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If you don't feel capable of soldering such a cable, you can find and buy a cheap (under $5) USB to TTL adapter at eBay. Once you're back to the main Service menu, you will have to power off the TV for normal operation.
Notice that your TV will reset RS232 mode back to UART when you install another firmware (no matter if it's older or newer). And blackplane versions have voltage regulator, since this modules are designed to work with 3.3v. Cut the data cable about 60mm from the Nokia connector end, strip away approx 20mm of the outer sheath, and remove approx 3mm of insulation from each inner core. The cables I bought were of two different designs, this may well vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 2.DKU-5 cable had 5 wires - well as txd, rxd, gnd and additional wires can be safely left disconnected. Establish which core is connected to which pin on the Nokia connector end (Nokia "pop port") using your continuity tester. Here is a simple circuit using a MAX232 chip to convert the signal from TTL to RS232 level. The Ex-Link cable for ES series is similar to all other serial cables except that it is terminated by 3.5mm stereo plug. The picture shown below is in fact just a small part of the one shown on the FTDI TTL-232R-3V3-AJ datasheet for the plug side of the USB-to-serial cable.
Also, please note that Prolific PL2303 based serial converters are notorious for having and creating problems, including finding appropriate drivers. Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later unless otherwise noted. With all the ballyhoo about Samsung's lineup of 2010 LED backlit LCDs, especially the 3D headline grabbers, you could be forgiven for not noticing this 650 series.
Don't be blinded by the glitz, the LN46C650 fills a comfortable niche below those starlets. Since the LN46C650 has a more traditional CCFL backlight, it isn't as rail thin as its LED backlit brethren. This 2010 model's Touch of Color design - a whoosh of red at the bottom - does not depart much from past years. When attached to its stand, you can swivel the TV about 20 degrees front or back, allowing more flexibility when you place it in a room. The larger panel faces back on the right and provides three more HDMI inputs, two Component video ins (with matching stereo Audio Ins), one VGA PC input with an Audio In (stereo minijack), and two Audio Outs (one digital optical SPDIF and one analog stereo minijack). With the proper antenna and the ATSC tuner, you will be able to watch digital signals broadcast over the air. And if you are going wireless, I suggest that you opt for an 802.11n router to effectively stream video. The LN46C650 also furnishes a Yahoo widget gallery which adds even more content providers including flickr, Amazon Video on Demand, and eBay. I'll admit that the first time I encountered all these choices I was a bit overwhelmed, but Samsung does a good job of providing onscreen instructions on how to manage all the options. I've dealt with Yahoo widgets on a number of TVs that I have reviewed and I still don't feel comfortable with the interface. Another great advantage of connecting to your home network is the ability to access content from your computer and play music, videos and photos back on your TV without having to transfer the files to a USB flash drive. Media Play can also find media servers like PlayOn (from MediaMall Technologies, a life time subscription is $39.95), that I have loaded on my computer. Also, if you plan on streaming TV shows or movies from sites like Blockbuster or Amazon and you are serious about obtaining good picture quality, you will need fairly fast and robust bandwidth from your Internet provider, ideally around 10Mbps.
I know some sites suggest as low as 2.5Mbps, but if anyone else in your house is accessing the network, the video playback will deteriorate.
I did not explore a fascinating sounding feature titled AllShare because I did not have the necessary equipment.
Some of the higher priced Samsungs that I have reviewed have also included a Content Flash Library of preloaded programs covering categories like Gallery, Cooking, Children and Wellness.
The long boxy remote does not sport the curved sinewy lines of other sexier Samsung remotes, but it is backlit when you punch any button. On May 1, 2010, the EPA implemented Version 4.1 of the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for TVs. Since TV manufacturers are not attaching those yellow ENERGY STAR tags that you find on air conditioners and refrigerators, you will have to study the ENERGY STAR list to see how the LN46C650 compares to other 46" TVs. Samsung provides a few energy saving options that can be found in the Picture menu under Eco Solutions. To calibrate the TV, we use two discs, the Blu-ray version of the Digital Video Essentials DVD called HD Basics and the Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark Blu-ray DVD. As I have noted before, a Samsung technical representative stated, "Movie mode is geared towards providing the most accurate image. Indeed, after running through my setup routine, almost all of my settings mirrored the Movie's defaults.
