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Prince Harry (left, center and right) gave an emotional speech about the sacrifices soldiers make on the battlefield and spoke of his own harrowing experiences of war as he opened the Invictus Games in Orlando tonight. WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: Elizabeth Gilreath, 11, (pictured top) had part of her scalp ripped off when her hair got caught in a carnival ride (bottom) at a Cinco de Mayo festival in Nebraska. This rare astronomical phenomenon (pictured in 2003), called the Transit of Mercury, only occurs 13 or 14 times every century. The event, dubbed Get Them Married, was scheduled in November at Camp Hiawatha in Wichita, Kansas (pictured). A Florida lawyer who 'aggressively' went after drunken drivers was caught in a case of his own on Sunday morning after being arrested on suspicion of DUI.
Ann Day, 77, suffered fatal injuries after her vehicle was struck by two other cars in the Tucson area, Pima County sheriff's spokesman Ryan Inglett said. Rich Piana, from California, vows to do 'whatever it takes' in order to achieve your goals, and if that goal happens to be sculpting an utterly insane body, then it's going to include taking steroids. University of Alabama at Birmingham running back Greg Bryant, 21 (pictured) was declared brain dead Sunday after being shot the previous morning, police said.
When a massive sinkhole swallowed tons of earth at his exquisite golf course in Missouri, experts told billionaire fishing tackle magnate Johnny Morris to fill it and get back to normal business. A man has come forward with allegations that Joe Paterno ignored him decades ago when he told the Penn State head coach that Jerry Sandusky raped him.
California student, Bayan Zehlif, who wore a hijab for her high school yearbook photo, was incorrectly identified as 'Isis'. Yiru Sun wore her wedding dress and feasted with her invited guests at the luxurious Harold Pratt House in the Upper East Side at the reception turned pre-Mother's Day luncheon. A statue of Hitler on his knees was auctioned for a record-setting $17.2 million on Sunday, the most for any work by Italian art world prankster Maurizio Cattelan. The BBC's Tokyo correspondentA Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was stopped and interrogated by North Korean officials at Pyongyang Airport. Police in Florida have arrested a 28-year-old man in connection to the fatal crash that killed mixed martial arts fighter Jordan Parsons. Carnival Corporation's Fathom Line Ship Adonia returned to Miami on Sunday - and the cruise line confirmed that 14 passengers were recovering from stomach-related symptoms. The chef congratulated a couple celebrating their engagement before the man had actually popped the question.

It was one of the big secrets of the murderous Nazi regime: a camp of 72 female prisoners used as experiments to test torture techniques.
Parents of 13 year old who ran away to meet 12 year online boyfriend fear that she was lured by sexual predator. 13 year old girl steals car and goes on thousand mile road trip to be with 12 year old internet boyfriend.
13 year old Beth Robinson‘s parents are now concerned that the 12 year old boy that she met on online and ran away to go and be with may not be who he says he is but rather a possible sexual predator after efforts to unmask his identity have failed. Yet on her way on the 1000 mile plus trip from Texas to Tennessee police were able to identify the car that she was driving and return her to safety.
This in turn has devastated the 13-year-old child who now believes Dylan’ could have been lying to her the whole time.
The sudden disappearance does raise questions as to whom Beth was actually speaking to all this time and whether she was the victim of either a cruel joke, in the lair of a potential sexual predator or perhaps still in the grips of a 12 year old boy who has suddenly at the first sign of trouble run away. On Sunday, Lopez was the special guest of the Brahma beer company at their private VIP box in the Sambadrome for the annual Rio carnival.The singer wore a red Brahma T-shirt as she danced along to the music and watched the spectacle. He was a pretty boy to begin with, but Justin Bieber might have realised he would look even more delightful with a little cosmetic enhancement. Harry said war had made him realize just how 'privileged' he is to be a prince - and that his service in Afghanistan inspired him to set up the competition to help his 'military family'.
Her hair became caught in a spinning ride called the King's Crown at the festival South 24th and N streets in Omaha on Saturday. Bush (pictured, inset) was widely criticized for his response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, newly released photos shed light on the former president's immediate reaction on that fateful morning.
Piana, who grew up the son of a female bodybuilder, admits taking the illegal stimulants since the age of 18 in order to compete in championships, and has even gone so far as to post drug-taking schedules he drew up for himself online. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement deportation officer shot himself with a 40 caliber service pistol inside Pier 40 in Hudson River Park at around 11 am. But instead of panicking, the cave enthusiast saw an opportunity to explore and set to work unlocking a natural mystery. Children were given balloons and ice pops and had their faces painted on a day they said made them feel special.
Delray Beach police spokeswoman Dani Moschella said in a statement Saturday that Dennis Wright, left, faces multiple charges including leaving the scene of a crash causing death. The girls, all high school-age Catholics from Poland, were dubbed the 'rabbits' since they were treated like laboratory animals, and their injuries meant many had to hop instead of walk.

Hardly the type of love that Beth thought she was running away for and unfortunately her first heart break lesson that sometimes love is all but an illusion or in this case manipulation…. The 18-year-old singer was caught having eye make-up applied on the LA set of his Boyfriend music video yesterday. However, 19-year-old and her long-term boyfriend cosied up to one another in between takes. Children are asked this question all the time, but what about the adults?A bunch of cheeky grown-ups have had their say this year, after hijacking Santa's postbox and sending their own list of requests to the jolly gift-giver.A From new boyfriends and boxes of chocolates, to learning how to flirt and 10 million dollars, the wishes are weird and wonderful - with a dash of funny for good measure. Witnesses said the ride had just started when the girl's red curls became caught in a mechanism, and she began screaming in pain. Taken by Bush's personal photographer Eric Draper, the photo series captures the president on his visit to the Emma E. While he often discusses the risks associated with steroids in his many YouTube videos, he insists he couldn't be happier with his choice. The 68-year-old founder ofA outdoors megastore Bass Pro ShopsA was intrigued by the possibility that an unknown cave system lay underneath the Top of the Rock Golf Course near Branson, in the Ozarks mountain range.
Yiru, a single mother and Princeton graduate who is the VP at New York Life Insurance, said it made her happy to give the kids 'a fairy tale'. That of course is when things got eerie when the young girl and her parents suddenly could not locate the boy especially now that her story had made headline news and the address the boy had given out did not exist. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, where he was reading to a second grade class (top left) when an adviser discreetly informed him the country was under attack. A dig uncovered tall limestone formations that Morris believes are further clues of caverns. Experts say there is likely a cave system beneath the golf course, but what is not known is how spectacular - or ordinary - that cave might be. But Draper's photos, released by the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum, paint a humanizing portrait of Bush - from the initial moments to his address later that night vowing to 'find those responsible and bring them to justice' (top right). Bottom left, Lieutenant Colonel Cindy Wright consoling Bush, and bottom right, Bush preparing an address to the nation while he was still in Sarasota.

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