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If you are the owner of a gas station, then the daily maintenance of your business is priority.
Now fast forward to 2012 and imagine an LED fixture that uses 80% less energy, lasts 20X longer, reduces maintenance, emits virtually no heat and comes with a warranty of up to 5 years. Phillips innovative Mini 300 LED under canopy fixture is a retrofit solution for gas station owners looking to upgrade their existing fixtures without major modifications. The total number of Androids has reached 135 million and at this rate it will cross 200 million well before the year is out.
Hostage: A Unique Perspective on Yemen"Dutch couple held hostage in Yemen" This was the headline back in 2013.
So she comes up to me (and I quickly put my credit card back in the wallet and in my back pocket). She doesn’t start another sentence and I conclude that it seems to be an actual question.
To celebrate the third season of Dallas, the fictional oil family is stepping into the real world.
That's what TNT and agency Grey NY are hoping to find out when they open a real-life Ewing Energies gas station to help promote the third season of the Dallas reboot series. The idea harks back to 2007, when The Simpsons teamed with 7-11 in 2007 to open real-live Kwik-E-Marts. It's an idea built to take advantage of how experiential projects can take on another life of their own through social media.

Find a Gas Station allows you to instantly locate the nearest gas stations from your location. Making sure garbage cans are not over flowing, lighting fixtures are working and fuel pumps are functioning, is a daily routine. After sunset, take a look at your gas station from across the street and ask yourself “Does my lighting draw the attention of passing motorists. This LED fixture can replace a 400W metal halide fixture, consumes only 110W, can be dimmed to 30% and last over 100,000 hours.
I allow comments on the site because I believe that you can make a valuable contribution but in return I expect that you comment responsibly. While the exact location will be secret until February 24th, when the show premieres, the agency says the station will be exactly how the Ewings would work—including severely undercutting the local competition on price.
Aside from convenience, fuel prices and necessity, do you know why some motorists choose to stop at your gas station and why others do not? Does it make them feel safe?” If your answer is “No,” then you may want to consider upgrading your gas station to LED lighting. Over the past several years LED lighting technology has been replacing traditional lighting fixtures and lamps because they last longer, save energy, illuminate brighter and require less maintenance than halogen, incandescent, fluorescent and metal halide lighting.
Phillips estimates a Return On Investment (ROI) of less than 4 years and depending on where your gas station is located, you could qualify for an energy rebate from your local utility company, thus reducing the cost of upgrading and ownership.
Now the next time you’re hitting empty you just launch the app and look for the closest station to you.

The one-off effort will have radio promotions, billboards, wrapped oil tankers, and a special video message by John Ross Ewing (played Josh Henderson) on Facebook. For the past 10 years, most gas stations that operate 24 hours a day use expensive High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures for the lights in the canopy. If you’re still unsure about making the switch to LEDs, consult with a gas station LED lighting EXPERT at LED Source®. HIDs consume 175W to 400W of energy, but lose lumen output over time while utilizing the same amount of power. In most major metropolitan areas, you can usually find a gas station within a 5-mile radius and pass several stations on your daily commute. Knowing the factors that can influence a customer’s decision to visit your gas station can seriously impact the bottom line and affect the growth of your business. Once you factor in the costs of replacing a broken fixture (labor and lift rental), daily energy usage and maintenance, it’s easy to see how HID lights have an expensive cost-of-ownership. Read MoreCrater FaceAstronaut risks life and limb to bring two moon pimples together for love. The IMPROVengers!The IMPROVengers are back on April 28th with another night of gigglicious comedy, in a brand new venue - the Crowne Plaza Auditorium, Farwaniya.

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