With that said, if you are an enthusiast who just needs to enthuse, then Samsung offers you a nice set of fine tuning tools to tweak the image to your aesthetic. If you decide to opt for Movie, you can jump ahead to the next section because I'm will spend the next few paragraphs geekspeaking.
To assist you with basic setup, (Brightness, Contrast, Color and Tint), in the Picture Menu, under Advanced Settings you will find two invaluable features, Expert Patterns and RGB Only Mode. If you ever have fidgeted with the Red, Green and Blue filter card that comes in DVDs like Digital Video Essentials, then you will appreciate the RGB Only Mode.
Actually, this method of isolating Red, Green and Blue is more accurate than with a filter card because of the way that modern displays reproduce colors.
Now, if you want to set a solid reference point, you can choose the Expert Patterns feature, which internally generates two test patterns.
Not surprisingly, what you will find is that the Movie defaults look spot on with these patterns.

I suggest that you spin a few of your favorite DVDs and play with the Advanced Settings (one at a time) and see how they effect the picture.
Before I leave this section, we should discuss Samsung's Auto Motion Plus 120Hz feature, (in the Picture Options menu), because it offers options that sometimes can dramatically alter the picture.
I also have written about Auto Motion Plus 120Hz in a previous review, but I will repeat here what the Samsung Technical rep said about the choices. I know that engineers may be able to wring more performance from CCFL backlights, but for a number of reasons, the technology seems to be running out of steam and in a few short years will be replaced by LEDs or another new method of illuminating the LCD screen. Until then, TVs like the LN46C650 will fill a niche that offers a solid product at a compelling price point. Before you get too excited and decide that you don't need a separate audio system, there's only so much those baby speakers can do.
With the 120Hz LN46C650 LCD TV, the Samsung engineers have squeezed out solid performance from the aging CCFL backlit technology. Tweakers maakt gebruik van cookies, onder andere om de website te analyseren, het gebruiksgemak te vergroten en advertenties te tonen.
Door gebruik te maken van deze website, of door op 'Ga verder' te klikken, geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies. Wil je meer informatie over cookies en hoe ze worden gebruikt, bekijk dan ons cookiebeleid. Ik heb gewoon een volledige channel scan gedaan, waar stel je in quick of full?Weet je al hoe je dit moet instellen?
Daarnaast heb ik de scart uit van de dci62 met een verloopstukje aangeloten op de EXT (RGB) aansluiting van de tv.
Als ik de tv in mijn netwerk hang, dan kan ik met samsung pc share manager bestanden delen. Ik kom deze tv wel op verschillende webwinkels tegen, maar de specs spreken elkaar nog wel eens tegen.
Ik vroeg me af of er ook speakerbars voor deze televisie op de markt zijn die aan de onderkant van de tv gemount kunnen worden.
Ik heb namelijk wat problemen met deze combi: HDMI werkt niet (geen beeld of audio) SCART daarentegen weer wel.
Met de standaard Digitale TV ontvanger van Ziggo (Humax geloof ik) kon ik overigens automatisch Source switchen, ook dat werkt nu niet meer. Maar die waas, dat heeft te maken met je 100Hz instellingen en de bron van het beeldmateriaal. Ook wanneer ik wil updaten met de firmware van de samsung site zegt hij dat er geen firmware bestanden op de usbstick staan.
