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Exercises for how to relieve back pain are important because getting a back better is not all one speed go-go-go.
I say to my patients they have to a€?listena€™ to their back to hear what ita€™s telling them. Having the legs almost straight with 'spinal rolling' brings you down lower over the lower spinal segments. You will see me talking about this exercise in my Video, a€?Appeasing a Spine in Crisisa€™ where I discuss this in detail. Upper Back Pain When Breathing Can Be TreatedRenowned expert Sarah Key explains the causes of upper back pain when breathing and what to do about it.

All information contained on this website is provided by Sarah Key Global (Australia) Pty Ltd.
Once you have learned how to relieve back pain, continue onto spinal decompression exercises to prevent recurrence. All information provided is intended to be of general application only and not specific to any particular person.
I say to all my patients that getting the back better with exercises for back pain is all about rate.
This usually means having activity phases followed by rest periods, rather like an athlete training for the Olympics.

There has to be rest periods in any a€?get fita€™ program and with back workouts ita€™s no different.
In the same vein, I often say to my patients not to be alarmed and dejected if their back is getting sore and they need to lay off their a€?at home workouta€™ to let the back catch up, so to speak. It should never be a matter of pounding away at the same tempo, in the same way, every day - come what may.

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