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I was in a relationship with my ex for a year and two months, but we broke up a few weeks ago.
Have you ever heard the expression ‘why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free’?
I know it’s hard to hear that, because I know you want to believe that spending time with you again will make him realize he misses you. After a breakup, the best thing to do is to take some time completely apart in order to move on. Just gOt into this FWB thing a month ago, but somethig already happened evn before we agreed to be fwb. My problem is that, after cutting all contact with her for two months, I have recently started having sex with her again. In a moment of weakness where I brought up the possibility of a relationship again, she made it quite clear she does not want to be with me, beyond friends with benefits. Simply, the alternative of reinventing your life is a lot less appealing than keeping up your unpleasant status quo. My concern is that she will find someone before I do, and thus I will be alone and devastated, feeling used as a filler. Should I just suck it up and enjoy what I have while it lasts, or actively avoid her if I run into her? This would explain why we stay in dead-end jobs and dysfunctional relationships way past their expiration dates.
Not only will she survive just fine without you, but you’ll have a chance to thrive on your own. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. Honey´s last blog post…How Much Do You Care That Spitzer Nailed a Hooker and Can He Save Our Economy? My ex-girlfriend and I hooked up post-breakup, and stayed together as lovers for almost a year.
Friends with benefits is great conceptually; but once someone develops feelings, it all falls apart. Many of us have tried this with former lovers and unfortunately it seldom, if ever, works for very long. Just stay with the FWB, it is a well known fact, women think they can handle it, but, it won’t last. Once you start getting more serious with another girl your ex will most likely start saying she wants to be with you again… this is just her competitive juices flowing. I recommend you keep dating and find a girl who really appreciates you and wants to be with you on your terms. Although there are always those few exceptions to the rule, but FWB do not work for both people. The danger of course is always one person going on to a real relationship first and the other one feeling a bit annoyed (not always hurt, but sometimes). Then go on to be open to a new relationship, instead of dragging the previous one out in a wussy FWB thing with someone you KNOW you need to let go of.
I mean we’re assuming the FWB is on the same page here, and one can avoid the kind of emotional entanglement that Evan mentions.
Learning how to recover from a breakup and re-entering the dating pool is a valuable skill.
Except instead of wagering the lives of wooden or plastic pawns you are wagering your very own emotions. This websites main purpose has always been to help women who want to get their ex boyfriends back. Here is the thing about ex boyfriends.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? I created this guide to educate you on the many different ways that an ex boyfriend can use you and how you can turn the tables on him. While I can understand the initial confusion I promise you that what I have to say in this section is very appropriate for this page.
For the past year I have run Ex Boyfriend Recovery and I feel I have a very close relationship with each and every one of you. While it is not my place to judge you and the decisions you make I do want to make you aware of something. When you look at what the average American spends (time wise) on each of the things that I listed above that means that you will be left with 2,740 jellybeans to do with as you please.
Time to go out on dates, meet people, enjoy life and do things that you deem as worthy of those jellybeans.
Well, then you will never find love, you will never have a lasting relationship and you will never get married. If you were presented with this scenario (where your time is extremely valuable) how do you think your ex would fare?
I promise we are getting closer to the different ways in which an ex boyfriend can use you after a breakup. Hypocrite- A person who claims to have certain beliefs but acts in a way that completely disagrees with those beliefs. In other words, if your ex boyfriend says one thing but does another then that would make him a hypocrite.
Words and actions will be your primary ammunition for deciphering if your ex is using you or not. In this case, what I want you to understand is if you are being used by your ex boyfriend or not. So, when I was planning this entire guide out I was lucky enough to find an easy way that can help you determine that. Let me run through a hypothetical situation to show you exactly how you can use words and actions to determine if an ex is using you. Rather than manning up and locking you down he keeps using you as a booty call and you fall for it every single time.
I am about to give you the secret to seeing if your ex boyfriend actually means what he says. Because, when you care for someone on that intense of a level you want to believe every little thing that they say and it is easy to be taken advantage of. If you really want to test and see if your ex is taking advantage of you what you will be looking for is an agreement between his words and his actions.
In other words, if he says something and then later follows through by doing it then he is GOOD!
