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I’m not talking about somebody who has been betrayed you, dragged your name through the mud, blasted you on social media or slept with your man. While looking online I see that the most common reason for friendships ending is a lack of acknowledging conflict.
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It could just be what happens as you get older, but it seems like all around me, a lot of people’s seasons are coming to an end. Oftentimes in a relationship people change over time, in a marriage we say for better or worse, til death do us part. While we tend to call our significant other out, in a friendship, we are less likely to point out something that rubbed us the wrong way. I am saying that just like in a romantic relationship you have to recognize and act when a situation takes more out of you than you have to give. Our lives go in different directions, some people focus on husbands and babies, others just focus on babies (lol), some are building homes, others are building businesses. While there’s no right answer to dealing with friendship issues, communication is key! For me, since my Mom passed being a super grown up has been a hard pill to swallow (that’s another post, lol).
I’ve been caught in the middle of friends who had what seemed like minor misunderstandings. It was actually scary to read article after article that said friends too often sweep issues under the rug. So the next time a friend of a friend comes to you with a complaint, tell them to talk to EACH other!
Instead of addressing it and moving past it, we now have a situation where every time that person does the behavior(s) it takes a little more out of you.

I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders so I have little time for things that I consider to be trivial. Trying to diffuse the situation without including the parties, while it seems like a good idea is NOT the right thing to do!
Now, you either have to try to ignore it and adjust your feelings, have a pow wow and bring up allll the old stuff that you buried, or simply let it burn…. I’m not talking about women who abandon their friends for every new relationship, or who go through girlfriends like a revolving door.
I see all around me as relationships are ending, it’s usually years old issues that surface.
The conversation becomes awkward until it becomes no conversation at all…If you are noticing a pull back from one of your friends, a conversation may be in order. We aren’t mind readers, so the only way the other person will know what’s wrong, is if you say it!

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