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But the facts of the case a€“ the rape, the vengeful boyfriend Daniel Lynch, the cup of industrial-strength sulphuric acid a€“ are all too familiar, a cause of anger and revulsion when they were revealed in court earlier this year.It was an added cruelty that Katiea€™s world had revolved around her beauty.
Still learning to live with her rebuilt features and exhausted by more than 30 operations, she has agreed to waive her anonymity and speak in public.
If she had known his true background, she would never have been with him in the first place.
The shocking attack can be seen on CCTV as Katie Piper (on the right), is attacked in broad daylightLosing her vision and disorientated, Katie staggered across Golders Green High Road, dodging in and out of cars to get help. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When I look at breakups as a whole there seems to be one common theme that is consistent no matter the situation. Basically you can name any negative emotion known to man and a break up probably can make you feel it.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
So, when you put any human being in a situation where they are feeling these emotions they are probably going to say and do things that they really don’t mean. To help women navigate their breakups and help them increase their chances of getting their ex boyfriends back. Though I do like to keep things light here at EBR (Ex Boyfriend Recovery) since I have always found that laughter is the best medicine for healing a broken heart and your heart might be a little broken right now. So hey, I am more than happy to make a fool out of myself for your amusement if it turns that frown upside down. The real reason you are here today is to figure out what your ex boyfriend means when he says something to you.
Wouldn’t it be cool if there was something that served as a cheat sheet for women that would help them decipher what their ex meant when he said something. Seriously, ME, an actual guy is going to tell you what your ex boyfriend really means when he says things to you.
If you think of any to add then feel free to leave a comment in the comments section of this article and I will revisit this page sometime down the road and update it with new things you ladies are probably wondering about.
After all, there is a reason that they compare losing a job to going through a break up, it sucks. I always do my best to treat people with the utmost respect and I was raised to always respect women. So, when you take this into account I am relatively certain that your ex boyfriend doesn’t truly hate you.
And since you are associated with the pain he is feeling you are going to get blamed by association. This is horrible for me to admit but I was young so you have to realize the immature mentality I had.
The important takeaway that I want you to take from this negative experience that I am sharing is that most men don’t mean it when they say they hate you. There are really two situations that spring to mind when I hear from a woman who is wondering if her boyfriend really means it when he tells her to never contact him again.
In order to fully understand what an ex boyfriend really means when he says never talk to me again we must first understand exactly what these situations look like. Lets pretend that I am your boyfriend and the two of us got into a massive fight over your cat. So, we go back and forth over your cat and the fight starts to evolve as bad fights usually do. Well, your strategy for getting me back involves messaging me about 30 times a day and calling me about 10. Obviously I like the attention at first but then it gets to be a little too much and I begin to resent you for it.
Eventually your efforts get so out of hand that I can’t stand to hear from you anymore. The thing that you really have to keep in mind here is the fact that your ex is saying this from a highly emotional state. Breakups have this funny ability to make even the nicest of people turn into angry lunatics.
So, if you got caught in the crossfire of a heated breakup and your boyfriend said this to you then don’t take it personally. Besides, I can probably give you hundreds of examples where an ex boyfriend said this to an ex girlfriend and then HE ends up being the one that gets in contact with her. Now, if you are wondering what is going on in his mind to make him say this in the heat of the moment then look no further than the curious case of emotional states.
Since we are looking specifically at him AFTER a fight you can bet good money on the fact that he was in a very negative emotional state and as a result he is going to say things that aren’t very logical.
It looks specifically at a scenario where you (the ex girlfriend) goes a little crazy and contacts him too much. Notice how this girl, Cordelia, is sending waaaayyyyy too many messages to her ex boyfriend. In addition to sending a bunch of unanswered texts she is also calling her ex boyfriend up.
Now, I did not have a relationship with this girl but the same principle is going to apply.