I am sure there are probably a thousand little ways that an ex can use you after a breakup (not even exaggerating. Now, I am one of the very few people on this earth that is qualified to make claims like this (because I have seen tens of thousands of relationships and their problems.) So, here it is. Emotionally- This is basically when an ex boyfriend will use you for emotional support when he has no intention of getting back together with you. Obviously, I am going to be going into each of these different ways in much greater detail but before I get into that I do want to make you aware of something first. Well, that problem ends now because on top of providing you information about the emotional and physical ways in which you can be used I will also be dedicating just as much time and effort into showing you what to do if you are indeed being used. All of those years I convinced myself that I wasn’t good enough and that I was never going to be good looking. However, I have found the cure to that insecurity and so have a lot of other men out there. The point is that the compliments and the way the girl made me feel about myself is addicting. As a man I can tell you there is no greater feeling than having a drop dead gorgeous woman wanting you. What if I told you that some men out there like the fact that they have their ex to rely on. Oh, and the most rotten part of the deal is that they have no intention of making you feel good emotionally.
If you are being used either emotionally or physically then that means that the guy that is using you does not view you as his equal. I tell this story a little more in-depth in my book but I suppose I can splurge some of the details for you here. Let me tell you, even though I am an extremely nice person, deep down I felt I was a little above them. You see, in order for me to use them they would have to have feelings for me and I would have to manipulate them to say good things about me by saying things that I think they might want to hear. In other words, if someone thinks that they are better than you then that doesn’t mean they view you as an equal it means they view themselves as being above you. I know that so far this guide has been a little gloomy since it is talking about women being used by men but I am about to change that. First things first though, since you are being used by your ex I am going to give you some required reading materials. Week Long No Contact- A period of 7 days where you can’t talk, text, call, email or respond to your ex in any way.
Well, if an ex is using you emotionally then he has probably gotten into the habit of talking to you pretty routinely.
When you have him to the point where he is craving you (after 7 days of no contact) that is when it is ok to finally talk to him again.
The way you talk to your ex boyfriend after the week long no contact rule is going to have to change.
He does this by manipulating you into making him feel wanted through things like compliments, feelings, etc. Lets pretend that your ex boyfriend sends you something like this when you are texting him. Well, if an ex boyfriend is using you emotionally then it is a safe bet that he is using something like the text message above to elicit a response from you that gives him an ego boost. Well, if he gives you a really nice compliment then it is ok for you to return the favor because he will have earned that compliment.
Even if you aren’t being used physically then I am still sure you are interested in what I have to say here.
I am serious, I am not one of those experts that is going to tell people what they want to hear. That means there is a 0% chance that becoming friends with benefits is going to work in your favor. Well, I have talked to hundreds of women who have been in a FWB type of situation and I finally have my answer. So, your olive branch of becoming friends with benefits with a guy means more to you than it does to us. There is one big difference though, men who use women physically will think that the woman is a slut.

Oh, you don’t think that your lovely ex boyfriend could possibly think that about you? I read multiple articles from multiple different sources and eventually came up with three recurring rules that all the articles had in common. That’s a problem for our purposes because chances are pretty high that if you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back you are already in love with him. With everything I know about relationships one thing I see time and time again is that when sex is involved someone is going to get attached and therein lies our problem. If you have entered into a friends with benefits type of situation that already tells me that you are not very mature.
Now, what has probably happened is that YOU want something more (him to commit) but he doesn’t want that something more.
The question you are probably wondering is how you can make him commit to you if you are in this tricky situation. I know men (especially the ones who use women) and most men will get very upset that you take sex off the table.
You need to make it clear that you are feeling used by him and that while you enjoyed your time together you can’t do it anymore.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. Great article, i think every girl being used know they are used but just hate to admit it, could be pride or knowing u need to give up. A year after my last relationship we started it again, it lasted 10 months where he only slept with me only again, and I mentioned in passing that we were sort of seeing each other, which pushed him away (afraid of committing because of how I was in our relationship). But one thing I know for sure, whether he’s the one or not- this is one special connection between two people that is with me for life. You’ve been a great help Chris, if you have an opinion or think I need to do something differently, please respond. Hi ok so I am doing the one week of no contact again (it will be a week tomorrow) but I’m not sure if I want to text first because I am so angry right now and if he does text I don’t think I would respond nicely and would that be a mistake? After this point I will admit to becoming a texting and calling gnat, which led him to become very angry. Last week, he apologized for his hot and cold behaviour, told me he missed me, and that his anger and going out every night after the break up was his way of lashing out at me. As you might imagine, I am very confused about what to think, and as a result I sent him a text message informing him that I would not be physical with him again.
