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Fable II was a bit like the weird, younger brother that got dropped on their head as a child, but you loved them all the same – even through the quirky times.
Playing the game as Sparrow, it was the first time in the series you could choose to be male or female. As with the previous game, your acts throughout your adventure affected not only your standing in society (feared or loved), but also your appearance and even that of your dog.
Aside from keeping your physique in check, raising a family, working all day, and adventure time, you also had to fit in amassing the numerous collectables found about Albion.
Without ruining the end, if you’re still yet to play it, Fable II really pushed your moral compass to the edge.
So there we are – happy birthday Fable II; you increased my love for the world of Albion and everything within it, while paving the way for something great… which is a shame, because the third addition was lacklustre in comparison.
By ruby : A how to tutorial about change wife clothing in fable 3, fable 3 clothing problems fix, earn gold fast in fable 3, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby. More answers and tutorials come with rich photos, detailed steps related to How to Change Your Wife's Clothing in Fable 3 . Step 5Brush the sides of the hair starting at a point about one inch from the crown and brushing toward the sides of the head. This isn’t one of those birthdays, like next week’s 25th anniversary of the Sega Megadrive (sorry Tim, Genesis!), that makes you wonder where all that time has gone to, but is one of acceptance that a handful of years ago a sequel emerged from one of my favourite games of all time, and it was… ok. Molyneux, again fronting the campaign for the franchise, promised devotion for your new companion – a dog – the likes of which gamers had never seen. Unlike the initial game, in which you played a young boy who grew into a hero as part of the guild, seeking out your seeress sister, your character lives in a world very different from the Albion we once knew.
Eat nothing but fruit and veg, play nice, and not farting on anyone would reward you with tanned skin and lighter hair, while eating live chicks, thrusting vulgarly at passers-by, and general meanness would reveal a darker look, often including flies and horns.

Being a hero whilst having a family in every town (to try and stop them from learning about each other and fighting in the streets) was a hard task, but it was up to us to do so! Aside from the odd adventure money, you would have to work in local establishments for your hard day’s pay. It was a pretty tough decision; one that was rectified with the Knothole Island DLC, and that my dog (Michael Jackson) was thankful for. Could someone who's successfully made a villager and has them in their game check this? I married a prostitute one time, had a kid, and a minute or two later, there was this white spot on my screen and it turned out I got two STDs from her.
Wrap it on your head, and leave it on for about two minutes to allow the pomade to soak into the hair.
Many other vows were not quite fulfilled along the way, but I like to think that Molyneux is just excitable, full of so much passion for gaming and his product that certain embellishments can be forgiven.
500 years into the future in fact, stories of heroes and magic had long since died, but a magic still resided in you, and three others that had the potential to be saviours of Albion. Other body morphing depended on the skills you upgraded for your character; Skill abilities would make you taller, Physical abilities would increase muscle mass, while a high level of Will power would create electric-blue lines to appear across the body. This was often more dangerous than going down a mine full of hobbes – bartending often involved a lot of broken glass from pouring those pints too quickly… it all seemed a little too mundane, but hey – who doesn’t want to play a game to get away from real life and have to go to work in a bar? Dig up coins, books, jewellery for your loved one; points of interest were pretty much never-ending. I must have played this game about four times from beginning to end, and not once was I left wanting. Like giving them a status when you look in the options, apparently it doesn't reflect reality.

Since the hair naturally develops into a tight curl, it needs to be trained to straighten out to this sleek style.
Given all its shortcomings, however, Fable II was still an excellent sequel to the amazing Fable: Lost Chapters. You were tasked with recruiting Hammer, a religion-bound war machine (The Hero of Strength), Garth (The Hero of Will) who wields great magic, and Reaver, a rather egotistical and successful pirate (The Hero of Skill), to take down Lord Lucien before he activates the Spire and takes over the world.
You could of course add a variety of tattoos, haircuts, facial hair (for the men…), and clothes to really make your hero your own. Then there were chests to open, gargoyles to shoot between the eyes, Demon Doors with riddles to solve that guarded pretty, legendary weapons and armour. There was always something to discover, something to attempt, or something to just go and admire. You train the hair by regular use of hair products and daily brushing, followed by putting on a wave cap to keep the waves in place.
It was teeming with adventure, customisation; becoming the hero you wanted to be in an extension of mechanics already in place from the original. Of course, you also needed to avenge your sister, Rose, who was shot in cold blood by Lucien… oh, and he pushed you out of window.
The inclusion of co-op helped slightly during my last play-through, and it was always enjoyable to see a friend’s character come to life in your Albion, even though the mode was pretty broken from the get go.

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