
Flynn, David S.  Commander, CTFLynelle, I received a package this week from your organization and want to thank y you for taking the time to think about us and the effort it takes to organize such an endeavor.
DeLarosa, David CTR USN Firearms & ToolmarkOn behalf of the Soldiers and members of the Joint Expeditionary Forensic Facility 4 on COB Speicher, we wanted to take time out to thank you for continued support of our Military. I just wanted to drop you an email from all of us on the P3CAT (Patkya Provincial Police Combined Action Team, formerly PMT) on FOB Gardez Afghanistan. Yesterday I was making a latte run at Dunkin Donuts when a woman stopped me to compliment me on my engagement ring.

Honestly, I didn’t owe this nice chatty lady anything, but since I’ve been writing my wedding vows to Gibran this week, I’m already in a super lovely dovey mood so I decided to just go ahead and answer. This entry was posted in Lists to Live By, The Wife's Scrapbook and tagged commitment, Engagement, Engagement ring, marriage, Relationships, The wife's Lists, wedding, wedding vows, writing wedding vows. If a single person or a single teacher wants to change the education system and change the society and develop the society then it is impossible for him to make changes in the society and change the education system.
This is because they take advantage of other people’s kindness in order to use them or see them get hurt. It does not matter the amount of kindness you show to them, they will simply not change their minds about the way they feel about you.
This does not mean that you will give everybody what they desire and making personal sacrifices. If you and your son have been patiently waiting in line to be served at a fast food restaurant, you should never allow a rude person to push in front of you. If someone just moved into your building and asks you do some heavy lifting, and you know that you have some health challenges.
I once read where George Bernard Shaw stated that when he died, he wanted to be thoroughly used up. Thanks for viewing "Inspiring love quotes i saw the sadness in your eyes".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. You can turn off the auto updates and update manually when you're connected to Wi-Fi and plugged in.
A lot of apps use location services to determine where you are, and it's generally not necessary. You seem to believe that the modest amount of strain will cause you to wake up looking like a bodybuilder in the morning. It never will, because if you have insight and knowledge of how this machine works, well, you can forget about change within.
Isa competes in strongman, took two gold medals in the recent European Powerlifting Championsship, and squats, deadlifts, presses, throws tires and runs around with some heavy shit I don't even know the name of. In spite of doing the complete opposite of what most are told on how to train - in the media, womens mags, by friends, but also within communities that should know better (i.e. As long as you stay away from the roids, because that's where the myth of freakish muscles on women comes from.
One thing CrossFit does right is providing the right environment, friendship, encouragement and attitude for girls who want to train hard without being stared at. It ain't exactly like it's raining hot and feminine looking female strongman competitors these days. You'll be much happier with the outcome of that, than say crackers and yoghurt, 2 hr daily cardio sessions and those mickey mouse curls you read about in Cosmo. Would be a fairly accurate and true quote, if it wasn't for the fact that most men train like retards. What holds most of us back, myself included, IS all the other BS that we are fed literally day in and day out just being women. I just wanted to say hi, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the packages you have been sending. Rest assured that all the packages we received are put directly in the hands of our deserving Soldiers.Once again, thank you and all those involved! So from everyone on night shift at 763rd EAMU at Qatar Air Base I want to say thank you for all that you have done for us!
This is something that was not going to happen for us in North Central Florida, and after looking everywhere we found the help that we desperately needed and hope to persevere after arriving at Buttonwood Plaza, 3080 Jog Road in Greenacres, Fl. Caseworker, they referred our family to a non-profit organization called “Forgot Soldiers Outreach.” They suggested that I give them a call as they might be able to help us furnish our home since we had no means to retrieve our furniture or belongings from our previous address in central Florida. She explained that the mission of Forgotten Soldiers Outreach was to provide for United States service members and veterans.
