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The Blacklist Season 3 Spoilers: Elizabeth Keen Alive – Susan Hargrave Faked Liz’s Death – Megan Boone Back For Finale?
I had the privilege of seeing Paul with Meadow when she was just a little girl and as much as she loved and admired her dad, he mirrored it right back at her.
What I also saw were the interactions between Paul and Meadows mother, his ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain. Meadow spent most of her childhood living with her mother in Hawaii, but in 2011 moved to California to be closer to her father. The road ahead for Meadow will not be easy but she has her mother, and 16 years of memories with her father– memories that are now treasures to comfort her.
It was almost as if Paul foresaw what would be his untimely death because he once said, “If one day the speed kills me, do not cry, because I was smiling.” I would like to think that he was smiling, but despite his wishes many are crying and many are mourning – most of all his little girl Meadow. However as soon as we learned that the FB account was fake we posted that information as well.
Brian Cooper, 35, from Illinois, faces two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of third-degree sexual assault for the murder of Alisha Bromfield, 21, who had accompanied him to a sister's wedding. Member's of Alisha's family - who were wearing purple and had special t-shirts made with Alisha's picture - were visibly shaken as Cooper entered the courtroom this morning. According to court papers, the 35-year-old strangled the mother-to-be at a resort on August 19 after an argument over their relationship.

Alisha's heartbroken mother struggled through tears to read out a statement after the hearing. Door County District Attorney Raymond Pelrine told the court that after they argued, Cooper started drinking and then became angry after the 21-year-old fell asleep. Court papers also revealed that Bromfield shouted, 'Don't do this to me, think of the baby' as he throttled her with his bare hands. Cooper told investigators he then covered her body with a blanket because he felt like it was the 'respectful thing to do'. After the murder, he tried to kill himself unsuccessfully with a butter knife and a corkscrew. The region is known as the 'Cape Cod of the Midwest' because its rural population of 27,000 swells by hundreds of thousands every summer as tourists flock to the shoreline resorts. In court: Brian Cooper, below, faces two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of third-degree sexual assault for the murder of Alisha Bromfield, 21, right, who had accompanied him to a sister's wedding. Originally Posted by SLAPAPPY Girl is Turkish, boy is Kurdish, it ended just as well as their kids would have been TURDISH! Most probably sitting on the floor covered by a grass mat, and laughing about it with her mates whilst playing cards.There is no love here like we understand in the West, here it's just about money, face, and security.
Poor sod RIP, if it where me I would have taken a couple of BG's back to my room and thought about it first.Saying that maybe she maxed him out on funds so he felt he had no option.

Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus Latinus alacribus et fructuosis potiri potes! Paul and Rebecca may not have been able to make their romance work, but they seemed like a loving team and now she too has been left to mourn the loss of her daughter’s father and her former love.
With his passing it is unclear what will happen, but likely Meadow will return to Hawaii to once again live full-time with her mother Rebecca. Not only (about) the break up of the relationship but his feeling of her apparent coldness and indifference to him throughout the evening.
Remember when a mate of mine got dumped in Hong Kong, he was talking about killing himself so I forced him out on the town and several hours and 10 pints later he was on his way back home with 2 flippers in tow. Hawaii will open its arms to Meadow because as much as Paul loved Hawaii – Hawaii loved Paul.

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