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OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook¬†is the beautiful, clean blue nail polish from the Euro Centrale Collection coming out in February 2013.
It was such a bummer because it had $50 in it, which was a combined holiday and birthday gift from my grandparents. It has more guts than a pastel blue, but it’s still light and bright enough to stay well away from vampy territory.
Can’t Find My Czechbook has a simple creme finish, which makes this polish classic and easy-to-wear. Despite it not being as unique as OPI Get Your Number, I still really enjoyed wearing Can’t Find My Czechbook.
In the comparison china glazes seemed more..greenish in my eyes, but maybe thats my computer screen?
When I first received it, I thought that it would be a dupe of at least one of the bottles I compared it to.
I have had lemmings for the whole Shrek collection (apart from the greens) but I think a few from this collection will kill them, as soon as I saw this I thought about What’s with the Cattitude, and from the side by side bottle shots I prefer this.
Cool – I’d be interested to see your comparison if you choose to blog about it! Hahaha, for a lot of men, I think they might just want there to be ONE nail polish to rule all nail polishes and let that be that! It creeps me out if I think about a stranger preying upon someone and reaching into their pockets or purses. I check my e-mail each day for your blog post with equal excitement (it’s like Christmas when new pretty polish picture are in my inbox) and dread (my wallet will surely suffer if I keep putting every shade you review on my Must List!). Thank you soooo much for taking the time to leave a comment and for letting me know that you find these posts useful. Hahaha, yeah, and families with many children must be able to tidy up the house in a jiffy! Wow, that’s very impressive that you were already taking charge of the point-of-sale position at such an early age!
The flag of the Czech Republic was adopted for the first time in 1920, at the advent of Czechoslovakia, and again in 1993, when the country was divided into two independent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can download it in different sizes, in a decidedly modern design for your personal use, or for wider use.

If the use is made in the context of a site generating income, or for the purpose of generating income, a DMCA statement (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) will be filed. My mother gave me a JC Penney coupon for $10 off a purchase off $10 or more and then over the weekend I got a text code for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more…and JC Penney allowed me to use both. I’ve been obsessed with the Euro Centrale collection ever since it first began popping up on some of my favorite nail blogs, like The¬†PolishAholic. Anyway, I absolutely love the sky blue creamy gorgeousness of OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook, the above photos were in sunlight and the below photos compare it in sunlight versus shade – beautiful either way! So, okay…now that I got a bit of a polish fix and a great deal my self challenge no-buy is back on! It was also the most they had ever given me, plus it was in a wallet I loved way more than the cash itself. Having $50 was like winning the lottery, especially for a kid who never got weekly allowance from her parents!
First I just thought I’d left it at home but then I realized that I must have forgotten it when buying candy and the person after me must have taken it.
The China Glaze polishes definitely have a hint of green compared to the OPIs, which are bluer.
But I remember the time someone broke into my locker and stole my winter jacket and favourite gloves.
If they don’t have enough colour saturation, it’s harder for me to pull off, and the redness comes out like crazy! If someone has that skill, they should put it to more creative uses – like become a magician!
Most of the kids I knew in elementary school who got allowance just spent it on candy for themselves. I was kind of hoping it would be a dupe for What’s With the Cat-ittude, since that one is really hard to find now.
Your comment made me smile, and even though, yes, we should do good because it IS good, it’s like icing on the cake when readers communicate their appreciation. At that time, Slovakia resumed its historical flag, and the Czech Republic kept the flag of the former unified country. I have Cat -I Tude, Aquadelic and a # of Essies that I keep trying in this shade range and never found one that I can pull off well.

The day I finally decided to buy it, I couldn’t find it in the stores OR even at the usually e-tailers (back when more e-tailers sold OPI online).
It means a lot to me, and it does help strengthen the motivation I have to continue blogging.
It looks terrific solo, but if you want to do nail art that calls for a sky or a watery scene, this would be perfect.
Even my own swatches of the same polish taken on different days in the same room can look different.
I need more green or teal to make them look right on me – or maybe it’s still one shade I just have not fully embraced? You must really like What’s With the Cat-ittude–I can see the level going down in the bottle!
The stripes are arranged horizontally, white top and red bottom, till the edge at the wind*.
Its made by wrapping dough around a stick, grilling it, and then coating it in sugar and crushed walnuts.
And even if my nails are positioned at a slightly different angle, they can look pretty different. At the food market by Charles Bridge I saw some more nontraditional flavors as well such as coconut, chocolate, and cinnamon. The initial flag, red and white, will adopt, following the Spring of Nations in 1848, the blue colour, from the panslavic* movement. When the country became independent in 1918, some will see in this choice an alignment with the flag of Slovakia, which then disappeared. The adoption of the flag of Czechoslovakia in 1993 by the Czech Republic contradicts separation agreements between the two countries, but the Czech Republic argued that the blue color was related to the province of Moravia, which is at the origin of the country.

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