1) Het spiegeleffect van de samsung wordt telkens genoemd, in de winkel is het zeer lastig te beoordelen in hoeverre dit problemen gaat veroorzaken. 2) Ik woon in Huissen, en heb derhalve de keuze uit Tele2 digitale TV of digitale TV van de lokale kabelboer Regiokabel. Bij de A-serie (dus vorige serie), stond er bij de service ingang bij dat deze ook voor wallmounts geschikt was. Na wat nader onderzoek zit er volgens mij ook een verschil in de amerikaanse modellen en de europese. Vervolgens ga je opnieuw je kanalen scannen (cable > digital and analog) en krijg je een scherm met vijf settings, waarvan de eerst full of quick is. However, experience have shown that some of these cheaper cables can be unreliable and more difficult to be made to work because of lacking documentation, drivers and source code. Its display technology (CCFL backlit LCD) harkens back to 2008 (when the 120Hz screen was hot stuff). At an appealing price point, this 46" HDTV still delivers solid, if not stellar, performance. You may wish to keep the manual handy when you start to explore features like the Media Player.
But as I search the Internet today, I'm finding it for around $200 less, which isn't bad if you desire all the Internet streaming partners that the LN46C650 provides.
The obvious example is Value, what you could purchase for $2000 two years ago or even two months ago would seem like a bad value for that price now. The smaller convenience panel inset on the right edge supplies one HDMI input, one Composite video in (with a matching stereo Audio In), and two USB ports for uploading JPEG photos, MP3 songs, and videos in various formats including DivX. Since the tuner system is Clear QAM compatible, you can attach your cable TV signal directly into the RF connector and tune in unscrambled cable stations. For a wireless solution, you need to buy the Samsung wireless adapter and plug it into one of the USB ports.
Titled Media Play, this feature will search any connected DLNA media device for content to playback. Through PlayOn, I can access my Hulu account and stream TV programs through my computer and onto the TV rather than a much smaller computer monitor. For their part, Samsung ships a version of DNLA server software (PC share manager) with the TV. If you want to go stealth, you can switch off the backlight with the Lightbulb button at the top. They are timely and save you from scrambling to find the manual and paging through it for answers. From a quick skim of the chart, (which isn't populated with a lot of models yet), I see that its power consumption is in the middle of the pack. My favorite is called Energy Savings, which adjusts the brightness of the TV - reduce brightness, use less power.
We are playing the DVDs on the OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray player connected to the HDTV with an HDMI cable.
The player is set to output a 1080p signal, which is the native resolution of the LN46C650. Though I will admit that the image seemed a little flat, especially when compared to the Natural mode. They offer a great reference point but they may not represent the output of your equipment.

To setup for that gear, use a DVD like the two that I mentioned above and playback their test patterns. He said that I might try turning Dynamic Contrast to Low and experimenting with Black Tone. If the source is 24p, then the TV plays that back as 24x5, which means there will be no 3-2 pulldown. Some people complain that interpolating a film image creates a higher frame-rate-image that looks too much like video, because video has an inherently higher frame rate. Similar to BR, When JR is set to 0, there is no interpolation applied to film-based sources and at 10, the max amount is applied.
But technology has moved forward and as a rule, the newer LED backlit models have replaced the older CCFL units as king of the LCD hill.
I found the sonic quality from the pair of integrated 10W speakers to be a step above most TVs that I have encountered recently. They had discernible and desirable characteristics that gave you better control over the shape of the sound. For those not needing state of the art 3D LED TVs, this model, with a package bursting with Internet apps, offers an attractive price point. I have messed around with all of these settings before, the only thing I didn't see is about picture size. Binnen nu en anderhalf jaar (eind 2010) zal vermoedelijk de Alphacrypt niet meer werken, dus is de CI+ een betere toekomst toebedeeld.Klopt helemaal. Binnen nu en anderhalf jaar (eind 2010) zal vermoedelijk de Alphacrypt niet meer werken, dus is de CI+ een betere toekomst toebedeeld.En om dan het verhaal helemaal helder te krijgen vroeg ik mij af of CI+ slot backwards compatible is met een CI CAM (kortom werkt een Alphacrypt classic wel in een CI+ slot?). Je hebt natuurlijk de HT-SB1 maar deze heeft geen mount-mogelijkheden, althans wel aan de muur maar niet bevestigd aan de tv. Ik heb natuurlijk zelf al rond gespeurd maar nog niks tegen gekomen voor mijn 40 incher.dan maak je toch een extra balkje naar beneden achter de zwenkarm?
