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He was a follower of Freud, though he modified Freud’s theories to reflect a more unified view of the human person. According to Frederick Perls, dreams are often ignored aspects of our personalities or problems that we are facing, which come out in dreams because they are repressed in waking consciousness. For instance, if you dream that you are being chased, you see the dream from your own perspective. If you then turn around and ask your pursuer why he (or she) is chasing you, you will gain another perspective.Still another perspective can be gained from being a bystander outside of the chase, watching it from a third-person viewpoint.
Another way of getting a different perspective on the dream is simply to have a dialogue with every element or character in the dream, even inanimate objects.
In dream interpretation, this translates to observing every detail of the dream, narrating it in the present tense, and interacting with the dream as though re-entering it, when recalling it or describing it.
This makes the dream more immediate and more real, and helps the dreamer remember more details or important parts.

He or she is your projection of your spouse, the encapsulations of the feelings you have about your spouse, your spouse as he or she exists in your own imagination, all combined with the misunderstandings and insecurities that you feel around your spouse and your feelings and perceptions of yourself as they are reflected to you in your spouse.
By understanding that the dream characters are projections, it becomes possible to understand that the actual people in your waking life, whose faces your projections took in your dreams, may be completely different than your subconscious believes. This is the first step toward reconciliation of difficult relationships, for many people.Your Dream is a Projection of YourselfIt can be disturbing for people to learn that the entirety of their dream is a projection of themselves. If something terrifying and cruel happens in the dream, it is because something terrifying and cruel exists in the dreamer, according to Frederick Perls. We do not want to know about or acknowledge the darker parts of our being, because they would horrify us if we knew they were us. This is a very dark view of dream interpretation, when we like to believe that the frightening things in our dreams represent our fears of the other. For instance, if a dream reveals to you that you are selfish, it is unpleasant to admit this fault to yourself, but from the moment you admit it to yourself, you will start to act in ways that are more unselfish.It may help to trace the roots of your selfishness and determine if there are any other issues contributing to it and making it difficult for you to put others before yourself, but that is a journey you will naturally begin once you know that this is a problem you have.

Thus the concept of Frederick Perls’ dream theory, that dreams reveal aspects and projections of yourself, and the psychological therapeutic idea that awareness is curative go hand in hand.
He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. In Stephen's free time he loves sweating out his stress in Hot Yoga and enjoys cooking recipes he finds on Youtube.

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