The two of us went out on one date and after some thinking on my part I decided to inform her in a subtle way that I was not interested in her. Instead of just remaining friends she treated me like I was some sort of boyfriend that scorned her. Just to put this in perspective this wasn’t the first time something like this happened with this particular girl. I can’t hep it but every time I hear this I always immediately think of George from Seinfield. Too many women think that those exact five words have to be muttered to them for them to be eligible victims and that’s just not true.
By an ex saying this to you he is making you aware that he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore. It’s just harder to see since it is disguised cleverly around a lot of words but if you look hard enough (the bold parts) you will see it. Lets move on to the fun part and dissect what your ex boyfriend really means if he gives you the Seinfeld excuse. If you really think about it an ex boyfriend who says that he never really loved you is probably doing so during a highly emotional moment.
This situation is very similar to situation number 1 when a boyfriend tells you to never talk to him again. In my opinion, if an ex boyfriend tells you that he never really loved you he is just doing so to hurt your feelings and doesn’t really mean it at all.
Oh, and if you were the one that broke up with your ex boyfriend then it adds that extra little cherry on top. From your ex boyfriends perspective you are the villain and what do men generally do when they come across a villain?

Thousands of women come to this site every single day and every single day they freak out over stuff like this.
Heck, I wouldn’t even be shocked if you just scrolled straight down to this section and skipped all the others. So, rather than spend 500 words setting this up I am just going to get right down to the meat of this.
What if I were to tell you that your beloved Ex Boyfriend Recovery site is still a small fish in a big pond? There are hundreds of so called experts out there that are trying to capitalize on your dollars. Now, that may be a scary thing for you to hear since the last thing you want is to be taken advantage of. If your ex boyfriend says that the two of you will never get back together again then I wouldn’t take it to heart because I have seen too much flip flopping in my time to buy into it completely. There are some that really do mean it when they say we are never getting back together again.
However, in my opinion I think them saying it is really a function of what was done to them in the relationship. I like assigning percentage values to situations based on how high the chances of success are for a reconnection. This percentage number is assigned based on my personal knowledge and experience seeing a lifetime worth of breakups.
So, maybe a general breakup percentage starts at 30% but after using my strategies it gets bumped up to 50%. Instead of those situations starting at the general 30% mark they would start at the 10 – 20% marks respectively.
It’s these extreme situations that have a low percentage of success that you have to watch out for. Now, before I finish this article up finally I want to make sure that you fully grasp what I am telling you here.
So, what it all boils down to is a function of how severe the damage during the relationship was to him. Marriage, children the whole nine yards but if he’s not ready to commit to you then he may use the line “I don’t want to hurt you again” especially if he’s expressed his feelings on the subject already.
We could go on and on all day about ways he could hurt you but when it comes down to it it’s a way for him to remove himself from the relationship and look like the good guy. You’ve been intimate on every level, emotionally and physically and he wants to be friends!?!?
Perhaps he wants to stay friends to have the possibility of getting back together in the future?
I am going to give you the low down on all of these unanswered questions and really bring you into the mind of a male. It can be a scary place… but the good news is I am going to walk you through it and give you guidance on what to do if he says he just wants to be friends. Think of it this way, he’s got you on the sidelines waiting around for him while he does whatever he wants.
Put your calendar up in plain view where you will see it daily and circle the date that your no contact period is up. Not only will this distract you and give you something to focus on other than your ex, it will give you confidence. For example, when you finally go on that first date with your ex boyfriend walk in front of him since women typically walk in front of men on dates and look at a guy (who is not your ex.) The idea here is to make it look like this other guy is checking you out. Now, the important thing to understand here is that it’s obvious to this other man that I am looking at him. But lets get out of this fantasy world where I am a woman and come back to the real world where I am teaching you to become the ungettable girl. Overall, this situation is actually wonderful for a breakup because he’s thinking your going to be friends with him but little does he know he is getting the cold shoulder for a few weeks so he can reassess his decision and during this time your becoming a version of yourself that he have never met before. It’s a very similar situation to the “I never loved you” comment that I’ve mentioned before.
