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The former boyfriend sent numerous texts asking his ex to get back with him and kept making threatening calls to her new lover, police said. JOLIET, IL — A Joliet woman’s former boyfriend kept sending texts asking to get back together and repeatedly made threatening phone calls to her new boyfriend — and persisted with his nonsense even after the cops showed up, police said.Ronald Meimers, 52, and the 47-year-old woman he decided to bother have been broken up for months, police said, and he has since moved to California. While learning how to get your boyfriend back, you also need to spot the signs that all your hard work is paying off.
Realizing that your ex boyfriend is finally responding to you again can be both thrilling and exhilarating. At the same time, it's important to know when your ex is responding for another reason: so you can continue whatever it is that you were doing. An ex boyfriend who keeps the channels of communication open is an ex who's wishy-washy about breaking up. When he's ready to undo the breakup, your ex may begin getting back in touch with those people closest to you. This is a huge sign that your breakup is in its final stages because your ex won't make moves like this unless he's ready to get back together again.
If your boyfriend happened to slip the "let's be friends" speech into his breakup routine, it's very possible he was trying to let you down easy. Signs to look for: your ex keeps telling you where he went and what he did last weekend, reporting to you as if you were still dating him.
If you happen to still see your ex boyfriend, the way he acts around you can reveal huge clues as to how much he wants you back. Trying to be friendly is one thing, but being complementary after the breakup is quite another. An ex boyfriend who continues to call for your opinion on something is re-living the days when the two of you were a couple.
If he still feels comfortable enough to contact you this way, it's one of the bigger signs your ex boyfriend still loves you.
That said, an exboyfriend won't ever ask to meet you unless he's trying to renew some past connection.

If your ex wants to meet with you, he's looking for something a lot more tangible than a friendly phone call, email, or text-message.
Keep in mind that your ex might call you in the middle of the night, and suddenly ask to see you right then and there. Just because your ex boyfriend hasn't shown any of the above signs, it doesn't mean he doesn't still have feelings for you. If you haven't done so already, check out these instant adjustments that will make your ex boyfriend want you back.
In the case where your ex seems to have all the control over what happens between you, you'll need to seize back some of the power you lost during the break up. Big Brother keeps coming up with twists, and the latest development involves Noirin Kelly, who's ex-boyfriend has entered the house! He reportedly entered the house wearing a helmet under the premise of delivering fish and chips, and Noirin shrieked when he revealed his face.
Bar owner Isaac, from Ohio, met Noirin two years ago when she was travelling in Australia and he was filming The Real World: Sydney. With Noirin up for eviction against Marcus on Friday, will history repeat itself and Noirin have to leave, just like Karly and Kenneth? By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Although I believe it’s possible, I don’t believe it’s common for “friendships” with ex’s to work out well for anyone in the equation.
Some people believe that beyond the intimate relationship they had, they can salvage just the friendship. Explain to your significant other that it bothers you and if you’re important to him, he needs to stop.
If he doesn’t understand or continues to fight you on why he needs to still talk to his ex, it’s your call. What is not appropriate is to say that you’re okay with it but hold resentment or bring it up when you’re upset.

Marni Battista, deemed one of the 10 Best Women’s Dating Experts, is the founder and CEO of Dating with Dignity. Meimers was reportedly back in town on business and was staying at the Motel 6 on McDonough Street when he allegedly started texting her about reuniting with him Saturday morning.Meimers texted the woman six times before making threatening phone calls to the 54-year-old man with whom she is currently involved, police said. They hugged and then discussed Noirin's romances in the house, with Noirin apologising to him for kissing Siavash. Noirin has said during the show she still loves him, even though she's had attention from Sree, Marcus, Tom and Siavash in the house.
When ex’s stay friends, there is a fine line between what’s appropriate and what’s not and because of this, there will always be one person who feels jealous whether it due to time spent, physical affection or favors done for one another.
This may seem like a wild claim, but I believe that women are better at just staying “friends” with an ex than men are.
Either you tell him that the communication with his ex is a deal breaker and you leave him, OR you decide that as long as there is no “funny business” going on you’re willing to live with it.
Meimers then allegedly upped the ante by heading over to the Marquette Court house where his former lover and her new boyfriend were so he could threaten the man and call him names.Officers went to the Motel 6 and told Meimers to cut it out. If your beau and their ex have been friends since elementary school, were friends for years before they dated, or are family friends, this may be the exception to the rule. Being direct with your significant other (or anyone for that matter) about what you want and what bothers you is the best route to go!
If you feel insecure about your relationship because his ex is still in the picture, that’s normal. It also shows that there may be doubts in your mind about trust and monogamy with that person.

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