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The initial investigation suggests that Durham was breaking and entering at the home when the homeowner, whose name was not released, shot him. Durham had convictions, starting in 2005, for indecent liberties with a minor, sexual battery, breaking and entering vehicles, larceny and failure to register as a sex offender, according to state Division of Adult Correction records. Most burglars don't attempt a break-in with the owner home, too much chance of getting popped. Niggers are getting bolder, I guess they think with Obongo in for two terms nothing can happen to them. Look at how soulless eyes in that feral nigger, home owner better disinfect the house for rabies. Their names are all such niggerfied abominations that I don't want to remember the names of the live ones either.

That's really unfair to some poor defenceless dog that gets rabies through no fault of its own. This welfare crackhead nigger probably had everything given to him through welfare, and probably still had a rap sheet a mile long.
These days some in the media are commemorating the Chernobyl incident, or as they call it in Russia, "The Chernobyl Catastrophe".
These are mainly projects of Likhachev's plant, strangest of them that were never serially produced. If you register, you'll have full access to the forum including Nigger Mating, Niggers in Africa, Nigger Graphics, etc. This nigger was either too desperate for some crack money to care, or too stupid to wait and try to figure out if the house was empty.

Thanks to these once private photos of Soviet students of a prestigious Moscow university, we can now see what these Soviet students were up to back then! Engineers were brave enough in their ideas but they were doomed to remain in the world of fantasies.
Just four years after the incident, in the year 1990, a Russian photographer went right inside the destroyed reactor building, the most dangerous place in Chernobyl, and took those photos.

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