You see, Bob and his ex were fighting over money which is one of the top reasons couples fight. Bob’s ex went bat shit crazy and started throwing his games around while yelling and crying. Something tells me your ex didn’t say it in this way, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be on this site.
But the light at the end of the tunnel is that what he really meant when he says he wishes he never met you is that he is very hurt by you. Oftentimes men don’t know how to express themselves as well as women do and so they resort to the easiest thing that comes to mind. I’d be willing to bet your ex will regret or at least feel bad about things he says to you in the heat of the moment at some point. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of.
She modelled for catalogues and magazines, presented television programmes and had dreamed of a full-time career in the media. Then I realised it was me,a€™ she recalls.a€?I was standing in the street with people walking past me and I could feel my face evaporating. Her fightback will be featured in a Channel 4 documentary this month.She hopes her bravery will help her regain some confidence. Lynch, who lived in Shepherda€™s Bush, West London, with his mother and brother, hadA  convictions for violence and had served a jail sentence for throwing boiling water into the face of another man. Now, I know a high school relationship that happened close to ten years ago isn’t exactly going to bring earth shattering revelations but bear with me here as I try to make my point.
Instead they are just projecting on how they feel about the situation they are currently in. So, to hear that your ex boyfriend could potentially be throwing all of that out the window is especially painful. So, when I start explaining what he really means when he says this to you I want to operate under the assumption that he is in a highly emotional situation. Those are the types of situations where an ex boyfriend could mean it if he says that he never wants to get back with you. Now, I remember the first time I watched him work his voodoo on a girl I was impressed but after a while it became clear that the girl he worked “said voodoo on” was way more attached to him than he was to her. So, I am going to teach you a trick that I don’t think I have ever talked about on Ex Boyfriend Recovery before.
This way you will not have any temptations or “accidents.” You will still have his number in two different spots so you won’t have to worry about never getting it back again. I am walking into a restaurant and since my ex is a gentlemen he holds the door open for me. So, even though I am technically the one who made the guy look at me, to my ex it looks like this guy is checking me out.

But Bob, being the genius he is, decides to bring up the whole video game debacle again and the two of them started arguing again!
Katie, 26, has remained fearful and anonymous in the 18 months since the man she met on the internet attempted to destroy her, so few will recognise her name.
I thought I was on fire as the acid ate at my skin.a€?In one of Dannya€™s calls hea€™d told me hea€™d got a present for me that would change my life for ever.
It is also a chance to insist a€“ as she has discovered in the hardest way a€“ that appearance cannot be the measure of human worth.a€?Ia€™m never going to be the old Katie. But Katie knew none of this.a€?Later on the day of the incident in the shop, when he suggested we make a night of it and stay in a hotel in Bayswater, I agreed,a€™ she says. It also secures a backup girlfriend in case his “post you” dating escapades don’t work out. There are so many different ones out there, Island paradise calendars, pictures of Europe calendars, puppies, kittens, babies, hot air balloons etc.
If you’ve been with your ex for a long time the chances are pretty high that you are depending on him too much.
I think it’s safe to say that if your ex has told you that he never loved you the cut from that would be very deep.
It’s actually not the worst thing when a guy reacts emotionally like this because it means that he has feelings towards you. If Ia€™m honest, I was flattered a€“ at least at first.a€™She soon got a very different view of her new boyfriend, though.
All I could hear were voices and I figured I must be in Heaven.a€™David Piper, who runs a business, and his wife Diane took one look at their once beautiful daughter in hospital and silently believed shea€™d be better off dead, as Diane now admits. Whether it’s for emotional stability or happiness you will have to show him that you can be happy on your own.
Angered by a trivial slight when he was buying trainers, Lynch had exploded at a shop assistant, leaving Katie to pick up the pieces. We went for a meal, shared a bottle of wine and he seemed to be in a good mood again.a€™What happened next was terrifying by anyonea€™s standards.
On one side, Katiea€™s face had been destroyed as far as the fat layer a€“ the only thing beyond it was bone.She had lost the sight in her left eye and, because of the damage to her oesophagus, was unable to eat. To a young girl from a comfortable home in a South of England market town, it was unimaginable.