The separation from family and loved ones sometimes takes its toll on a Soldier, so things like receiving a letter or even better a package is a morale booster like no other. Many Marines don’t receive care packages while deployed but the effort your group put forth showed us that more people care than we ever realized. I do want to confirm that I will be leaving early April instead of May so if you could be kind enough to send me one in March and if the one in April gets here by the time I leave I will gratefully hand it down to a fellow sailor. You and your organization, have greatly enhanced the moral of myself and of every other Soldier in TF Talon! Sorry that  I have not written before, been a little busy. Thank you all for the care package that you sent my soldiers. Thank you so very much for sending it, and thanks to everyone who helped with it, especially the nice cards.  your organization is a tremendous morale booster for us.
MartinezThank you so much for all you’ve sent me, my packages really meant alot, it meant I wasnt forgotten and that I was respected and my service was apprecieated. I said, “When I close my eyes I can see our entire future together – the wedding, the kids, the house, all of it. I met the right guy for me, at the right time in our lives, and he asked me the right question and I said yes. You should say NO (and not “possibly” or “I will think it over and get back to you on that”) the very first time the person asks for your help, unless of course, you are not sure of your decision.
You should not be embarrassed to say that you are not physically capable to do what has been asked of you. But, I have also been in life situations similar to you and like you I was a people pleaser for most of my life. As you journey through these pages, try and remember that each fascinating journey Nik has gone on was the result of a decision he made to improve the quality of his life.
It might take a minute to load, but you'll be able to see which apps are taking up the most space on your iPhone. If they're grey, that means you've just recently cleared the data, so there's nothing to remove. To turn off auto app updates, go to Settings, then scroll down and click iTunes & App Store. The masculinizing effects of steroids on woman are profound and devastating, aestethically (subjective sure, but still) and socially.
That is worth far far more than an "optimal" weight training routine in a shitty commercial gym where people are clueless, mediocre and easily intimidated, almost offended, by hard training females.
It's a sport plagued by an unfortunate stereotype, which unfortunately is true to a large extent.
But most don't train because they are afraid of gaining too much muscle size and definition and lose their feminity. It has been such a treat to receive such great things while being out here, so thank you for taking your time to care for us all.
Part of my job includes oversight of all the helicopter passenger terminals in Afghanistan. Due to the injuries sustained during the initial invasion, I now receive service connected benefits. My wife and I , and two of our three children, ages 3, 15, and 20, moved to Palm Beach County as we qualified for housing assistance through the Hud-Vash program. I was a little disgruntled with all the agencies that had been telling us no, and that they could not help us.
We made the drive to the store located in Greenacres and met the store manager, also a veteran, named Mike Zelnar. We also want to thank each and every one of your donors whether they be a business or an individual their kindness is greatly appreciated. Ton’s of healthy goodies and the letters that I recieved from the children were very heart warming. Gives us real motivation that what we’re defending back home is always worth the effort. I can’t really think of anything specific that I need but what came in the first package was great.

We are operating in the Arghandab District of Afghanistan and have been in a  very difficult fight against a wily and determined enemy. The letters and cards that are included are a great moral boost to the members of this command. These little comforts from home are greatly appreciate and help break up our days, which can be long and hot!CW2 Joseph P. But moreover, receiving them has helped to keep our spirits high with the feeling that there are good folks out there that cared enough to put some effort into something tangible. Your support is truly needed and is going use.I wanted to take the time and thank everyone at Forgotten Soldiers Outreach.
Always phrase things in a way that is perceived as good faith and will not hurt another person’s feelings. How freeing it is to be at a point in life where, while others are important, you realize that unless you take care of yourself you cannot be there for anyone else.
There are a few things you can do right now (yes, right this very minute) to make your iPhone work better, and they won't cost you a cent.
From there, you can choose to turn it off completely (not necessary) or just turn it off for certain apps.
Be aware of it - and don't worry about the BS you hear and read about how women should train. To Hell with that though, because the butch look is a consequence of steroids, girls, and you need not concern yourself with it.
We need to allow ourselves to be actually powerful and turn our willpower towards real achievements rather than pristine abstinence. What they do not realize is that due to their much lower levels of testosterones as opposed to guys, they will not be looking that muscular naturally even if women were to train like a man. Please know we appreciate everything you and all your supporters do to take care of them and make their tough days here a little better.
