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Any product for sale: Templates, wallpapers, website templates, flags, postcards, T-shirts, calendards, etc. Creation of electronic goods for sale such as templates of web sites, software, interfaces, etc. When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves. I’m a believer that the outside world is a reflection of the person we become on the inside. I realize if the people I enjoy, love, admire, and respect as high quality people want to be with me, well, what does that say about me, huh? In truth, we’re not always are our best and being human invites others to be real and genuine. Our individual viewpoints, experiences, passions… add richness and flavor to relationships (and the world). As a coach, therapist, and counselor, being able to step back without personalizing is a skill I’ve honed over the years.
We can feel alone and lonely even when we are surrounded by people and we can become disconnected from our spirit and loved ones.
Those qualities are so important in a relationship Lorraine but most of us need to work at them.
The holidays are here, which means you’re going to be seeing a lot (too much?) of your extended family. There are a bunch of kids running around these days – how do they fit into the family tree? If only you had a handy family relationship chart that would map out exactly how all of the relationships in your family work.
Thanks to the family relationship chart & infographic above (which you can also print off HERE or by clicking the image above), you can now easily identify all of your family members and map out your role and connection to them throughout the entire family tree.
It also makes for a great conversation starter, so you can finally have something to say to Uncle Bob.

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Hello, I would like to get a copy of the genealogy chart that I can enter my information on.
Get our free newsletter filled with genealogy tips and articles that have helped thousands of readers. I can’t imagine who I would be or what my life would be like without them when I need business advice, feedback, to vent, a hug, a cheer, or a kick in the pants. On days, when I am not at my best and feeling a bit low, I think of the people in my life who like hanging out with me in business or in my personal life.
When I’m in conversation with someone who is only sharing from their head, I have no sense of who they are because I can’t feel them anywhere!
When we can offer unconditional love and acceptance to others we share a great gift that can be nurtured and passed on. This is an advanced skill to be able to hear and experience people from a charge neutral space with compassionate detachment. Having a strong self-image and sense of self are critical elements in being able to de-personalize.
Spiritual growth, personal transformation, communication, integrity are some of my core values. I love to let the special people in my life know how much I appreciate and cherish them with an email, phone call, card, flowers, gift….
Those are the times to remember to reach out to make internal and external reconnections to feel the love!
I beleive these qualities are essential in any relationship to cultivate trust and authenticity. Ramsay in 1987, we took it upon ourselves to update the chart from its original design and give it a fresh look for our readers. Yes icons should be horizontally straight for generations and they should be all same size.

This is about being in personal integrity in how you show up and making amends when appropriate. Being hungry, angry, lonely or tired can make it harder to stay in a loving space with people without reacting. Communicating what we need to be supported is the way we teach people how to show up for us. The recession has everyone concerned about money and this concern is destroying many relationships. They present such good advice about friendship and dealing with personal differences and difficulties, so important to a happy life together.
I love the prayer and I have a CD by James Twyman that is full of his rendition of 12 different orayers. With it, you can see how you’re related to family members and your relationship to them in your family tree. Becoming a great listener and communicator is an art –one that can be developed without having to be perfect. We all screw up sometimes and knowing that our human choices (yup I said choices) and mistakes will not cost us love and acceptance is a huge builder of trust and safety.
Being with people who share personal, business, life values can feel like connecting with kindred spirits! Building a strong community of people who nurture, energize, and lift us (whether we need a boost or not!) invites us to be authentic. What a wonderfull feeling to be with someone who “gets” you, loves you in all of the ways you show up, and still wants to hang out with you!

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