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Whether you have been dating someone a few months or several years you may be looking forward to marriage but are wondering if your man really wants to get married. Instead you need to look at the man you are dating and analyze your relationship to see if a wedding may be in your future.
Instead of asking yourself if men really want to get married, ask yourself if your man really wants to get married. There are definitely some men who really want to get married and look forward to living their life with a wife by their side.
If you have plans on getting married you aren’t going to want to waste your time staying in a relationship with a man who has absolutely no plans on getting married ever. If your boyfriend has ever mentioned having children or a family in the future then he most likely has an interest in getting married.
Have you ever heard your man talk negatively about married couples or weddings or marriage?
We've all been there: You're newly single, still reeling from the sting of being dumped by your ex -- and desperately trying to avoid texting him or her. But let the texts in the slideshow below be a warning to you -- though it's tempting to text, those post-split conversations never go as planned. I felt angry because I have always struggled with saying no, and this was exactly the type of uncomfortable encounter I generally aim to avoid. I felt angry because I felt misunderstood and judged, and I wanted him to realize that he was wrong about me.
I felt angry because I assumed he intended to be hurtful, and I didn’t feel like I deserved that. I ended up responding to his email fairly quickly with a little bit of defensiveness, albeit with restraint. It’s inevitable that I’ll feel that way again—and many times, with people I know well and love. Oftentimes when I’m angry I feel the need to act on it, but later I generally wish I’d waited. You can get yourself all revved-up, stewing in righteousness and mentally rehashing all the ways you were wronged. Is it really what someone else did, or are you feeling angry because of what you’re interpreting their actions to mean? If you’re angry with someone for doing something that you’ve done many times before, your feelings may be magnified by seeing a behavior of your own that you’re not proud of. Now that you know more clearly what part the other person played in your anger and which part is more about you, write a letter to him or her. You could also send the letter you wrote, but it will be easier to clarify parts the other person doesn’t understand if you’re having a direct back-and-forth exchange. So instead of saying, “You didn’t show up so you obviously don’t care about me,” say, “When you forget about the things that are important to me, I feel hurt.” In this way, you’re not assuming the other person meant to make you feel bad—you’re just explaining how it makes you feel so they can understand how their actions impact you. Sometimes one annoyance can open the floodgates to a laundry list of complaints—but no one responds well to a barrage of criticism. If your goal is to get the other person to admit that they’re wrong, you’ll probably end up in a power struggle. This situation taught you something useful about what you value in the people you choose to be friends with—maybe directness, humility, or loyalty. It might be something you need to improve your relationship, or it might be that you need to end a relationship because you know it doesn’t serve you. This experience was an exercise in expressing yourself in the best way to be heard and understood.
Maybe you reacted too quickly, so now you’ve learned to put more space between your feelings and your response.

You probably realized somewhere along this journey that you played some role in the situation. If that’s likely what you’ll feel when you realize time is running out, why not express it now, while you can still enjoy the peace it will give you? About Lori DescheneLori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Breathing deeply and counting to ten, just trying to de-escalate the situation really helps me. If we can refrain from lashing out and instead seek to understand and help, usually the situation will solve itself. I struggle with saying no and struggle with asking for a favour also, so much so that I avoid people, have become completely self-sufficient and quite a boring person! Thank you for your article, it is going to be a valuable resource for me in the very near future! This was a great piece, Lori.  I can only imagine how many emails you get asking for help, support, money, etc. What wonderful suggestions – thank you for creating such a thoughtful and caring site. Also, after reading the intro, I realized that your situation was pretty similar to what my friend faced recently. The first time I heard this general question was from a woman who had been dating her boyfriend since they were 16 and now was 25 and wondering if a walk down the aisle was in store for her. Here are some easy tips for finding out if your man may at least consider getting married sometime in the future.
You don’t have to propose to him but if you are getting serious about a man then you should have a right to know. Although this may not be true for every man most men who are willing to settle down with kids are willing to get married. The people pleaser in me wants to say yes to everyone, but the reality is that there is only so much time in the day—and we all have a right to allocate our time as best supports our intentions, needs, and goals. Decide that you’re not going to do anything until the feeling has less of a grip on you.
Look for all areas where you may be projecting your own traits onto someone else to get closer to root of your feelings. Now that you’re clear about the role you played in your anger, initiate a verbal conversation about what bothered you. It’s also possible that there isn’t a right or wrong, but rather two people who see things differently and need to see each other’s point of view. Focus instead on what you’d like to change in the future—for example, you’d appreciate it if she would come straight to you next time instead of complaining about you behind your back.
This will help you decide which people you might want to spend more or less time with going forward. There will definitely be more situations like this in the future, so this is good practice for misunderstandings and struggles to come.
Maybe you got defensive, and the other person shut down, so you’ve learned to be less accusatory in the future. To strengthen your relationships, get her new book, Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges.
The fact that someone says no to my request doesn’t mean I should not have asked in the first place.
I may want to please people I care about, but I don’t have to please them all the time. If I say no to people and they get angry, that doesn’t mean that I should have said yes.

This is quite helpful as a way to see what others are doing that might even be similar to some one that angers us. The hermit theory sounds attractive but having tried it has only resulted in teaching more.
I find that when I write out a letter like this, I often include way more detail than I really need to communicate to the other person.
I’ve been through my share of those, and I know how difficult it can be to stay centered and find peace when there are challenges and unknowns. I’ve had a lot of anger (or irritation, annoyance) that comes around quite a bit for me around one person. People are used to getting their way when they ask a woman to go that extra mile and we’re taught to submit and so it. When we are able to self-soothe, usually our thinking about the situation and empathy toward others and the situation changes immediately. Tariq and I was really angry at someone last night and we found it SO hard to control our anger. Sitting with feelings has never been my strong suit, but I know that when I resist the urge to act on them, they seem to have less power. Don’t make a big deal out of it and mention it in a casual conversation about where he seems himself in the future. We’ll all have lots of misunderstandings and annoyances, and lots of opportunities to practice responding to anger calmly and productively. In the end, we’re the only ones responsible for our mental states, so this is a great opportunity to practice regulating yours.
It could be that someone’s actions were the straw that broke the camel’s back, but not fully responsible for creating these feelings. This is to help you clarify what exactly you’d like that person to know, understand, or change.
You can help facilitate this by owning some responsibility—that you will listen if he comes to you instead of getting emotional. Once you own your part, now you can use that knowledge to create more peaceful relationships going forward. When something happens that doesn’t mirror back who we think we are, our ego scrambles to realign us. Sometimes I feel such instinctive resistance to saying no, as if I need to overextend myself or I won’t be loved. The more I’ve looked at it, I see that the anger is a symptom of other things in life . After talking about it together and realizing that the culprit was the one having problems, not us or anyone else in the room, things started to mellow down.
Just FYI, I linked this article to it to help my readers take action in controlling their anger. Thank you for sharing and turning your negative experience into positive energy by using it as an example for others to learn from. Recognize the sensations in your body and breathe into those areas to clear the blockages that are keeping you feeling stuck. Good job for sticking to your guns and for letting the rest of us in on how to overcome the anger, either with ourselves or with someone else. As you say, the remedy is to accept what it is that we are feeling, take responsibility for creating it and remember, nothing is personal.

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