Things were looking a lot better after becoming recipients of affordable housing and assistance. I would have to stop everyone from tearing into it and havethem go outside(120 degrees!) because our spaces are classified secret and no photography is allowed. The 2515th is a Navy squadron based out of Guam that has taken on the role of an Army MEDEVAC unit. Our Soldiers are living in austere base camps amongst the local people throughout the river valley — the items you sent are not only welcomed but often they are necessary.
The cards and letters from all the kids really touched me and I enjoyed your snacks and was able to share the goodies with my battle buddies. We know it takes a tremendous amount of time and resources for these boxes to be filled and shipped here to Afghanistan. We were given hygiene products, a box of food, shower curtains , towels, light bulbs, a dining room table., beds, pots and pans, silverware, plates, glasses, baking pans, coffee pot, toaster oven, and other home goods and furniture. Our family was in need and this is what separates a regular furniture and thrift store from a ministry. So it would be kind ofa buzz kill to do that, but all the Pilots, Aircrewmen, SAR Medics and Pararescuemen went out to the aircraft for some photosfor you.
Wehave been supplying assets to Kuwait and Basra Iraq since 2005 transporting almost 2600 personnel to higher levels of medical care.
I would like to that you for doing the forgotten soilder and thank all the people that participate. Wouldn’t you marry That Guy?” She smiled and said, “Well, there it is!” I think she’s convinced, do you?
I was so impressed with the assistance and courtesy I received at FSO that I decided to volunteer to help other vets. Even now that I have returned home from my year-long deployment, I still remember how much I enjoyed receiving and sharing your Care Packages with other Marines.
I gave myself 2 minutes to write ten things I love about Gibran off the top of my head without a chance to over think it.
The soldiers from 1218th will be redeploying sometime in June, and will be unable to receive anymore packages after May 20th. I came up with this list in just under 80 seconds, and when I looked at it I realized that there’s so much to read between the lines. The Beverly Hillbillies DVD was a nice thought and will give us a nice break from the staticy (is that a word?) Armed Forces Network we get here on our camp.
We keep thinking that the cold winter here would diminish the fighting, but each and every day more casualties arrive. This Outreach has saved our family, and that hope that was instilled from day one when walking through the doors at FSO Furiniture and Thrift Store is the purpose for our desire to continue to help other Veterans. We appreciate your thoughtfullness and support and look forward to the next packages whatever they may contain. I must, i have been doing this for almost 19 years. We have been getting a lot of rain the past few days but not as much as back home in Clarksville, TN. He’s IT because he’s my best friend (see #1, 4, and 5), he’s all about respect and love (see #2, 7, and 8), and we complete each other’s existence (See # 3, 6, and 10). Also, because he’s a GOOD MAN (see #9), and these days I really don’t meet that many of them walking around — seriously. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve here and serve our country as well as the opportunity to encounter many wonderful people such as you and Forgotten Soldiers. I have gotten a little school supplies and the kids had so much fun getting toys and school supplies. It was more of just having something they never have had before was the cool part about it.
Seeing the look on their face, in their eye that you’re giving me this, with not wanting anything in return. We still have some time left on our deployment here; however, I look forward to coming home and thanking all of you in person. They bring out the best in my Marines.This journey will complete my ninth deployment in my career. I have also started helping the hospital with sheets, towels, flip flops for when we get hurt soldier or even civilians that need something while they are there.
If you get flown in to FOB Salerno to our CSH (combat support hospital) chances are that you only have the shirt on your back. I cannot stress enough that it is not just the tangible items you put in the packages for these Marines to enjoy, but the intangibles. Just knowing that what we do out here is appreciated and we are not a snapshot on the news means everything to us.
With her work, volunteering, our 14 year daughter, her Girls Scotts, and guitar lessons, Drama classes, and tons of other things keeps her real busy. They always come after a tough day or during a trying week.I think we have grown tremendously as a country and learned a lot from Vietnam. Supporting our troops when they are called to arms is vital to sustaining our great nation.
The soldiers love the simple things like the 35 Cents Cup of Soup or Cup of Noodles form the grocery store. You remind us why we do what we do and drive us to make you proud.I am in debt to all of you for what you have done for my Marines.
Its pushing midnight real soon.Take care and thank you so much for all that you do for soldiers.

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