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New sonar research being performed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) could improve the Navy’s ability to find sea mines deep under water. The underlying technology, known as synthetic aperture sonar (SAS), uses advanced computing and signal processing power to create fine-resolution images of the seafloor based on reflected sound waves. The SAS research is funded by a grant from the Office of Naval Research, and is conducted in collaboration with the Applied Research Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University.
Sonar systems emit sound waves and collect data on the echoes to gather information on underwater objects. The Navy uses torpedo-shaped autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to map swaths of the seafloor with sonar sensors. SAS is a form of side scanning sonar, which sends pings to the port and starboard sides of the AUV and records the echoes. SAS has better resolution than real aperture sonar (RAS), which is currently the most widespread form of side scan sonar in use.
RAS sensors emit acoustic frequencies that are relatively high and are therefore quickly absorbed by the seawater. Posted on June 24, 2014 with tags americas, find, GTRI, Help, Mines, Naval, Navy, News by topic, research, sea, Sonar, US Navy.

The conference aims to bring together key decision makers in the industry to discuss modern methods of port security and provide effective learning experiences for all delegates through the carefully selected expert speaker line up. Interacting with delegates from across the globe and hearing from industry leading experts will ensure delegates are up-to-date with high priority information that enables you to best secure your seaports, civilians and means of trade.
Topics to be discussed include terrorism, cyber terrorism, emergency intervention procedures, optimising technology use in security checks and case studies featuring some of the largest ports across the world.
NEW EMBLEM!The Solid shank is custom fit to each chief, senior chief, and master chief logo, for quality fit and finish. Navy ships than all other means of attack combined, according to a Navy report on mine warfare.
Thanks to the long-term vision and a series of focused efforts funded by the Office of Naval Research spanning back to the 1970s, SAS has become a truly robust technology. In the past year, the group has made strides in improving the ability to predict and understand sonar image quality and has published and presented their work at conferences.
Perhaps the most well-known example is the Bluefin 21 used to search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. After canvassing the entire area, data accumulated by SAS is processed into a mosaic that gives a complete picture of that area of the seafloor.

RAS transmits pings, receives echoes and then paints a strip of pixels on a computer screen. Industry leaders will also showcase their experiences and capability development achievements, through detailed presentations focusing on the delivery of systems and modernisation programmes for Frigates, Corvettes and OPV’s.
Our diverse range of topics will allow delegates to learn best practices for port security and understand further how other ports are resolving core challenges. When it transitions to the fleet, the SAS will dramatically improve the Navy’s ability to carry out the mine countermeasures mission.
This technology is readily available, and relatively cheap, but its resolution over long ranges is not good enough to suit the Navy’s mine hunting needs.

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