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At the time of this post, Irving has since deleted most of his pictures with the singer on his Instagram, and Kehlani deleted her whole IG account. The fact that this is news tells you that she's the rare athlete who has transcended sports and gained relevance independent of tennis.
At age 26, Sharapova has turned herself into a multi-million dollar business that traverses sports, fashion, and even candy.
TweetAngela Stylez is an entrepreneur, fashion designer and supposed inspirational speaker. Anyway…my gripe isn’t with their so call new-found love and relationship…It’s more so that he is one of the biggest deadbeat dads out there and his monstrous approach to being a father (or should I say lack of), and his constant complaints about paying child support, despite being inconsistent with that. Bobby Maze is so busy living with his best friend Michael Beasley (Miami Heat Player) and hanging with all his other NFL, NBA, and Celebrity friends portraying the life of a man who has it all and does it all for everybody, but yet, doesn’t do shit with or for his children, with the exception of the one in Maryland is the biggest fabricator and his posture is F*CKED up.
An employee at the Palm Beach Zoo died in a Malayan tiger attack while performing a routine procedure Friday afternoon, a zoo spokeswoman said. Kyle Guyton, 22, died while chaperoning a school trip to Europe after suffering from an asthma attack while he was eating. Dawn Scott, 28, & Raynell Kimbrough, 31, were found shot dead Monday morning in their bedroom, with their newborn daughter still alive between them.
A Florida man was bitten in the buttocks by his pit bull after he attempted to get the animal to attack police officers trying to arrest him.
A photo of baristas at a Vancouver, Washington coffee stand praying with a customer who had just lost her husband has gone viral. Antonio Giansante, accepted responsibility for spreading the “revenge porn” of a 16-year-old.

A jury sentenced sex offender David Wilson to life in prison hours after they convicted him of child sex assault. A couple is thanking its trash company after losing & finding their 12.5 carat wedding ring, worth $400,000.
But before she was sidelined, she flirted with the idea of changing her name to Maria Sugarpova to promote her candy company during the U.S.
It was an absurd idea, but it highlights that fact that Sharapova — the highest-earning female athlete in the world — is a multi-million dollar brand. That money has allowed her to live a globetrotting lifestyle with fancy clothes, expensive cars, and a young new boyfriend. Wal-Mart Stores Inc brings back its iconic greeters to help deter theftAt two-thirds of locations, a standard greeter will be stationed at the entrance. NFL player Mychal Kendricks has responded to Rihanna's man crush Instagram photo of him, but she left him hanging.
NFL player Mychal Kendricks has responded to Rihanna's man crush Instagram photo of him, but she has left him hanging.
A few weeks ago, the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown uploaded a pic of Kendricks in his Philadelphia Eagles uniform, captioned by "Is it Monday?
When initially pressed about Rihanna, Kendricks told reporters that he didn't "want to talk about" the singer's crush on him. But it seemed as if the Philadelphia Eagles player had a change of heart, revealing to Philly's Fox 43 in the video below that he's interested in Rihanna, but has yet to have the chance to speak with her yet. Meanwhile, Rihanna recently released a new song, Can't Remember To Forget You with Shakira and reports indicated some of the lyrics are dedicated to Brown.

It looks like Blac Chyna is getting absolutely no love from the men in her life this Mother's Day.
While there's no doubt that Ciara is getting a lot of love from her friends and family this Mother's Day weekend, there's one person who probably isn't sharing the love at all: her ex-fiance and baby daddy, Future. Everything seemed good as the lovebirds frequently posted lovey-dovey photos and messages on their social media pages. Let me explain, I’m assuming with his new girlfriend K Michelle celebrity status he feels the need to be on his best behavior, but yet fails to be that way with his children. You see, he’s so busy, sending her his jeweler, flowers, text messages, and keeping up with the Jones or should I say K Michelle, he continuously neglects his responsibility, makes broken promises, never follows thru, and has all the excuses in the world for not being there for his children.
Yes, I said children, though he and his family only claim one publicly (his oldest daughter which lives with his mom in Maryland). I don't know what his situation is relationship wise, so I hope I'm not disrespecting anybody but like you said, it's Rihanna.
The oxymoron of this all is that he’s the biggest fabrication and the epitome of her song “Can’t Raise A Man”….it’s sad that someone like her who openly acknowledges her lack of better judgement when it comes to men repeats history over and over again. So to the world he comes across as this doting dad and talented basketball player that came from University of Tennesse Men’s basketball, but never made it to the NBA (karma), to really know that you’re beloved Bobby Maze doesn’t do right by his own kids.

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