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It’s been two years since OPPO released their Find 7 flagship back in early 2014 so expectedly people have been wondering when the company plans to release the next-generation of its flagship Find series.
The listing on SIRIM shows a device with codename OPPO X9009 which is similar to how its predecessor, the OPPO Find 7, was codenamed.
Not much else was revealed about the device in the listing but it’s been previously rumored that it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.
Gizmochina is a technical blog about products in China and subculture which includes electronics gadgets, tech knockoffs, and everything else that comes under the genre. GizmoChina is a technical blog about products in China and subculture which includes smartphones, electronical gadgets, and everything else that comes under the genre. Dressed in a black suit, Najib announced the news in a brief statement to reporters, saying the information was based on an unprecedented analysis of satellite data from Inmarsat. In Kuala Lumpur, screaming could be heard from inside the Hotel Bangi Putrajaya, where some of the families of passengers had been given rooms.
Crew on an Australian military aircraft have spotted two new objects in the southern Indian Ocean. Sadly, we report that it has been confirmed that all passengers on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 are dead.
For many days now a global network of loved ones, concerned about those on the Beijing-bound Boeing 777-200 that departed on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, have been scanning satellite images in search of debris.

An image has been indicated as offering some concrete clues of what may have happened to the Beijing-bound Boeing 777-200 flight that departed from Malaysia. If initial reports are true, the recovery of the remains will begin to offer some closure for the loved ones as to what took place on the flight. This entry was posted in Something Special and tagged Beijing-bound Boeing 777-200 flight, Crowd Sourcing, Dead, Death, Loved Ones, Loved Ones Lost, Malaysian Flight, Perth, Plane Debris. And it looks like OPPO fans won’t need to wait much longer as a device that could well be the OPPO Find 9 was spotted on the Malaysian SIRIM certification website.
A picture of what is supposedly a prototype of if not an actual Find 9 was also leaked online. He said the data indicated the plane flew 'to a remote location, far from any possible landing sites'.
Selamat Omar, father of a 29-year-old aviation engineer aboard the flight, said in a telephone interview that Malaysia Airlines had not yet briefed the families on whether they will be taken to Australia.
Composed of kind volunteers, this global network, or crowd sourcing, was fed satellite images on their computers in the comfort of their homes. Accepting the death of a loved one is difficult enough but only more difficult without the resolution of what actually took place. Lastly, it’s been reported that OPPO plans to hold a press conference in March to officially unveil the new flagship smartphone.

And you thought it had been flying around for the last 3 weeks?'Another Twitter user, who called the BBC presenter 'pathetic', found themselves on the receiving end of a riposte by Clarkson reading: 'You are indeed pathetic. Another eight aircraft, from Australia, the United States and Japan, were scheduled to make flights throughout the day to the search site, some 1,550 miles southwest of Perth.
One cannot help but ask – was a text message the proper way for families to receive such news?
Individually each concerned citizen spend hours painstakingly tagging any indication of plane debris.
The same exact images were fed to numerous volunteers to determine if they collectively tagged the same spot.
Once suspected debris was tagged a certain amount of times, the image was sent to a special base location where experts examined it.
There have been all sorts of suspicions and speculations, including the possibility of a hijack. Now that the debris is confirmed as debris from Flight 370, it answers loved ones’ questions of whether their family and friends are dead.

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