Ia€™m full of life and looking forward to the future.a€™At the beginning of last year, Katie was living in London for the first time and enjoying it. He smashed her head, beat her, threatened to slash her face with a razor and said he would hang her with a belt. Later he claimed to have been high on steroids.Even now, the details of the rape are hard for Katie to recount.
But when 33-year-old Daniel Lynch, a martial arts enthusiast, emailed Katie to say hea€™d been following her career, she admits she was instantly attracted. In a single operation, the first of its kind ever to be performed, he removed Katiea€™s entire face, used a skin substitute, Matriderm (which provides a a€?scaffoldinga€™ for grafts), to rebuild its foundations, then grafted skin from her lower back and buttocks on to her face.After the operation, she was put into an induced coma for 12 days and kept in intensive care.
His face was so contorted and I knew that I was dealing with a very sick person,a€™ she says.
I told him the maids would be along soon and we had to clear up, otherwise theya€™d call the police.a€™They drove back to Katiea€™s flat in Golders Green where, to her relief, he agreed to let her out of the car. It was 5pm on Friday.If her brief affair with Lynch was a dreadful mistake, Katiea€™s next decision, too, might seem open to question. She decided not to go to the police, gripped by the fear that he would kill her if she put one foot wrong.
I liked what I saw.a€™Katie sent him her phone number and when they went on their first date, he met her with flowers and a teddy bear. Nor did she tell the truth to the doctors at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, where her head wound was glued.a€?I hated myself and what had happened to me,a€™ she says. My identity as I knew it had gone.a€™Diane gave up her job as a classroom assistant in a primary school to look after her daughter full-time. I kept thinking that as long as I played along and didna€™t make him angry, hea€™d get fed up.a€™Instead, the bombardment of phone calls continued. As well as regular massage at home to keep her damaged skin supple, Katie attends a clinic in southern France that specialises in treating burn-damaged skin.Eating remains a struggle.
His arm was always around me and even when we were in the car and stopped at traffic lights, he would turn and kiss me.
Lynch was full of apologies, she says, and the following Monday morning begged her to read an email he had written. Just last week she had another operation to dilate her oesophagus because, every few weeks, scar tissue reforms, narrowing the passage to just a centimetre wide. It is a measure of her progress that, a few hours later, she sat through a whole meal with her family to celebrate her 26th birthday. The whole time Danny was on the phone to me, making conversation, asking me what I was wearing. She keeps all doors and windows locked, is terrified by unexpected callers and is frightened to make hot drinks because of the memories it revives. For months she couldna€™t bear to have a shower because of the feeling of liquid moving across her body.At night she has to wear a balaclava-style mask and a body suit to try to stretch her burned skin and during the day she wears a clear, plastic mask. Pam Warren, who had been terribly burned in the Paddington rail crash and also wore a mask, came to see Katie to advise her. In May, at Wood Green Crown Court, North London, LynchA  and his accomplice Sylvestre were told by the judge that they were a€?the face of pure evila€™. When he obtained a phone illegally in jail he used it to post a message on the internet saying how much he missed her. Katie sounds remarkably well-adjusted despite what she has been through, and is full of praise for her treatment. In particular, she says that the specialist rehabilitation she received should be standard for burns victims.a€?I was fortunate to have a good surgeon and together with the correct aftercare Ia€™ve achieved results that exceeded even my expectations,a€™ she says. Facing people looking like I do has been a huge ordeal for someone who lived her life to look beautiful. My family have been amazing and without their support and the support of Mr Jawad, I would never have got through this.a€?Now, though, I realise my life before was so superficial.
He may have taken away what was once important to me but, cheesy as it sounds, I am a better person for it.
I love my life and I know that I have a future now, and ita€™s a wonderful feeling.a€™My Beautiful Face, a Cutting Edge programme for Channel 4 produced by Mentorn, will be shown on October 29 at 9pm.

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