I want to get back with him, but he only wants to be friends with benefits… Is that a good idea?
That might sound blunt and a little harsh, but in most cases, it also ends up being very true.
However am just like you, slept together the other eve, was joyous, emotional for both so am going to try the same tactic.
NEVER get into a FWB relationship if there are still lingering feelings, or if you think you might get back together.
I pulled the trigger but I think that if I hadn’t she would have within a month, we were fighting so much. And what you’ve now discovered, at 21, is that, often having something flawed is better than having nothing. She is using you for shag now and then, and you are using her for your social status, and a shag.
There is always one who is going to get hurt before it is through, and you are not only delaying the pain, but also building it.
Sometimes men and woman have used their FWB relationships to keep things from going too fast too soon with people that they were dating that they really wanted a relationship with. Without awkward human emotion screwing up the picture, all kinds of things become possible. Some have no problem saying exactly what they know a girl wants to hear and then using that girl to their advantage.
This means that I know my audience pretty darn well and if there is one thing I know about you ladies it is that even if your ex is using you, you probably want him back.
I know you have places to be, people to text and work to do but I want you to do yourself a favor. All I am asking for you to realize is that your time on this earth is limited and wasting it on someone who isn’t worth it is a BIG mistake. If your ex is using you then that means that he doesn’t think your time is more valuable than his. For example, if your ex boyfriend said to you that he wanted to get a place together at the end of the month.
I feel that when I complicate subjects that not a lot of people walk away fully grasping that subject. While the two of you aren’t together the chemistry between the two of you is still there. While that was a long time ago and I am happy to say that is ancient history even to this day some of those insecurities are still left over. I don’t care how confident he looked or how smooth he seemed to be I guarantee you that somewhere deep inside he has some strange insecurity about himself that you would have never guessed. Well, all of those compliments feel amazing because in my own head I think the opposite of what she is saying about myself.
It is almost like a blindfold has been taken off of you and you are being introduced to an entirely different world. These men have no intention of committing to you they just want to use you for the emotional support you provide. It opens the door for him to keep feeling good about himself without you getting anything in return. I am proud to say that I have never used anyone physically (I am not that cruel) but I have used someone emotionally before. Now I would like to offer a solution for how to deal with a guy who is using you emotionally. One thing that we have already established is the fact that your ex boyfriend is using you emotionally to feel better about himself. I know this because this is what I teach women to use on men to get them reminiscing of the good times. Obviously, when the tennis player is getting ready to serve the ball there is someone across the net getting ready to return that serve. Lets say that you make your ex boyfriend earn your compliment by him giving you a compliment first. In other words, where two consenting people decide not to officially date but still have the physical benefits like sex, kissing, etc.
Every single woman on this site who thought it might be a good idea to become friends with benefits with their exes has been hurt. Women think that sex with their exes is going to somehow create some spark and all of a sudden he may commit to them.
I am pretty sure that you could give me truth serum and I still wouldn’t tell her that. Sure, they may say nice things to you but in this case you have to always question their motives. Besides, when it comes to something as intimate as sex it is really hard to not fall for the other person that you experience it with. Somewhere down the road someone is going to get attached and ultimately end up hurt if their feelings aren’t reciprocated.
Now, I don’t know about you but I think it is pretty darn hard to remain unemotional when sex is involved.
Sex is this emotional experience, its powerful and it means something, blah blah blah blah blah (you get what I am going for.) Of course, you are going to want to cuddle afterwards. Make it clear that this was the prime reasoning for ending the friends with benefits relationship. We have been through hell and back and still he wants to hangout with me, whether we have sex or not. But I know him well enough to know what he wants, and he’s a simple guy taking each day as it comes. I guess a part of me is prideful and another part is scared he won’t respond and then I will feel even worse.
I think the main reason for the break up, and his subsequent disheartening statements, was that he became fundamentally unhappy with his own life, which led to a lack of effort being put into our relationship, which, in turn, led to me constantly being unhappy as well. He said that he realized he actually doesn’t mind being around me, and said that he is ready to stop being so standoffish.
I said that I wasn’t forgetting about him, but that I needed to move on because I felt as though being intimate together meant more to me than it did to him. Getting into a friends with benefits relationship with anyone rarely works out, and becoming FWB with your ex, especially so soon after your breakup, is almost destined to end in heartbreak.
