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Option 2: Use the Error Button in ExcelAs shown in the image above, the Error Button or Error Checking Button in Excel is a small yellow rectangle that appears next to cells that contain data errors - such as when number data formatted as text is used in a formula. Methods CoveredAs in all Microsoft programs, there is more than one way of accomplishing a task. How the IF Function WorksThe IF function adds decision making to Excel spreadsheets by testing a specified condition to see if it is true or false.If the condition is true, the function will carry out one action. If the student's answer matches the name entered into the logic text argument, the word Correct is displayed in column C.
While the answer is yes, unfortunately there’s no built in way to achieve this in Excel so we have to trick it. So all we need to do is get that bar chart into our line chart, align the labels to the line chart and then hide the bars.

This will switch the dummy series to the secondary axis and you should have 3 axes displayed, but wait, you need more! Thanks to Juan for asking this question, and to Jon Peltier who wrote about using this solution with a column chart way back in 2010. If you liked this or know someone who could use it please click the buttons below to share it with your friends on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you very much Mynda for your time in creating this awesome tutorial, this will be of great value to have a high-reliable technique to achieve this crart in Excel. Hi Mynda, I am really appreciative of the great job you are doing and I wanted to express my gratitude as your online training is the best.
In return, I'll give you a free copy of my '100 Excel Tips & Tricks eBook' - for nothing!

Your website help me upgrade my skills at my own pace, and as a result I was able to land the job that I have been trying to get for a year. This is just so I can select them and format them with No Fill so they don’t actually display.

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