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Read How To Style Your Scene Hair, apply Eye Liner, and find out the hottest Scene Clothing! LBC Style Grotto - the smartest ideas, most wicked tips, all tried and tested by our readers!
I love the bangs on the girl in the picture, but how can I style my hair Scene with these kind of bangs? Also my mom lets me wear eyeliner but i dont know how to ask her if i could get some eyeshadow and face toner stuff (i have acne).
Answer: 'yeah it will the dye is strong and it will burn the hair off and ruin them dont do it!!!!! Answer: 'try using root plump plus by big sexy hair and then got2b or aussie awesum volume! Answer: 'I'm 15 and sweetie you don't want a lip percing because it can make it difficult to eat it's the same with tongue rings. Answer: 'No, Im Scene, and i have been for 2 years, you dont need piercings, the only piercing i have is my belly and my ears, all you need to do to be scene, is dress bright, be different, piercings or no piercings, being scene is all about what you feel comfortable in. Answer: 'right, i'm size 6-8 (UK) so, american 2-4, but i have pretty big boobs xD but just flaut it, everyones different, and you cant change your body :) so just be happy with it!
Answer: 'well to tease ur hair just try teasing and then spraying RITE AWAY so that it will stick, and this mite sound gross but its easier to tease and stays up better when ur hair has a bit of natural oil in it (aka don't shower for ONE day but if u did sumthing that made u sweat TAKE A SHOWER haha) or u can buy this product called root pump plus by big sexy hair and take a shower put it in ur roots and blow dry and it pumps it up MAJORLY its awesum!!! Try wearing the old school ones what sorta poof out at the bottom, and wear some bright coloured chucks with some retro laces.
Answer: 'Hey, it really doesn't matter what shape or size you are, you can be whatever style you like. Plus, yes, people may go through 'phazes' of being interested in things but some might just try and blend in. Answer: 'I'm 15 and i have my tongue nose and belly button pierced, as well as my snakebites, and my parents didn't even know i had any of them done till i come home. Answer: 'Well, if you pay for it with your own money and tell them that you will help out around the house I'm sure they will let you. Answer: 'break it to them that you want it done, but before you do that, try writing down things like the cost of getting it done and how to take care of it. Answer: 'there are definitely some glasses that look scene, look at some pics of scene kids.
Answer: 'i wear glasses and i'm scene, i just make my eyeliner really dark and i added black eye shadow too.
Answer: 'I have the same problem, but in myspace picture comments people say i look cute and unique with glasses!

Answer: 'my glasses have purple rims lol so they go wi ma purple streaks!!can anyone guess what my fave colour is?? Answer: 'my hair is wavy but still curly, i have short hair but straighten it most of the time. Answer: 'Get some short layers and some different coloured extentions, straighten it and make the top BIG. Sign up for our completely FREE newsletter today and you'll get updates on all the latest news, latest products, and details on all our special offers! To display all prices on our site in a different currency simply click the relevant flag from the selection on the left. Don’t know how you Guys think about winter… but I really miss the hot summer days!
I mean, what’s better than chilling at the beach and watching sexy girls wearing only bikinis?
I really hope summer comes back soon and this girls take their next bikini selfies right at the beach. May we use the image of the owl coloring page as a logo for our Blind Spot Business Consulting? Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. Here's all you need to know about piercing, dying your hair, applying extensions, talking to your parents (oh yes, we've all been there), school rules and all you ever wanted to know about being Scene!
Also try wearing cardigans that nearly cover your but, cuz it looks really good on size 10 to 12's. I have e's and i know what you mean, all my friends are tiny, makes me feel bad, but oh well. When I got my labret done though I was 15, what I did to convince my parents was I went online and got all the info about taking care of it and the cost and everything and showed it to them to prove I had thought about it and knew what I was getting into so they knew I was serious about it and that it wasn't just a phase or something I wanted because one of my friends had it done.. Well, maybe ask your mum, and then ask again in gaps of weeks, cuz if they know you've been wanting it for a while then they might crack, but maybe making a deal, say, if you pass some sort of exam, maybe you could get it done? But I believe that 13 is not too young to be 'scene' it may be a label which I don't believe in, but if I did, I would believe there wouldn't be a minimum age to be it.
Now i'm not telling you to go out and get pierced but tell them you want it done, note there reaction and decide weather or not you want to test them. There black rimmed and are kinda shaped like wayfare sunglasses, so if you really want to change your glasses you could look for something like that. ITs reddish chocolate brown and my rent wont let me color it (I wish though) don't straighten ur hair all the time.

So guys and gals, take a peak on topics below, and if they don't answer your question, why not email our friendly bunch, LBC Beauty Team is here for the rescue! I know it's a little young but I've always loved the idea of being unique and wearing bright colors etc. And if you want to look like you have gotten pierced but don't want to commit you can do what I did before I got pierced.
So just keep trying new stuff, i like more natural stuff because it doesnt completely ruin your hair. Also keep trying with your hair, mine took ages before I found the right products and how to style it. I reaaally want to get choppy layers but I cant straighten my hair EVERYDAY because it takes almost an hour.
I dont want to cut my hair bc i want it to grow but i dont know what to do about the split ends!
Buy some sleeper hoops at walmart or somewhere similar and cut a small section out of it and put it on. So if something doesnt work you dont have to freak about having split ends and chopping them off!! You can't help it, but maybe wearing the cardigan, not done up, and wear maybe a  vertical striped top. What I did to get my piercing was: I talked to my mom and agreed to take care of it, I helped out more around the house, brought my grades up, and tried to be as good as possible. My friend also wears those glasses (she doesn't even need them) just because they look cool. Also stay away from wire rimmed frames (trust me i've been wearing glasses scince i was in the first grade and im 16 now almost 17.) They look ok when your really young but as u get into your teens they tend to not compliment ur features too much. I'm trying some new products and I think that REDKEN Smooth Down Serum works well along with wrapping your hair in a towel after a shower.
It looks alot better than most fake lip rings and you can use the other ring from the pair on your nose too. Dresses with poof out starting from under the bust look good, because it don't make your breasts look too big, and try looking for ones with bows. It was just a stud, and the one thing that got her to let me keep it was "you have tattoos, those are permanent.

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