It sounds like your ultimate motive here is to get your ex to be in a real relationship with you again.
You guys broke up for a reason, and maybe that reason is that you’re not supposed to be together right now. I’m not saying you have to fight with this dude, but keep your distance for a little while.
Idk what to do now i really like him and he said he didnt liked me before but just normale. It seems such a minefield of emotions, easiest to just walk away as am aware that she has all the benefits of a relationship with me with none of the responsibility of actually having one. After we broke up 7mos ago, i got depressed to the point my family had to brin me to a psychiatrist because i was cutting myself and over dosing myself with antidepressants.
I though it would end well, but on the new year’s eve, we had an ultimate fight that took me to a 2-days in a hospital and a lot of controlled medicine to heal my depression.
We are both young (20-21) and in college, and were both each others’ first real relationship. A few weeks after she broke up with me, she came back to figure out how to make things work. A jagged, break with shards is usually more complicated to fix, and takes longer to heal and rehabilitate.
I’m ready to move on and find a partner to be with when my children head off to college (in the next few years). When you add in the fact that YOU, the ex girlfriend who desperately wants an ex back, is highly emotional you are at a pretty high risk of being used. The second a guy realizes the truth (you are more valuable) is the second that he starts to grow attracted to you and he won’t treat you in a way in which you feel used. I rarely say anything like this but the information that I talk about in this section is vital to helping you understand if you are being used by your ex. Well, that would mean that he is claiming that he holds the belief that the two of you will get a place together at the end of the month.

However, when the time came for that person to hold true to that belief they didn’t which makes them a hypocrite.
Unfortunately, this entire website is based on a very complicated subject (exes.) So, the challenge that I am faced with is trying to find a way to easily help you understand the concepts that I want you to understand.
Ideally, you want to be official as soon as possible but at least when he feeds you this line you feel there could be a future relatively soon.
For example, maybe I start falling for someone and they start telling me things about themselves.
So, I am just going to be talking about the two main ways that an ex can use you after a breakup. Ok, well this is basically when an ex boyfriend will use you for sex and then discard you and then try to use you for sex again.
Well, I would be willing to wager that the main reason he is so cocky is that he is trying to cover up some insecurity. In other words, they want to use you because they know you can make them feel better about themselves. Talking to you makes the guy feel really good but he never has any intention of becoming involved with you.
Well, if you decide you would like to return the favor by giving him a compliment your compliment cannot match the intensity of his. In an attempt to try to justify a friends with benefits relationship (which I don’t) I wanted to see what some of the rules were to having a successful one. When it comes to something where you practically give your mind, body and soul over to another human being that is a pretty darn emotional experience.
Eventually, the lack of cuddling is going to lead to some hurt feelings and SHOCKER someone is going to feel used.
However, what you can do is change the rules of the game on him and see how much you really mean to him.
Soi thought about implementing the nc, but at this point i may just need to move on (dont want it). We fought all the time, and I always asked him for more time, better dates, which were things that he just couldn’t give me with all the stress and other problems in his life.
At one point he told me that he had no romantic feelings for me, which was of course very upsetting. The same day he began hugging me very tightly, not sexually, and was almost in tears at other parts of the day. He did not become upset, he simply said that he understood, and that he wanted me to do whatever I needed to do for myself.
Have also a lingering thought that as soon as she finds someone she’ll be gone, but to her credit, she is not actively looking and states she has no interest in a relationship with anyone. After all, we had so much worth preserving; it would be a shame to let our chemistry just fizzle out like that. I can’t think of a stronger endorsement as to why you should cut this woman out of your life. Think about all the reasons you resent your ex and use them as a justification to cut her off cold-turkey. Think about it – how many people are in one romantic relationship for their entire lives? In other words, if your ex boyfriend got cold feet and backed out of getting that place together at the end of the month by definition that makes him a hypocrite. That person could lie about everything and I would believe it without question because I am falling for them. I was picked on a lot and as I grew to be a teenager it didn’t really change with the introduction of hormones and acne. The person across the net successfully returns the serve but their return of serve isn’t coming back across the net at 140 MPH.
Sure, we understand that you ladies can become pregnant but we don’t actually feel it like you do. Besides, what guy wants to screw up the prospect of free sex by telling you that you are a slut? Simply put- became friends with this guy in high school, we became best friends, he moved to Canada for a year and didn’t like it, so he came back (we Skype and emailed weekly). I started dating other people, while still being best friends (meaning we hangout nearly everyday).
