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Well, good luck for her~ and yay, didn't know she had a new album out, gotta check that out! In trying to get back your ex-boyfriend, what you say is just as important as when you say it. Examining how your ex-boyfriend treats you after the end of your relationship can go a long way toward showing you when the time is right to approach him again. Anytime your ex-boyfriend is still on friendly terms with you, it's a good sign that he still wants you around. An ex-boyfriend ready to move on from your relationship will drop off contact rather quickly.
When you receive e-mail directly after the breakup, you still must maintain the no contact approach to hearing from your ex-boyfriend. An ex-boyfriend who truly wants to just be friends with you will talk in a more formal, business-like sense when it comes to sending you e-mail. When repairing a breakup, one of the most difficult things to do is to get your ex to call you.
No matter what emotions you feel when he finally calls, you need to give your ex-boyfriend the impression that he just interrupted you in the middle of something important.
Again, if it's only been a few days or weeks after the breakup occurred, you don't even have to answer the phone.
If your ex-boyfriend begins to show interest in you again, or talks about getting back together, try to take things slow. When working toward getting back your ex-boyfriend, it's always great to see things in a positive way. If, after the breakup, your ex-boyfriend has placed you into the role of a friend, you'll need to get out of it rather quickly. Finally, if you're having trouble reestablishing a connection with your ex-boyfriend again, check out Meeting With Your Ex Boyfriend When You Want Him Back.
No matter what your current situation, these fast-working techniques are designed to win your boyfriend back by reversing his current emotional process. Britney Spears will not want to shy away from the truth, she was greatly inspired by her ex-guy, Justin Timberlake, even though they are separated, she still respects him so much for helping her become a better singer, Britney and Justin met when they were performers on The Mickey Mouse Club as kids,  they were singing alongside  with Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling. Erica Mena recently dished on if she and her ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana are on good terms and whether she ever got her ex-boyfriend Rich Dollaz name tattooed on her hand. Mena spoke with HOT 97 recently and said that she "wishes her the best," when it comes to Santana.

She added that they split because Santana let lots of outside sources and factors such as blogs and her friends and family interfere with their relationship, which ultimately resulted in their split.
Mena went on to say that Santana is not too demanding, but reminded fans that she is only 22, which makes it even more difficult for her to embrace the world of reality television. NVIDIA's newest graphics cards are monsters, dwarfing the performance of the already stellar Titan X, for a very compelling price. During a fortune telling session, it was revealed that Rainie would become the 3rd wheel in a relationship in the future.
Any type of communication you have with your ex will be dependent upon timing, and if you try to approach him at the wrong time you're going to get bad results.
But after he's considered things and starts looking back in your direction, there are definite signs and signals your ex-boyfriend will give off when he is looking at you again in a positive light. If your ex-boyfriend has still not called you or dropped you a friendly e-mail, it may still be too soon for contact. Does he take a long time to respond to your messages, or does he write you back fairly quickly? If you avoided being desperate or needy during the process of the breakup, and didn't fight him too hard on his decision to end things, there's a good chance you maintained his respect. When your boyfriend doesn't seem to care what you do at all, you'll need to take more drastic steps toward pulling him back to you. During this critical time you shouldn't be writing back or even acknowledging his messages, because you both need time apart to reflect on what happened between you. But if your ex is getting flirty, bringing up old times, or trying hard to get you to laugh at things, there's a good chance he's interested in renewing your relationship.
You don't want to sound too anxious to hear from him, and you don't want to pick up the phone on the first ring.
If this is the case, check out our detailed guide on What To Do When Your Ex Boyfriend Wants To Be Friends.
They were considered to be the hottest couple in two until they broke up in 2002, with rumours that Britney had cheated on Justin, who later referred to it in his song Cry Me A River.
This brought back bad memories of her ex-boyfriend.Rainie shared that the day after her ex-boyfriend broke up with her, he called her best friend to hang out. Buy shares in celebrities, enjoy unique features, and become a JpopAsia celebrity yourself! But before you can take steps toward your ex-boyfriend again, it always helps to know exactly how he feels about you.

Understanding what these signals are and recognizing when they occur is a critical part of winning your boyfriend back. But if you're back on friendly terms and the two of you have already spoken or exchanged e-mails or text messages, interpreting the results of that communication can give you a good idea of how your ex-boyfriend feels about you. If you happen to see him, is his body language evasive, or does he seem comfortable around you in ways similar to when the two of you were dating? E-mail however, is one way an ex-boyfriend will try to hold onto some semblance of your relationship - even if he's doing it from behind a thin veil of friendship. And then there's also the possibility that your ex is looking for a physical hookup, in which case you need to be very careful that he's not using you for sex. Don't be overly reluctant, but it's always best to make your ex come back to you in a situation like this. Her best friend stole her boyfriend, and while she was weeping, that trick was on a date smiling.
Most of them will be verbal cues, and you can usually tell by his tone of voice how your ex boyfriend is reacting to you. An ex-boyfriend who is still e-mailing you, talking to you through Facebook, or going back and forth with text messages has not totally let go of your romance.
Fixing your breakup may require meeting your ex-boyfriend halfway, but before you can take those steps you'll need to know what his true intentions are.
You'll know when your ex-boyfriend is being genuine, or when he's just saying the things that he thinks you want to hear. It will cement the future of your relationship together when he believes he wanted to get back together just a little bit more than you did. Allowing your ex-boyfriend to do most of the talking is also a good idea here, because it lets him get to the root of the phone call and it prevents you from making too many mistakes.
In this case you'll need to interpret his body language, and the actions he takes toward you after the breakup in order to determine when the best time to initiate contact may be.

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