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After reading that, I don’t know whether to feel sick at the shit that was found or increase my hatred for all heartless lawyers. In their current issue floating around, In Touch mag makes some pretty obvious guesses as to who has been under the scalpel.
On one half, I sleep (actually a little less than that), on the other half rests my mini-library of books that temporarily warm the coveted spot reserved for my future S. American wifie who will one day (hopefully not in the too distant future) sleep snuggled up beside me. All of which, taken together, indicates the defendant’s prurient interest in children, particularly boys.

Furthermore, you have royalties pouring in (literally) from some of the most popular & lucrative tunes ever composed. I studied Spanish literature and I did it in Spanish so I would learn how to speak Spanish. One of my dreams has always been to be on a Spanish soap opera — they wear bumblebee outfits!
But always keep a photo of Michael Jackson or ‘Lil Kim in your wallet to serve as a frightening reminder of what might happen if you get one too many cookies out of the cookie jar.
I close my eyes and I see my father, little girls, german shepards & TV news commentators, but no voluptuous, pouty lipped, naked-female sex kittens, wincing in ecstasy from the illusory positions Ive conjured up in my mind.

No, when I close my eyes I see lizards & flipper babies, the ones who were born deformed because their mothers took bad birth control pills.

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