Stop the sex, or you won’t get out being fwb until he founds someone worth stopping it.
However he ended up spending the day with me (no intimacy) and before he took me home he amended his statement, saying that he did have feelings, but he didn’t want to.
I could tell he was hugging me because he needed it, with all of the troubles going on in his life. He also said that he was trying to heal and improve his life as well, but that he wasn’t forgetting about me either. So it very hard to deal with right now, I had the FWB (sex part only) for the 1st time last night.
So if you are FwB or thinking about it, remember that it’s not just guys who can only be after you for sex, and FwB with your ex, though a dodgy and dangerous place to go to, can work out for the better.
We however get on better now than we did before the relationship broke up, except I get a little needy from time to time which is slowly subsiding! But as much as I was dazzled by her and wanted her back, I knew one thing for sure: she was the exact same person who dumped me three weeks before. I an definitely an introvert, I am involved in many things and I mingle with many people, but I don’t cultivate many friendships.
Trust me there is a difference between feeling it can happen and understanding it can happen. Oh, and my personal favorite are the guys that have the audacity to keep trying to sleep with you after you have made it clear that you won’t. Within three months of him being back we dated for two months, but we were too immature to have this relationship.
I live it day to day and enjoy each moment we have together, because you only live once and you should spend it with the people who care about you.
And if I continue to be the confident girl I am and live my life for me, things will fall into place.
Even before we started having those problems, he was the most loving, faithful, and honest boyfriend I could ask for. As time went on, he began doing me more favors, driving me places, taking me out for lunch, even hanging out just as friends, etc. I don’t doubt that his feelings were real, however I have doubts about his words, because he said them when he was clearly in the mood for sex. In your article, you wrote that most men would become angry, so I am wondering what this could mean?
But only if all feelings are gone for both of you, otherwise one of you will just be doing it to spend time with the other still caught up in the idea of getting back together. This is all my own failing, because she has made clear to me EXACTLY what she wants, with no pretense.
In short, a break-up leaves a tremendous void that doesn’t just get magically filled. I can count on one hand my closest friends, and I would have extra fingers LOL, and even then, I still reevaluate my relationship with those people I call friends. Heck, he isn’t even meeting your physical needs because if you are honest with yourself you know that your physical and emotional needs are almost intertwined. He did so much for me, and he showed me so much love, but I realize now that I really didn’t show him the appreciation he needed.
Whenever we say goodbye he always hugs me tightly, kisses me on the forehead, the cheek, or occasionally the mouth, very passionately (without me instigating it). And he said good, because i dont want you to get hurt and i dont want you to go through your cutting again.
That fear and loneliness was bringing us back together, and would have been the easiest thing to give into.
He lost any reason to put effort into making me happy, because I was no longer making him feel rewarded.
To his credit, he did spend the day with me again afterwards, and was very happy and kind to me. I dont know when will this end, im just trying to convince myself that this is nothing , in that case my feelings MIGHT fade.
For example while driving me somewhere he would act extremely distant, but then warm up suddenly when it was time for me to leave, and say goodbye the usual way.
Before I left, he was again crying, and me being such a softie, I told him I loved him, and he reciprocated. I’ve just never met anyone I would enjoy to hand out with that way, and when I do, which is rare, they never make it a priority to hang out with me. He tells me how the relationship went wrong for him and what he should have been doing in it.
Every time we were intimate together, he would always assure me that I he didn’t want to use me, and that intimacy between the two of us really did mean something to him.
He even said he would tell me if he was, and that he would keep it low key, if it ever happened, out of respect for me. He would always kiss and cuddle me for the rest of the day, and seemed much more like his regular happy self.
And he actually did come to me and let me know when he began talking to a new girl, so I am fairly sure he means that.
But, the pattern has always been that after this, he would be very kind to me for a few days afterwards, and then suddenly become distant for about a week. He did not want anything, he simply walked me out, kissed me on the forehead, and went on his way. Thus far he has told me that she is just a friend, nothing more, that he doesn’t like her, etc. The next day he was more distant, but he walked me to class when I bumped into him in the hallway, offered to give me a ride home, and kissed me very passionately on the mouth before I left.
But I must stress that he has never pressured me for intimacy and has always backed off at any sign of reluctance on my part. Why did he want to cuddle when he always complained about cuddling so much when we were together?

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