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A perfect day consists of enjoying drinks with friends on a sunny day in a picturesque location.
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Get your travel posts ready to link-up, you don’t wanna miss it (or the highlight of my Sunday in Paris).
I see things so frequently and it’s like that is EXACTLY how I feel, what I was thinking, who I am, etc.

Photos from other sources are linked back to the original source by clicking on the image itself. Since we all enjoy the getting to know you posts so much, here are the fantastically witty and sarcastic cards that characterize me pretty well.
Denglish, a mixture of German and English, is the language I speak on a daily basis as I live my life as a Texan in Munich, Germany.
Although this blog may appear like I live a carefree life of beer-drinking and traveling, I am a student and small-business owner by day, pursuing my Masters degree in consumer affairs and planning Eurotrips.

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