Bij instellingen staat bij afbeeldingsoptie's 100Hz motion Plus op (Soepel) ingesteld, toch zie ik in beeld nog steeds 50hz staan. En zal de 7 serie ook compatible zijn met Ziggo's CI+?Volgens mij is het grootste verschil dat de 7 serie een 200 hertz verversingsfrequentie heeft. En zal de 7 serie ook compatible zijn met Ziggo's CI+?series 6 zou dat ook moeten kunnen. Full scan gedaan en wat anders gaan doen, en toen ik een kwartier later beneden kwam stond Nederland 1 in volle glorie in HD te stralen op de TV Daarachter zitten alle andere digitale kanalen, maar die zijn gescrambled, en vervolgens je analoge kanalen.Iemand die weet of UPC NED1 in HD vrij uitzend op de coax? But you are better to have with "backplane" versions for +$1,5 instead of bare module if you don't want to solder it.
But most computers today, doesn't have an RS232 port, so you also need a USB-to-RS232 serial adapter (cable). Unfortunately this cable is not that easy to find anymore so buying one of the other USB-to-serial cables are recommended. In addition it can be confusing to know what hole to connect to as there are two very similar ones on the back of the ES models.
Therefore you need to swap the Rx & Tx before connecting them to the Service port jack. But the TV's overflowing package of Internet apps slingshots this model to the here and now. We have given only a precious few 5 Star ratings, which we reserve for truly outstanding accomplishment. For many TVs, if you want to playback only audio, you still have to power on the display, which is extremely wasteful.
You lose the judder that is inherent in film (for examples, see the card-dealing scene in Casino Royale, or the Quidditch game scene in the first Harry Potter movie). Ik wil dit omdat mijn tv aan een zwenkarm komt de hangen en een hoek van 90 graden op de muur zal maken als de tv in gebruik is.
Nu kan je dat uiteraard handmatig starten, maar aangezien het ding in een vergaderkamer hangt wil ik eigenlijk dat hij dat standaard al doet, gebruiker kan daarna zelf overschakelen naar bijv VGA output voor laptop oid. Stroom eraf trekken terwijl de STB aan staat (volgens Ziggo) reset het apparaat, daarna fabrieksinstellingen terugzetten, kanalen zoeken, en voila.
Wat ik wel weet is dat regiokabel gebruik maakt van het CONAX systeem encryptie (gelijk aan digitenne). Zou iemand die een B-6 serie LCD heeft voor mij kunnen kijken of deze aansluiting erop zit?
Zijn er mensen met ervaring wat betreft de spiegeling van de B650?Hier ook een witte woonkamer met een glazen pui van 2,5 bij 4 meter haaks op de kijkrichting van de TV en absoluut geen last van spiegeling. Thus its a definite advantage to buy a pre-fabricated USB-to-serial converter using 3.3 Volt TTL levels on the serial side.
On the plus side, you can add music to the slideshow and importantly, you can adjust Picture controls specifically for the show.
Ik ben er ook niet gevoelig voor moet ik zeggen, ik heb ook een laptop en monitor met glanzend oppervlak omdat ik het beeld superieur vind en ik heb nooit last van spiegelingen.Dr. Other than that I am a freak about trying to get the most (plus just a little more) out of my TV and sometimes go to far and have to restart all over, I I finally got it to where I think it's the best its gonna get, until I read this article.Thanks for the tips!
Tot nu toe neig ik naar de samsung vanwege de vormgeving en instelbaarheid van de 100hz technologie (tegenover de 50hz van de sony en de barre dlna). Is er verder nog verschil in beeldkwaliteit te verwachten met gebruik van verschillende encryptie methode's (dus verschil in beeldkwaliteit tussen bijv. Daarna ben je al je zenders kwijt, en om een of andere reden stonden de country settings op UK. Dat aanpassen vergt een pincode vreemd genoeg, maar ik voerde 0000 in en dat werd geaccepteerd.

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